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Mar 19, 2013
Angela -

Randy Orton & Sheamus vs 3MB

Drew on Sheamus with blows. Sheamus comes back with blows but telegraphed and is kicked for it. Drew up on Sheamus’ shoulder and Sheamus rolls through. Orton tags in and whips Drew. Drew with an elbow in Orton’s face, but Orton back with a drop kick. Sheamus tags in and hits his forearms from the apron! Sheamus’ battering ram for two. Drew tries to fight back but takes a short clothesline. Mahal talks smack from outside. Slater tags in and they double stomp Sheamus in the heel corner. Slater chokes Sheamus with a foot in the corner. Drew tags in with a big boot on Sheamus for two.

Slater tags in and they double team Sheamus for two. Drew eats an ah handle from Sheamus before Sheamus tags out. Orton all over Slater with a power slam, then sends Slater to the apron for his ‘vintage’ DDT. Sheamus in and takes out Drew, then a brogue kick to Mahal on the apron. RKO for three.

Winners: Sheamus & Orton (3:49)

The Shield’s music hits as soon as Sheamus and Orton start to celebrate. The Shield to ringside and surround. Orton and Sheamus are ready for a fight, then Big Show’s music hits. Big Show actually runs to the ring and slides in. Big Show stands between Sheamus and Orton. Orton is wary of Big Show. Ambrose on the apron, then down. Rollins to the apron, then down. Big Show stares through Reigns the whole time. The Shield leaves ringside while the three in the ring stand ready. Sheamus and Orton look to Big Show who simply looks back. Big Show steps over, looks at the WrestleMania sign, points at it, looks at Sheamus and Orton, then to the sign again. Big Show leaves the ring and Orton and Sheamus are obviously confused.

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