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May 30, 2015
Angela -

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has had quite the journey, to becoming the figurehead of the biggest wrestling company on the planet. While visiting St. Louis, for Wizard World’s annual Comic Con, Rollins posed for pictures, signed autographs, and had a very informative Q&A with fans. During his sit-down, many topics were broached. Rollins harkened back to his humble beginnings, camping out for an entire week, as a teenager, to get tickets to a Smackdown taping, and the disappointment in his parents’ eyes, when he announced that he was pursuing his dream of becoming a pro wrestler. “I knew I had to prove them wrong,” Rollins added.

Rollins then spoke of the life on the independent wrestler, taking bookings wherever he could find them, crashing on strangers’ couches to save money, and working for pennies, just hoping to get ‘discovered.’ Rollins’ high-octane attack eventually caught the eye of Ring of Honor booker (and co-founder) Gabe Sapolsky. Rollins was brought into ROH, under the name Tyler Black, and was entered into a group called Age of the Fall, with the notoriously insane Necro Butcher.

“Some of the stuff he (Necro Butcher) did was just insane. Sometimes I thought, ‘this isn’t wrestling’, but I wanted to play ball, and didn’t want to lose my opportunity with Ring of Honor.”

Rollins bided his time, and eventually ascended to ROH Champion. Though, when fans caught wind of his developmental deal with WWE, their support turned sour. “At first, it hurt. I felt like Roman (Reigns). But after that, I embraced it, and ran with it.” Rollins talked about appearing on ROH television, and not-so-subtly threatening to take the ROH Title with him to Raw. Instead, Rollins was destined for Florida Championship Wrestling, which would eventually become NXT.

One fan asked about adjusting to the WWE ‘style’ of wrestling. Rollins discussed how he was nearly unemployed because of his initial inability to make these changes. “Joey Mercury saved my life. He helped lay everything out for me, where I was heading, and put me on the right path. He was like the fourth Shield member.” When asked about the possibility of a Shield reunion, Rollins didn’t shoot it down: “Never say never. I’m sure it will happen sometime, but right now, I’m happy with where I’m at.” As he says this, Rollins gently lifts the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt from the table, and gives a sly grin, to the delight of the Wizard World crowd.

Rollins started to wind down the Q&A by answering a question regarding who, past or present, would he most want to defend his WWE title against: “I guess I’d have to pick someone from the past. I was a huge Hulkamaniac, so Hogan would be up there.” Rollins then turned to his fellow ROH alumni, along with a certain former Shield brother. “Cesaro would be cool, just because of our past. Kevin Steen, er, Owens, and Sami Zahn.” Rollins then mentioned another former ROH star, who recently appeared on WWE programming, Samoa Joe, which drew a huge pop from the crowd. Rollins closed the Q&A with one of the better questions of the event, as a fan asked about Rollins’ former finishing maneuver, “Was Wrestlemania 31 the last time we will ever see a Curb Stomp?”

To the chagrin of the fans present: “Uh, yes,” Rollins responded, “It’s gone guys.” Rollins spoke of using Triple H’s Pedigree finisher for the foreseeable future, but once again added, in reference to the Curb Stomp, “Never say never.”


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