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Oct 1, 2015
Angela -

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring and he wants his music to be stopped. He says that Kane made an idiot of the fools in Human Resources but Kane is not fooling him. This Corporate Kane persona is not the real Kane. It is a cover for the Demon Kane. Seth wants Kane to come out and admit this to the world. Kane does not come out and Seth says that is exactly what he thought. Kane comes out on crutches and Seth thanks him for gracing them with his presence. He wants Kane to admit the truth.

Kane apologizes and he says that he needed a little more time. He says he was overjoyed to return to his job as Director of Operations. He looked past Seth being a paranoid, spoiled brat with a smile on his face. That smile came off his face when Seth tried to injure him again and stomp on his ankle while in a steel chair. Seth tells Kane that he started it by attacking him at Night of Champions. Then Kane came into the ring through the mat and tried to pull him to hell. Seth says that isn’t him, it was the Demon. Seth tells Kane to give him a break. On Monday, we saw Kane go into the ambulance and the Demon came out because you are the Demon. If you are trying to pass this off as reality, there are only two excuses. One, Kane thinks that he is stupid and we all know that Seth is not stupid. Option two makes more sense to him. If you are trying to pass this off as reality, you have a severe personality disorder and you need psychiatric care. Kane says that psychiatric care is needed, but for Seth. You think that he has transformed into a Demon, but all he transformed into was a man who needed medical care. Kane says he is not a Demon, he is the Director of Operations. Seth tells Kane to stop this. Seth asks if the Demon who has been terrorizing him is a figment of his imagination. Kane says that Seth has a vivid imagination. He asks Seth if he has thought about being a Hollywood screenwriter. Maybe you are trying to get out of your United States Title Match against John Cena on Saturday night. Kane says that he does not think that Seth is making this up. He is aware of the demon that is capable of spreading your body parts all over the arena.

Seth tells Kane that he has admitted that the Demon exists and that you are the Demon. Kane tells Seth that he admits that there is a demon tormenting Seth, but that demon is not ‘Corporate Kane’. This demon has turned you into a negative Nancy and put a little sunshine in your life. What better way to do that than to team him with the most positive tag team in the WWE, the New Day. Seth tells Kane that he cannot just team him with the New Day and put him in a match and expect this to all go away. What about the Demon? Kane says that Seth and the New Day will face the team that could become ten time tag team champions on Saturday…the Dudley Boyz. Kane says that the object of your reason torment, the Demon. Kane says that he will try to make sure the Demon is here tonight. Seth says there is no way that he will agree to that match since he is the World Champion, unless…you Corporate Kane are seated here at ringside to watch. Kane tells Seth he wouldn’t miss it and he wishes Seth luck.

Backstage: Seth Rollins is walking in the back and The New Day is doing a Seth Rollins chant. Kofi wants Seth to clap along. Seth asks if clapping will make the demon go away? Will everyone see through Kane’s façade? Will it shut you up? Big E asks if clapping will bring joy deep into your body? They all say YUP Kofi asks if clapping will help you reach your goals? They all say YUP. Xavier asks if clapping will allow you to overcome the obstacles set by Corporate Kane to undermine his position of authority in the Authority, therefore, making sure that he is ejected from his position in the office, therefore saving every table in the world, therefore making the WWE great again? They all say YUP. Big E says there is only way to exorcise that demon. Kofi suggests some Crossfit while Xavier suggests some box jumps and kettle bells. Big E points out that is the wrong type of exorcise. You need to stay positive. Big E wants Seth to say ‘I’M THE MAN’ and Seth says it but not as enthusiastic as Big E did. Xavier plays the trombone and they start a Seth’s The Man chant.

Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, and Big E (with Xavier Woods and the Trombone) versus Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, and (The Demon) Kane
As the match starts, The Demon Kane does not come out with the Dudleys and Seth looks at Corporate Kane at ringside and he has no idea where Kane is. Kofi and D-Von start things off and they lock up. D-Von pushes Kofi away and Kofi tags in Big E. Kofi hits D-Von from behind and that allows Big E to attack D-Von from behind and he punches D-Von in the corner. D-Von gets out of the corner and we have a five man stand off while Xavier plays from the apron. We are back and Kofi is in the ring with D-Von and he kicks D-Von in the ribs. Kofi with more kicks and the music plays. Big E tags in and kicks D-Von. Seth tags in and he kicks and Woods plays along with Seth’s kicks. Kofi tags in and kicks D-Von. Big E tags in again and kicks D-Von. Kofi tags in and Big E Irish whips Kofi into the corner for a drop kick to D-Von. Big E Irish whips Seth into D-Von for a drop kick as well. Kofi and Big E dance on the apron while Xavier plays. Seth with a neck breaker and he gets a near fall. Seth sends D-Von to the floor and Kane gets up from his seat and he checks on D-Von. Seth tells Kane to move but Seth with a suicide dive that hits Kane as well as D-Von. Kane is down and Seth does not care. The medical staff checks on Kane and helps him to the back while Seth kicks D-Von on the floor.

Seth sends D-Von back into the ring and he tags in Big E who punches D-Von while Seth berates Kane as he is being sent to the back. Kane is told to get back into the chair but Kane turns around and smiles like he is related to Asuka. Unlike Dana and Emma, Seth knows that is not going to end well. D-Von with a belly-to-back suplex to Big E and both men are down. Bubba and Kofi tag in and Bubba with clotheslines and a back body drop. Bubba with a clothesline to Big E and he sends Big E to the floor. Kofi with a springboard move but he goes over Bubba. Bubba with a splash to Kofi and then he hip tosses Seth into the ring and clotheslines him over the top rope. Big E with a body block to Bubba but D-Von takes care of Big E and Woods. D-Von with a double clothesline off the apron onto Woods and Big E. Kane’s pyro goes off and he makes his way to the ring and Seth tries to run away but Kane grabs Seth and sends him into the ringside barrier. Kane sends Seth into Yeatonville and then Seth grabs the belt and Kane sends him into the apron. Rollins gets onto the table to avoid a choke slam and Rollins runs through the crowd to safety. Kofi turns around into a 3D and Bubba gets the three count.

Winners: Kane, D-Von Dudley, and Bubba Ray Dudley

After the match: Kane picks up the WWE Title belt. Bubba raises Kane’s hand and Kane with a choke slam to Bubba. Kane with a choke slam to D-Von. Kane grabs Kofi and Big E by the throat and he kicks Woods away. Kane with a double choke slam. Kane with a tombstone piledriver to Woods.

Kane stands over Woods and then he signals for the pyro as Seth watches from the stage.

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