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Aug 30, 2016
Angela -

Corey Graves is in the ring with the four men who will wrestle later tonight for the Universal Title. He is joined by Roman Reigns, Colin Cassady, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. Seth interrupts and he says Corey did not mention the real reason why they are out here. It is because of him. If it wasn’t for what he did to Finn Balor, he wouldn’t have undergone shoulder surgery or relinquish the title. Seth says he is the favorite to win and he says that he is the number one pick. Seth says he will donate his speaking time to one of the other guys. He gives his time to Kevin Owens.

Kevin says that is incredibly generous. Kevin says he is a fan of Culture Shock because it helps him sleep. Kevin says it is an honor to be in a match with competitors like yourself. He says it is exciting. Corey asks Kevin for his thoughts on the match. Kevin says he thought they wanted everyone to be nice. Isn’t that why they made it look like group therapy. Kevin says it is simple why he is going to win. With Sami Zayn out of the picture. Seth takes credit for that. Kevin says now that Sami is out of the picture he can focus on the Universal Title. Kevin says he is a prize fighter. Seth talks big, but Kevin says he delivers big. Kevin says Roman fights hard, but he fights smart. Big Cass . . . you’re just really tall. Does that count for something? Colin says it does. Kevin points out that Colin can talk for himself. He thought Colin had a string in his back for that idiot Enzo to pull so he could say How You Doin’. Colin wants to know if Kevin thought that up himself or did Jericho write it for him.Colin says he knows that he is new around here. He says he has never won a championship. That means he has nothing to lose. Nobody is expecting him to win. Seth says that even Enzo bet against him. Colin says he is not an underdog, he is the biggest dog in this fight. Colin tells Seth no matter what you think or what you have been telling yourself, size does matter.

Seth tells everyone to shut up and he is taking his time back. Seth says he is glad this match is under Elimination Rules because he will shove Colin’s words down his mouth. Then he will send Kevin back to his jabrone scarf wearing friend Chris Jericho. There are a few certainties, death, taxes, and Seth Rollins beats Roman Reigns. Seth wants Corey to asks Roman how will he beat Seth. Roman is asked the question and Kevin laughs at the reaction to Roman. Roman punches Owens and then Rollins punches Colin. Roman sends Rollins into the corner. Roman and Colin stand off in the center of the ring but Rollins hits Roman from behind. Roman punches Seth. Roman sends Colin to the floor and he hits Seth with a Superman punch. Roman stands tall in the ring next to the title belt.

Backstage: Mick Foley says that he should have been out there and had Stephanie’s back. Mick says that they need to maintain the integrity of the match and keep all tag team partners and friends from ringside. Stephanie says it is important because they are crowning the first Universal Champion. Seth Rollins shows up and he says that they will be proud of him. Stephanie says there is a reason why Seth was the first draft pick and it is his night.

Roman Reigns versus Seth Rollins versus Colin Cassady versus Kevin Owens in an Elimination Match for the WWE Universal Title
The bell rings and Owens goes to the floor to talk with Stephanie. Colin and Roman pinball Seth and then Colin clotheslines Seth over the top rope to the floor. Owens hits Roman from behind and Seth hits Colin from behind. Owens sends roman into the turnbuckles and Colin chops Rollins. Roman sends Owens into the turnbuckles and punches him. Colin follows Rollins to the floor and Rollins kicks Colin. Owens punches Roman while Seth and Colin return to the ring. Rollins tries for a suplex but Colin blocks it and hits one and gets a near fall. Colin punches Seth in the ribs and Owens returns to the ring and he is followed in by Roman. Roman kicks Owens in the corner. Rollins punches Colin and Roman picks up Owens. Roman punches Owens and Colin with an Irish whip but Colin runs into a boot. Rollins is knocked over the top rope by an uppercut by Colin. Owens goes to the floor as well and Roman and Colin exchange punches. Roman with a side head lock and flying clothesline and then Colin blocks a Superman punch. Roman with elbows and then Colin with a running boot that sends Roman over the top rope to the floor and Colin goes over the top rope as well from the momentum of the kick. Rollins with a suicide dive onto Colin but Owens drops Rollins on the ringside barrier. Owens grabs Colin and Roman with a plancha onto Kevin and Colin as we go to commercial.

We are back and everyone is still outside the ring. Owens goes after Colin and goes to the apron and hits a Cactus Jack Elbow drop after gesturing to Foley. Rollins throws Owens aside and Rollins gets a near fall on Colin. Rollins with a reverse chin lock. Owens comes in and he punches Rollins and kicks him to the floor. Owens with a short arm clothesline to Colin and then knocks Roman off the apron before hitting a back senton and getting a near fall on Colin. Owens punches Colin and Colin punches back. Owens puts Colin’s leg in the rope and Owens kicks the thigh. Owens sets up Colin in the corner and he is pulled from the ring before going for the cannonball. Rollins sends Owens into the ringside barrier.

Rollins with a flatliner into the turnbuckles and hits a forearm in the corner. Reigns with clotheslines to Rollins followed by a flying clothesline. Reigns with one to Owens as well. Colin with a boot to Reigns and he is the one left standing in the ring. Colin with shoulder tackles followed by a Stinger Splash to Owens and Rollins in the same corner. Colin with one to Rollins and then Owens. Owens is knocked off the apron by Colin. Rollins with a rollup on Colin for a near fall. Colin with a slam and leaping elbow drop. Reigns with a Superman Punch to Colin. Rollins moves when Reigns goes for a running shoulder in the corner. Rollins with a super kick to Colin but he can only get a near fall. Owens with a frog splash to Colin to pin him.

Colin Cassady Eliminated

We are back and Owens goes for a superplex but Reigns turns it into a tower of doom spot. Reigns covers Owens and gets a near fall. Roman gets a near fall on Rollins. Reigns with Neverending Story to Rollins. Reigns misses a short arm clothesline but Rollins misses a round kick. Reigns with a kick to Rollins and he sets for the Superman punch and Rollins moves. Rollins goes for an O’Connor Roll but Roman holds on. Roman goes to the floor and he punches Rollins when Seth goes for a suicide dive. Rollins stops a second Superman punch attempt and gets a near fall after a Falcon Arrow.

Rollins with a kick and he goes for the Pedigree but Rollins is sent to the apron. Rollins goes up top and Roman with a superman punch and Roman can only get a near fall. Roman sets for the spear but Rollins with a knee and enzuigiri. Owens with a super kick to Rollins and he hits a cannonball on Roman and then one for Rollins. Reigns with a superman punch and Owens kicks out. Owens with a kick and Reigns with a Superman punch to counter the Pop Up Powerbomb. Reigns with a rollup into a one arm sit out power bomb but Rollins kicks out. Reigns goes to the floor for the Juggernaut Broad Jump Drop Kick on Rollins and then he hits a Superman punch off the steps to Owens. Reigns with a spear to Rollins on the floor. Triple H comes out and hits a Pedigree on Roman. Hunter sends Roman back into the ring and he tells Rollins to do it. Rollins crawls and covers Roman and pins him.

Roman Reigns Eliminated

Triple H rolls Owens back into the ring. Hunter kicks Rollins and Pedigrees him and then Owens is in shock and he covers Rollins and pins him.

Winner: Kevin Owens

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