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Nov 28, 2016
Angela -

Chris Jericho is leaving the building and he is asked about whether tonight’s argument is serious. Chris says this is very personal to him and it is very serious. Chris says that he knows she wants to be a serious reporter. You can count your friends in this business on one hand and he thought Kevin Owens was his friend. Chris says he guesses he was wrong. Chris yells at the interviewer and he continues to leave the building.

Chris tells his driver to open the door and the List of Jericho is dropped when the door opens. Chris calls him a stupid idiot and someone asks Chris if the driver is being put on the list.

Chris looks up and sees Seth Rollins who attacks Jericho in the parking lot. Seth grabs a guardrail and he throws it at Jericho but he misses and it hits a car instead.

Seth pulls Jericho out of the car and he sends him into another car. Jericho avoids a pedigree on the parking lot but Rollins hits one on top of the car.

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