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Jan 31, 2017
Angela -

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Seth says he may have been banned from the building last night, but he is here tonight and he is live. Seth says he knows that Stephanie is back there. You wanted to come out first and call him out and scold him. Seth says princesses don’t always get what they want. He says to suck it up buttercup and come out to the ring. Stephanie McMahon comes out and she says she is out here to disappoint him on many different levels. Seth says it is just like you and your husband each night.

Stephanie says her husband is not here. Seth says if Hunter is not here tonight, he does not care about Stephanie. Seth asks Stephanie when will she let her coward of a husband off his leash. Stephanie says Triple H is afraid, afraid of what he is going to do to him. He is afraid that Seth is going to bring out that dark side. He is afraid of what he will do to his greatest creation. Stephanie says she told Hunter to stay away. Seth says if Stephanie wants us to believe her, she is delusional. Stephanie says that Seth was riding high with the Authority and then he turned his back. Who sat out Wrestlemania? Who was forced to sit out the Royal Rumble? She says that Seth should not be calling out her husband, you should be begging her for forgiveness and apologize to her, Hunter, and the people. Stephanie says the people do not deserve an apology, but she does.

Seth says Stephanie is the boss and he says he is sorry. He is sorry that he exposed her husband for the gutless snake he is. He is sorry that Hunter’s empire will go up in smoke. Seth says he went into Hunter’s house and ring. He called out Hunter but Hunter had security do his dirty work. Who is the man in the suit who stood out there? It was not the Game or the Cerebral Assassin. He is afraid. Seth says Hunter knows that Seth is the biggest challenge to his career. Seth says that everyone knows it, and with the way you look at him, you know it too Stephanie. Stephanie says that she looks at him with disgust. Her husband is a creator while you are an architect and you will be the architect of your own demise. Seth says he has nothing left to lose. If you think going to NXT is bad for business, what happens when he comes to the WWE Headquarters and goes to a corporate meeting. What happens when he goes to Stephanie’s door step and her daughters answer the door. This does not end until he slays the King. Stephanie says she lied. Hunter is on his way to this arena. He is coming and he is coming for Seth.

Hunter takes off his jacket and he removes his tie. Hunter unbuttons his shirt and he tells Seth Rollins, you don’t have to worry about coming to his house. Hunter says he is standing right here . . . right now. Hunter says you already know who your creator is. Hunter tells Seth to come to this ring to meet your Destroyer. Seth Rollins’ music plays and he comes out on the stage. Seth removes his shirt and he makes his way to the ring but he is attacked by Samoa Joe. Joe sends Rollins into the ring step and then the ringside barrier. Hunter stands over Seth and Joe picks up Seth and sends him into the ring while Hunter walks to the back. Rollins with punches but Joe with an enzuigiri and a series of back sentons. Joe applies the Kokina Clutch and he takes Rollins to the mat. Rollins passes out. Joe releases the hold and we go to credits.

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