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Mar 14, 2017
Angela -

Hunter tells Mick to get up that ramp. Stephanie tells everyone that this is a lesson to all of you. Mick has not left the ring and Hunter tells him to leave. Mick with the Mandible Claw to Hunter. Stephanie with a low blow to Mick. Hunter takes off his jacket and he rolls up his sleeves as he prepares to attack Foley.

Seth Rollins comes out and he has his knee still in a brace and he has his crutch with him. Hunter wants Rollins to get into the ring and Seth drops the crutch because it is time to see the fully operational Seth Rollins. Hunter and Rollins with punches and Seth with the advantage. Rollins with a thrust kick and then he points at the Wrestlemania sign and hits a running boot to the head and Hunter goes to the floor. Hunter picks up the crutch and he goes into the ring but Rollins with punches. Hunter hits Rollins in the knee with the crutch and then he swings at the knee and connects. Hunter takes off his shirt and he kicks Rollins in the knee and then he applies an Indian Death Lock. Officials come to the ring and hold their arms out and try to convince Hunter to stop his attack. Hunter hits Seth in the knee one more time with the crutch.

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