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May 2, 2017
Angela -

In Ring: Seth Rollins came to the ring following his victory over Samoa Joe at Payback. Rollins said that other than being sore from fighting Samoa Joe, he’s feeling pretty good. He said the last few months, he’s had the highest of highs and lowest of lows and everyone was there with him. He said that sometimes, he was so low, he just wanted to give up but that’s part of life. He said you have to overcome and look in the mirror and if you don’t like what you see, you have to overcome. He said that he looked in the mirror and realized he’s still Seth Freaking Rollins.

Rollins said that at Wrestlemania he “slayed the King of Kings” and then last night, he got payback on Samoa Joe. There’s only one thing left for him to do and that’s Brock Lesnar. He said that he wants the Beast. The crowd loved that and began chanting “Yes!” Rollins said he wanted the Universal championship. He said that he’s been to Suplex City and he’s not afraid to go back. Finn Balor’s music hit and out came the former Universal champion. Balor said that they have been on the same page and he respects him. He called Seth the “one-legged man who won at Wrestlemania.” Balor said he’s the one-armed man who won the very first Universal championship. He reminded Seth of that moment, saying his arm was hanging from his body but still beat Seth at Summerslam. Balor said that he never actually lost the title, so the line starts with him. WWE Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose hit the ring and said, “Brock Brock Brock Brock….you all sound like a couple of chickens.” Ambrose said Brock fights when he wants and it’s not all that often. Ambrose said that Raw should be about fighting champions and he’s the holder of the number one title on Monday Night Raw. He said that he was ready to fight and gets into fights he doesn’t even know he’s in. He wants to fight. Out came Marsye and The Miz. Miz said that Balor and Rollins haven’t earned anything while Ambrose is an embarassment as champion. Miz said that the title is really him, because he made the Intercontinental championship special. Balor said he was also the latest member of the “Finn Balor just kicked my a** Club.” Miz said he cheapshotted him and that proves he’s a coward. Miz said Dean was so unimportant he didn’t even defend the belt at Payback. He called Rollins a one legged man. Rollins said that with one leg, he can run circles around Miz in the ring. Miz said it’s not a running contest, it’s a fight and he beats people up. Miz went on and on until all three told him to shut up.

Dean said that he will defend the IC title anytime and he knows everyone wants to see The Miz get beat up. He asked if the fans wanted to see Balor or Rollins beat up the Miz. The crowd loved both ideas. Dean called Kurt Angle from in the ring. He spoke with Angle and then announced Miz vs. Balor vs. Rollins to determine the top contender for the Intercontinental championship.

Backstage: Dean Ambrose interviewed Seth Rollins. He was asking Seth if he thought he could beat Dean if he won tonight. He then talked about, in the third person, what Dean thought and then sent it back to “Gorilla.”

Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins vs. The Miz to name top contender for the WWE Intercontinental championship

When the match began, Miz dropped to the floor to let Rollins and Balor battle. They went back and forth until Miz tried to sneak in on them. They caught him and faced off with him. He slid back outside. Miz tried to find an opportunity to interfere againbut was caught a second time. They finally had enough and went to the floor to confront Miz, who jumped in and out of the ring before being caught between them in the center of the ring. He tried to get each of them to side with him against the other, but no dice. They took turns wiping him out with offensive maneuvers and tossed him to the floor. Rollins rolled up Balor for a two count. Balor sent Rollins into the ropes, knocking Balor over the top to the floor. Rollins nailed a sunset flip but Balor rolled through and nailed a kick to the face. Balor avoided a charge in the corner and nailed several shots on Rollins, but was knocked off the apron by Miz. Rollins dropkicked Miz off the apron to the floor. He set up for a dive but Maryse stepped into the way. Rollins finally nailed a dive to the outside. Miz knocked him out of the ring to the floor as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Miz was orking over Balor with a sleeper as Rollins was out in the floor. Miz worked over Balor, who made a comeback just in time for Rollins to nail a springboard bodypress. Balor made a comeback and worked over both with chops. Miz was kicked out of the ring by Balor, who then hit the 1916 to the floor. Balor almost had Rollins beaten but Miz hit the ring and broke it up. They all battled back and forth. Miz posted Balor, crotching him. Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale but Rollins slipped out and rolled through. Miz attacked his knee and covered him for a two count, then tried to set up for the figure four leglock. Miz snapped his knee and locked it in. Balor charged and drilled Miz with a kick. All three were down as the crowd chanted the bout was awesome. The battle continued with Rollins nailed a top rope frog splash for a two count. Great stuff. Miz was caught with a Falcon Arrow by Rollins for a two count. Rollins nailed an awesome dive on Balor and then followed up with another on Miz. Samoa Joe arrived out of nowhere to hit a Uranage on Rollins on the floor. Miz was shocked at that and watched Joe leave, only to turn into a Slingblade and be dropkicked into the corner. Finn went to come off the top rope but the Bray music played and he appeared, shoving Balor off the top. He nailed Sister Abigail on Balor and disappeared again. Miz crawled to Balor and scored the pin.

Winner: The Miz

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