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Jul 18, 2017
Angela -

In Ring: Seth Rollins’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring. He asks Dean why is he out here for a fight he cannot win. Seth says Dean told him not to fight his battles for him. Then Dean came out swinging a chair and it looked like Dean was fighting his battles. He tells Dean to take a deep breath and have a better plan. Dean says he goes wherever the mood takes him. He was in the mood to whack Miz and his cronies with a chair and Seth happened to be in the area. Everything is not about you.

Seth says Miz got him involved when his glam squad attacked him. Seth asks Dean if he will be in his way or by his side when he takes his battle to the Miz. Dean asks Seth if he called him ‘brother’. Dean says he ain’t Seth’s brother. His brothers were in the Shield and he trusted his brother. His brothers had his back and his brothers stood for something. Dean says he does not know Seth. He knows a guy who looked like Seth and he was someone who stabbed people in the back. Seth says that was over three years ago and he is sorry. Seth says he never said it before, but he was sorry. Seth says he lived with that every single day. He also remembers them tearing each other up inside Hell in a Cell. He remembers Dean cashing in Money in the Bank to beat him for the title. That was in the past. Seth wants to know what will get Dean to forget about the past. Dean says he sees Seth’s lips moving but he does not hear anything. Seth says he will let his actions speak for him. Seth tells Dean to hit him in the back with the steel chair. Seth tells Dean to hit him as many times as it will take to get it out of his system. Dean thinks about it and he throws the chair to the floor.

Miz’ music plays and he is joined by Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Miz says it was such a scene to see two brothers working through their past betrayal. Miz says Dean will never forgive Seth. Dean is the lunatic fringe, the same Lunatic Fringe that Miz has owned. You don’t have the wrestling ability or the technical skill to beat him. You don’t have the skill to do it all on your own. Miz says that Dean was so predictable to come out and cause a spectacle to call him out. Miz says he has a welcoming party for Dean, but he has two for the price of one. You react to things and there is no strategy. Miz says he might not be an architect . . . Bo and Curtis get chairs from under the ring and Miz picks up the chair Dean threw to the floor. Dean takes care of Miz while Bo and Curtis work over Seth. Miz hits Dean in the back with a chair and then he sends Ambrose into the ring steps. Curtis hits Seth in the midsection with the chair and then Bo punches Seth. Miz gives Rollins a Skull Crushing Finale onto the steel chair. Miz leaves the ring and hits Dean one more time with the chair.

Backstage: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in the locker room and they are arguing. Dean tells Seth he doesn’t need his help and that he would take on all three men at the same time. Seth says he isn’t there to help.

Kurt Angle stops them before they leave and Kurt says he has a lot going on tonight but next week, they can face any two members of Miz’ group. Dean wants to know why they cannot face all three men. Angle makes the match.

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