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Aug 29, 2017
Angela -

Seth Rollins (with Dean Ambrose) versus Ceasro (with Sheamus)
They lock up and Cesaro with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Cesaro offers his fist to Seth but Seth will not let Cesaro join the Shield. Rollins with a monkey flip and Cesaro goes to the floor. Rollins with chops and a side head lock followed by a knee and snap mare. Rollins with a running knee and standing moonsault for a near fall. Rollins with punches and kicks in the corner. Cesaro with a hot shot into the turnbuckles. Cesaro with punches and Rollins is sent to the floor. Sheamus walks over towards Rollins while Cesaro distracts the referee. Ambrose shows up to defend Rollins. Cesaro comes off the apron and Rollins with a punch to the midsection. Rollins with punches in the corner followed by a thrust kick but Cesaro with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker as we go to commercial.
We are back and Cesaro with a head lock but Rollins with a jaw breaker and then Cesaro presses Rollins over his head and drops Rollins to the mat. Cesaro with a leg drop and he gets a near fall. Cesaro with two rolling dead lift side saltos for a near fall. Cesaro with a short arm clothesline or two. He hits a third one and gets a near fall. Rollins with an elbow and punches to Cesaro. Cesaro with a slam and he goes up top. Cesaro with a cross body but Rollins rolls through and gets a near fall. Rollins with an enzuigiri. Rollins with punches and chops to Cesaro. Rollins with Slingblade and he connects with a running forearm into the corner. Rollins with a second forearm. Rollins goes for a third one but Cesaro puts Rollins on the turnbuckles. Rollins with a Blockbuster off the turnbuckles. Rollins goes up top and Cesaro with a running European uppercut. Cesaro punches Rollins and sets for a move from the turnbuckles but Rollins with a buckle bomb and then Rollins goes for a springboard move and Rollins avoids Sheamus. Ambrose and Sheamus fight on the floor and Cesaro with a European uppercut for the three count.

Winner: Cesaro

Sheamus (with Cesaro) versus Dean Ambrose (with Seth Rollins)
Sheamus sets for the Brogue Kick but Dean rolls out of the way. Dean goes for a double underhook DDT but Sheamus pushes him off. Dean bounces in the ropes and hits a clothesline. Both men are down. Cesaro gets on the apron and Rollins pulls Cesaro off. Sheamus gets set for White Noise and Rollins with a springboard knee to the head and then Rollins with a suicide dive onto Cesaro. Dean with a double underhook DDT to Sheamus for the three count.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

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