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Dec 11, 2017
Angela -

Joe says he has come out to finish what he started with Roman Reigns even though he is facing Dean Ambrose tonight. Joe says he does not want Roman to bring out his lap dogs, just Roman. Seth and Dean are watching on the monitor and Seth tells Dean to get Roman. Joe tells Roman if he has a problem with what he says, come out. Joe says he does not need anyone. He does not need Sheamus and Cesaro. If it wasn’t for the Shield, you would be nothing. If you have a problem with that, feel free to come to the ring and prove him wrong.

Roman has joined Seth and Dean watching on the monitor and he says that he’s got it. Roman’s music plays and he comes to the ring and he is alone. Roman and Joe exchange punches and Roman with the advantage and he kicks Joe in the corner. Sheamus and Cesaro come through the crowd and Roman stops them but Joe is able to apply the Kokina Clutch. Rollins and Ambrose come out and while they fight on the floor, Joe continues to choke out Joe. Dean goes into the ring and Sheamus hits Dean from behind. Rollins tries to protect Roman but Joe and Sheamus attack Rollins. Sheamus and Cesaro hit a spike White Noise. Joe with a uranage to Ambrose to put him next to his partners on the mat.

Sheamus versus Seth Rollins
Rollins punches Sheamus as the bell rings and then he chops Sheamus. Rollins escapes a slam attempt and Sheamus is sent over the top rope to the floor. Rollins with a suicide dive. Rollins sends Sheamus into the apron. They return to the ring and Sheamus with a double sledge. Sheamus with a clothesline. Sheamus punches Rollins in the midsection and then the head. Sheamus with a back breaker and he gets a near fall. Sheamus sends Rollins into the turnbuckles and connects with forearms in the back and kicks to the leg in the corner.

Sheamus misses a thrust kick and Rollins with a jumping kick to Sheamus. Rollins punches Sheamus and hits Slingblade. Rollins with a boot to a charging Sheamus and Rollins continues with a blockbuster. Rollins clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope to the floor and Rollins goes for a pescado but Rollins lands on his feet when Sheamus gets back into the ring. Sheamus kicks Rollins off the apron to the floor. We are back and Sheamus with a reverse chin lock. Rollins with a jaw breaker and Sheamus holds his jaw. Sheamus with a reverse Alabama Slam to send the knee into the mat. Sheamus with a Stretch Muffler and he lifts Rollins off the mat to add more pressure. Rollins punches Sheamus and hits a rana but Sheamus rolls through and applies the Cloverleaf. Sheamus pulls Rollins into the center of the ring when he tries to get to the ropes. Rollins with an inside cradle for a near fall. Rollins with a DDT for a near fall.

Sheamus charges into the corner and Rollins floats over and Sheamus goes into the ring post. Rollins with a rollup for a near fall. Rollins with a super kick for a near fall. Rollins sets for the V Trigger but Sheamus with an elbow and he puts Rollins’ injured leg into the turnbuckles. Sheamus goes up top. Rollins leaps up top and hits a superplex and then he rolls through into a Falcon Arrow. Rollins gets a near fall because he felt the damage done to the knee and could not make the cover.

Rollins sets for the V Trigger but Sheamus gets Rollins up for White Noise> Rollins with a knee but Sheamus with a Finlay Slam. Sheamus sets for the Brogue Kick and he misses it. Rollins with a super kick and V Trigger for the three count.

Winner: Seth Rollins

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