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Apr 28, 2018
Angela -

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match – Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe vs. The Miz
Miz and Balor battled, while Joe and Rollins faced off. Balor dropkicked Miz down and took the fight to Joe with a chop. Joe nailed a step up enziguiri in the corner on Balor. Rollins came off the ropes with a double blockbuster on Joe and Miz. Rollins and Balor fought. Rollins sent him to the floor and nailed a tope to the floor, then hit the ring and hit one on the opposite side of the ring on Miz. Seth went to grab a ladder. Joe tried to take it. Miz joined in and he and Rollins drilled it into Joe on the floor, smashing him into the ring apron. Balor hit a flip dive to the outside on everyone. Joe recovered and brought the ladder into play. He went to set it up in the ring but Rollins cut him off and nailed several chops. He rebounded off the ropes but was nailed by Joe. Joe caught Balor returning to the ring and struck him with a hard chop. Balor used a double leg takedown to snap Joe back onto a ladder, then hit a double stomp. They allowed Balor to set up the ladder and begin to ascend, but Miz pulled him down and nailed a big kick.

Miz began climinbing up but Rollins stopped him. Miz tried to grab him for the Skull Crushing Finale, but was shoved into the ladder face-first. Rollins set up the ladder but Balor and Rollins kept thwarting the others’ attempts to make it to the top. They battled on the ladder but Miz and Joe tipped it over, sending them crashing. Miz was all happy until he realized he was going to have to battle Joe. He attempted to create an alliance between the two. Joe shook his hand, then attacked him. Joe slammed Balor atop a ladder. He placed the ladder against the buckles and hiptossed Seth into it. Miz got the same treatment. Balor caught Joe with Slingblade and sent him into the corner. The ladder crashed down atop of Joe. Balor ascended to the heavens, looking to double stomp Joe to hell. Rollins caught him and went for a powerbomb but Miz got involved. Joe nailed Miz with the ladder and slipped underneath for a Tower of Doom, powerbombing Rollins as he superplexed Balor.

Joe brought another ladder into the ring from under the ring. Miz attacked him from behind and nailed the Skull Crushing Finale onto the ladder. Everyone battled. Finn made it to the top but couldn’t get the belt. Miz pulled him down and nailed the Finale. Seth scrambled up the ladder but Miz tipped it. Rollins landed on his feet but Miz attacked and laid him out. A “This is awesome” chant began. Miz used the ladder to knock Rollins off the apron, sending him sailing into the Arabic announcing table. Balor (bleeding from around his eye) attacked Miz and placed him on a ladder, drilling him from the top with the coup de grace. Balor tried to ascend the ladder but Joe pulled him down. They fired back and forth on each other. Balor nailed a big kick. Joe caught Finn with an impactful uranage in the corner. Joe began climbing to the top of the ladder but Balor tipped it, with Joe snapped down across the top rope. Balor ascended to the top but Rollins springboarded off the ropes to the ladder and snatched the belt out of Finn’s grasp, crashing down with the belt.

Winner: Seth Rollins

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