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Jun 5, 2018
Angela -

In Ring: Monday Night Raw opened with Elias inside the ring, waiting to perform. He stated he was the most valuable face in WWE and will be even more valuable after he captures the IC title at Money in the Bank. He reminded everyone that he attacked Seth Rollins last week and admitted he was pained, because he broke one of his favorite guitars. Elias began singing over footage of Rollins being hit with the guitar last week, knocking some local sports teams for good measure. Out came WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins. Elias wound up his guitar and dared Rollins to enter the ring, but instead the champion circled the ring. Rollins finally entered, but was jumped by Jinder Mahal. They worked over Rollins, who was saved by Roman Reigns. They brawled. Kurt Angle came out and declared there would be a tag team match tonight.

Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs. Jinder Mahal & Elias
Elias controlled Rollins early, including dropping him throat-first across the top rope for a two count. Rollins nailed a right hand but was prevented from tagging out. Elias worked over Rollins with a side headlock. Rollins went for a suplex, but Elias nailed him in the neck, which was still hurting from the guitar shot last week. Jinder tagged in but was tossed over the top. Roman made the hot tag and began working over Mahal in a preview of their PPV bout. Roman worked him over with right hands but was caught with a big boot while setting up for a spear. Elias tagged in but was kicked down by Roman. Elias went to the floor. Roman charged around the ring and went for the Driveby on Mahal, who was saved by Sunil Singh. That allowed Elias to catch Roman with a knee strike on the outside as they went to commercial.

When they returned from commercial, Mahal was working over Roman. He used a side headlock and nailed several knee drops. Mahal and Elias tagged in and out, mauling Roman. Rollins made the tag but Elias cheated and was able to score the pin on the IC Champ.

Winners: Elias & Jinder Mahal

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