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Aug 22, 2013
Carol -

The Shield vs. The Uso’s and Kofi Kingston
Ambrose and Kofi start the match. Lock up, Kofi wraps his arms around Dean. Kofi goes down, Ambrose with a shoulderblock. Kofi ops over Dean, elbow. Jimmy tagged in, as well as Rollins. Seth sends a kick to Jimmy, tag to Jey. They nail a double elbow drop for a one. Jey shoves Rollins into their corner and nails a big slap. Uso pins for a two. Jey focuses on the arm. Tag to Ambrose. Ambrose stomps on Jey. Tag to Seth. Rollins flips Jey over, arm lock. Jey gets out, Jimmy tags in. They take kick Roman, Kofi kicks him which leads to The Uso’s clotheslining him out of the ring. The three of them pick up Rollins and toss him out. Kofi, Jimmy, and Jey flip out onto them as the go to commercial!

Kofi attacks Ambrose in the corner. Tag goes to an Uso who hits Stinkface. Roman distracts, Ambrose hits a dropkick. Roman tagged in. Rollins tagged in, slams Jimmy down. Rollins works the left arm, tags in Dean. Elbow drop, two. Tag to Roman Reigns. Roman unloads with stomps in the corner. Pin and kickout. Jimmy headbutts Reigns, but can’t get free from him. Cover and another two. Ambrose comes in, Jimmy kicks him, superkick to Roman. Jey Uso takes Rollins down off the apron. Kofi tagged in. He takes out Seth and Roman. Big clothesline to Ambrose. Boom Drop connects, sets up for TIP. Ambrose moves. Uso takes out Rollins. Dean dodges TIP, hits SOS. Roman breaks it. They roll each other up. Rollins trips Kofi, Dean nails the DDT for the win.

Winners: The Shield – by pinfall (13:38)

Aug 20, 2013
Carol -

Click the “Show” button below to read what will happen on tomorrow nights Main Event!
[spoiler]The Shield defeated The Usos and Kofi Kingston.
The crowd was sort of dead to start the match. It was a very pro crowd for the face team, though. There were many near falls, but The Shield got the win.[/spoiler]

Aug 7, 2013
Angela -

The Shield vs. Mark Henry and the Uso Brothers
Rollins and Jimmy Uso started the match. Jimmy managed to gain the upper hand and tagged in his brother for a series of team spots. Rollins tagged out to Ambrose, but The Usos managed to retain control. Henry tagged into the match to a strong reaction from the live crowd. Henry worked over Ambrose until Reigns caused a distraction. Henry cleared Reigns and Ambrose from the ring and The Usos cut off Rollins from attacking Henry from behind. An Uso hit Rollins with a wrecking ball and Henry set up to do the same, but the Shield dragged Rollins to the floor. The Shield regrouped on the outside.

Back from the break, the babyfaces continued to get the best of The Shield. Reigns managed to catch Jimmy Uso with an elbow, and the Shield began working quick tags to keep him on their side of the ring. Jey Uso got the hot tag, but Rollins quickly caught him with an enziguri before he could mount much of an offense. The heels continued to dominate the latter half of the match. Eventually, Jey got the hot tag off to Henry, and Henry wasted no time in running through The Shield. Henry tagged Jimmy Uso back into the match, but Rollins hit a curb stomp out of nowhere. Dean Ambrose covered the fallen Uso for the 1-2-3.
Winners: The Shield in 14:59.

The Shield cut a promo backstage about how men like Mark Henry were tired wastes of space. Dean Ambrose put over himself and his partners as the new measurement stick for the industry. Rollins said that no one could catch them. Reigns said there is no end to them, there is no end to Justice. Reigns said, “Believe in that, believe in The Shield.”

Jun 27, 2013
Angela -

Christian vs Dean Ambrose in a Non Title Match
Ambrose misses a punch and Christian drops the back of Ambrose’s head on the top rope. Christian goes up top but Rollins comes out and attacks Christian. The referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Christian (by disqualification)

After the match: The Shield attack Christian and The Usos come to he ring and they take care of Rollins and Reigns.

Jun 19, 2013
Angela -

The Shield vs. Justin Gabriel and The Uso’s
Gabriel and Ambrose start. Lock up. Gabriel gets slammed to the ground, Gabriel hops up and hits an arm grad. Gabriel connects with a dropkick. Rollins in. Gabriel takes Ambrose out. They trade blows. Rollins throws Gabriel onto the apron, and then connects with cross body. Jey Uso in. The Uso’s double team him. Jimmy gets the tag, and Ambrose saves Rollins from getting hit.

As we come back, Rollins tags in Roman Reigns. Roman throws Gabriel into the Shield’s corner. Uso gets the tag, and dominates until Roman unloads with punches, kicks, and headbutts. Ambrose gets in and hits several kicks to the gut for a two. They trade blows. Headlock on Jey. Uso powers out, Ambrose counters and tags in Rollins. Rollins connects with multiple kicks. Roman gets in and hits a slam on Jey, followed by kicks in the corner. Jey hits him a few times, but gets put in a headlock from Reigns. Jey jumps over Reigns for the tag but couldn’t connect. Kick to Reigns. Jimmy gets tagged in and so does Ambrose. Jimmy hits the Samoan Slam, and then a slam on Rollins. Two count on Ambrose. Ambrose and Jimmy collide with a double cross body. Gabriel tags in, kicks Reigns. Uso’s get in to help, which allows Ambrose to get up and trip Justin. Ambrose connects with the DDT for the win.
Winners: The Shield (8:48)

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