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Aug 15, 2017
Angela -

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring.Dean wants the music cut off and he says after last week, a lot of people are wondering what is going on with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Dean says he is thinking the same thing. He wants the one person who can answer that to come out. Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Dean says he is sick and tired of playing these games. He asks Seth what is he doing. Seth says he wants to know what Dean’s job is. He comes out one week and then he does nothing the next week. Kurt forced them to team but he keeps showing up. He knows that Dean is lying about not trusting Seth. Seth says he knows that Dean cares. If they team again, they can run this place. If you are willing to let bygones be bygones and put the past in the past, he is done playing games.

Seth puts his fist out. Dean says that you have got to be kidding me. After last week, he put his hand out and he put his ass on the line last week. You spit in his face last week. Maybe for a moment he could trust Seth again. Seth says there are times when he cannot trust himself. Maybe they do things different ways and it won’t work out. Or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe their differences are why they worked so well together. There is nobody who can touch them. Seth says maybe too much has happened. Seth says he is done playing games.

Dean stops Seth from leaving the ring. Dean sticks out his fist and Seth looks at him. Seth looks at his fist and Seth walks away. Dean pushes Seth and Seth pushes Dean. Dean punches Seth. Seth attacks Dean from behind. They fight to the floor. Sheamus and Cesaro make their way to the ring and they attack Dean and throw him into the crowd. Sheamus and Cesaro turn their attention to Rollins and send him into the ringside barrier and then into the ring. Dean goes after Sheamus and Cesaro to stop the attack on Seth. Cesaro and Sheamus turn their attention to Dean one more time. Seth with a springboard cross body to stop Sheamus from hitting a Brogue Kick on Ambrose. Ambrose and Rollins punch Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus is clotheslined over the top rope by both men and then they do the same to Cesaro. Seth puts out his fist and then Dean does. Kurt Angle comes out and he announces that Sheamus and Cesaro will defend the Tag Titles against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

Aug 8, 2017
Angela -

Seth Rollins versus Sheamus(with Cesaro)
Rollins with a drop kick as the bell rings and he kicks Sheamus. Sheamus goes to the floor and Sheamus catches Rollins on a pescado. Rollins with elbows and a kick as he gets to the apron. Rollins with a forearm off the apron followed by punches. Sheamus with a shoulder but Rollins drops Sheamus on the top rope. Rollins with a springboard cross body for a near fall. Rollins kicks Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus drops Rollins on the top rope groin first and knocks him to the floor. Sheamus with a tilt-a-whirl slam onto the apron and we go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus with a top wrist lock. Rollins with a jaw breaker to get out of the hold. Rollins with a chop but Sheamus with a back elbow and Rollins goes to the apron. Sheamus with the forearms across the chest but he only does two and he gets Rollins on his shoulders for a Finlay slam. Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick but Rollins moves and Rollins with a thrust kick. Sheamus with a knee but Rollins with an enzuigiri. Both men are down but Sheamus gets up first and he kicks Rollins in the corner and pulls himself up to the turnbuckles. Rollins with an elbow. Sheamus with a head butt. Rollins goes up top and he tries for a superplex but Sheamus punches Rollins to the mat. Rollins with a Frankensteiner followed by a super kick for a near fall. Rollins with Kawada kicks but Sheamus with a back drop. Rollins lands on his feet and he hits Slingblade. Cesaro is knocked off the apron. Sheamus with a rollup for the three count after Cesaro distracts Rollins.
Winner: Sheamus

After the match: Rollins with a suicide dive to Ceasro. Sheamus and Cesaro work over Rollins and send him into the ringside barrier. They send Rollins sternum first into the ringside barrier. They bring Rollins back into the ring as they expect Ambrose to come out. Cesaro tosses Rollins to Sheamus and they hit a spike White Noise. Continue Reading

Jul 31, 2017
Angela -

Backstage: Renee Young is in the interview area with Dean Ambrose. Renee asks Dean to look at what happened last week. Renee asks Dean about them looking better than before and she wants to know if they are getting back together. Dean starts to talk and Seth Rollins shows up. He says he agrees. Last week was special and real and it felt like old times. Dean tells Seth he still does not trust him and he had eyes in the back of his head the entire time last week. Dean says he got burned by Seth once and it won’t happen again. Dean walks away.

Backstage: Seth Rollins is walking in the back and he walks by Sheamus and Ceasro. Cesaro says he wishes they could relate to them, but they are the opposite. Sheamus says at first they hated each other, but now they are the best of friends and champions because they trust each other. Ceasro says Dean and Seth came into WWE like brothers and then you stabbed him in the back. Sheamus says that Dean was his last chance at success and Seth is all alone. Cesaro says maybe they can use some of their championship clout to get Seth a show on the WWE Network like Ride Alone. Seth says if you came to pick a fight, let’s fight. That is a challenge. You figure out which one faces him tonight. Sheamus accepts the challenge.

Sheamus (with Cesaro) versus Seth Rollins
They lock up and Sheamus backs Rollins into the corner and Sheamus with a clean break. Rollins with a hammer lock but Sheamus with an elbow and hip lock take down. Sheamus with a shoulder tackle. Sheamus catches Rollins but Rollins gets to his feet. Rollins with a knee and kick followed by a thrust kick and drop kick. Sheamus with an elbow followed by a head butt. Rollins with a drop kick that sends Sheamus to the floor. Rollins sees Cesaro on the floor and that distraction allows Sheamus to recover and he hits Rollins with a forearm. Rollins is sent into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial. Continue Reading

Jul 25, 2017
Angela -

Backstage: Dean Ambrose is in the locker room getting ready for his handicap match and Seth Rollins enters. Seth says they have a match tonight and they are teaming up for the first time in three years. It is a big deal. Seth says they got worked over by Miz and his crew. Seth says they need to come up with a plan. Dean says he isn’t really up for one of Seth’s plan. Dean says he has his plan. Seth says they have to worry about three dudes. Dean says we won’t have to worry about three guys, he has to worry about four.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose versus Miz, Curtis Axel, and Bo Dallas (with Maryse)
Ambrose and Miz start things off and then Miz tags in Axel before anything happens. Dean brings Axel into the ring and Dean punches Axel in the corner. Dean with chops. Dean with a flying cross body and punches. Axel with a knee and Rollins tags in. Rollins chops and punches Axel. Axel with a slam and knee drop to the head. Rollins gets a near fall. Dallas tags in and Rollins sends Axel to the floor and hip tosses Dallas. Rollins with a snap mare and running kick to the chest. Miz tags in and he kicks Rollins. Miz with knees to the back followed by elbows to the collarbone and a reverse chin lock. Rollins with Slingblade to Miz. Miz with a jaw breaker and Ambrose tags in but Miz goes to the floor. Ambrose goes after Miz and they go into the ring. Ambrose stops Axel from attacking him and Ambrose with punches. Axel with a kick but Ambrose with a forearm. Dean and Seth work over Axel and then they clothesline Dallas over the top rope to the floor. Miz stays on the floor as we go to commercial. We are back and Rollins with a belly-to-back suplex to Dallas and both men are down. Miz tags in and he stops Rollins and hits a suplex. Miz chokes Rollins in the ropes and Dallas kicks Rollins when the referee deals with Miz. Miz with more kicks and Dallas gets in another shot on Rollins. Miz works on the back. Miz with a front face lock to keep himself between Rollins and Ambrose. Continue Reading

Jul 18, 2017
Angela -

In Ring: Seth Rollins’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring. He asks Dean why is he out here for a fight he cannot win. Seth says Dean told him not to fight his battles for him. Then Dean came out swinging a chair and it looked like Dean was fighting his battles. He tells Dean to take a deep breath and have a better plan. Dean says he goes wherever the mood takes him. He was in the mood to whack Miz and his cronies with a chair and Seth happened to be in the area. Everything is not about you.

Seth says Miz got him involved when his glam squad attacked him. Seth asks Dean if he will be in his way or by his side when he takes his battle to the Miz. Dean asks Seth if he called him ‘brother’. Dean says he ain’t Seth’s brother. His brothers were in the Shield and he trusted his brother. His brothers had his back and his brothers stood for something. Dean says he does not know Seth. He knows a guy who looked like Seth and he was someone who stabbed people in the back. Seth says that was over three years ago and he is sorry. Seth says he never said it before, but he was sorry. Seth says he lived with that every single day. He also remembers them tearing each other up inside Hell in a Cell. He remembers Dean cashing in Money in the Bank to beat him for the title. That was in the past. Seth wants to know what will get Dean to forget about the past. Dean says he sees Seth’s lips moving but he does not hear anything. Seth says he will let his actions speak for him. Seth tells Dean to hit him in the back with the steel chair. Seth tells Dean to hit him as many times as it will take to get it out of his system. Dean thinks about it and he throws the chair to the floor. Continue Reading

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