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Apr 20, 2013
Carol -

The Shield are in the back and they have their camcorder. Dean snaps his fingers so he has everyone’s attention. He says that was a Raw moment no one is going to forget, especially John Cena. Roman says that they can see Cena just fine… lying flat on his back. Seth says that Ryback was watching him too.

Seth says people wondered why Ryback didn’t help John Cena. Seth says that Ryback figured it out and Ryback knows how Justice feels. Dean says it was self preservation. He didn’t want to feel Justice any more. The look on Ryback’s face was the same look that they saw on the face of the Undertaker. Two weeks ago, he looked in the Undertaker’s eyes and they all saw fear in the Undertaker’s eyes. Undertaker was afraid and terrified when he was surrounded by the Shield. Undetaker was never so happy to see his brother and his little buddy. The Shield is undefeated and they will prove it on Monday.

Seth says that for twenty years, the Undertaker has ruled this place, but there comes a time for even legends to be pushed aside. The Undertaker’s time is up.

Roman says that the Hounds of Justice run this yard now. He tells everyone to believe in the Shield

Apr 19, 2013
Angela -

Corey Graves versus Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack Match

Rollins with a kick and forearm to the back. Graves with a punch but Rollins with forearms to the back. Rollins sends Graves into the corner and he kicks and punches Graves. Graves with punches and Rollins goes to the apron but he sees the lumberjacks and Graves brings him back into the ring and he slams Rollins. Graves with a fist drop to Rollins.

Graves grabs the leg and puts it in the ropes and he kicks Seth in the upper thigh. Graves with an atomic drop to the knee. He goes for a second one and Rollins counters with a sunset flip for a near fall. Graves blocks a kick but Rollins with a double thrust to the throat. Rollins with an Irish whip and he connects with a forearm.

Rollins misses a splash into the corner and Graves goes to the turnbuckles but Rollins with an enzuigiri that sends Graves to the floor. The lumberjacks return Graves to the ring with no incident and Rollins gets a near fall. Continue Reading

Apr 16, 2013
Angela -

John Cena is out and announces that the Champ is here…and the Ryback is there. The Champ has some business with Ryback so he wants Ryback to get right here, right now.

Ryback makes his appearance on the stage and The Ryback makes his way to the ring to talk to The Champ. They have something to say while The Ryback throws The Shirt into the crowd. John says that Ryback has destroyed everything in his path and when the crowd chants ‘Feed Me More’ someone is going to get hurt. Cena says that he will not wet his khakis.

John says that he made an open challenge to anyone who thought that he was man enough to challenge. Ryback did nothing. He says that Ryback sat until John’s back was turned to knock him down. What did Ryback do tonight? He made everyone sit through a highlight reel of excuses and it was boring. Ryback isn’t successful because of John Cena. Ryback is in the shadow because of John Cena. Ryback isn’t Champion because of John Cena. Ryback wants the title and he knocked him down once.

John wants to know if Ryback knows who he is dealing with. He has been to war with Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H. Those are his friends. The WWE Championship is everything. Continue Reading

Apr 12, 2013
Carol -

After the match, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns appear on the TitanTron and they applaud the performance by the tag team champions. Dean says standing next to his brother on Monday must have been good for Kane. Dean says that they hope that they did not consider what the Shield did as a sign of weakness. They were waiting for the right moment to strike. They did not back down.

Roman says that The Shield does not back down and they do not run from a fight.

They tell Bryan and Kane to believe in the Shield.

Later, Triple H makes his way to the ring and we get the Smackdown return of The Game Fountain.

Hunter says that he told us. He told everyone that the ass kicker is back. He told Brock that they weren’t going to wrestle or fight, they were going to war. They went to war and Paul Heyman can make any excuse he.

3MB make their way onto the stage. Slater tells Hunter to wait a minute, shut up, and listen up. Heath says apparently around here, you have to drop one of the big dogs to get noticed. What bigger dog is there than Triple H. If Hunter thought that battle with Brock was bad, he hasn’t seen anything yet. Continue Reading

Apr 12, 2013
Carol -

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins versus Percy Watson, Axl Keegan, and Scott Dawson
All six men brawl before the bell rings and The Shield take care of their opponents. Dean and Seth go after Dawson and bring him back into the ring and the bell rings.

Reigns with a head butt to Dawson and he sends Dawson into the corner. Ambrose with a drop kick and Rollins with a drop kick of his own. Rollins with an Irish whip and knee in the corner. Ambrose tags in and he connects with a clothesline and a snap elbow drop. Dean punches Dawson and Scott begs for mercy but Dean does not care. Scott escapes a suplex and he tags in Keegan.

Keegan with jabs but Ambrose with a knee and slam. Dean tags in Seth and he puts Keegan in a bow and arrow. Rollins with a knee drop to Keegan and Reigns knocks Watson off the apron. Rollins with a Shiranui for the three count.

Winners: Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns Continue Reading

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