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Sep 15, 2013
Angela -

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. The Primetime Players for the WWE Tag Team Championships
Though The Prime Time Players were on a roll following their Tag Team Turmoil victory during the Night of Champions Kickoff, the quick turnaround time may have cost Darren Young & Titus O’Neil the WWE Tag Team Championships. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns of The Shield defeated The Prime Time Players to continue their impressive turn as champions. Rollins tried to use his speed to outwit O’Neil at the beginning of the bout, but Titus caught him and muscled the champion around with ease. The Prime Time Players jumped on offense, keeping pace with the champions.

O’Neil and Young looked mighty impressive, dominating the early proceedings until The Hounds of Justice showed exactly why they are the WWE Tag Team Champions. Reigns used his power to wear Young down, battering “Mr. No Days Off” in his corner. Young was able to fight off both Rollins and Reigns and tag in his partner. O’Neil came in the ring like a man possessed, steamrolling over The Shield. It looked as though The Prime Time Players would be crowned champions when Rollins fell victim to Clash of the Titus. Reigns was able to break up the pinfall, saving the championships.

With the referee turning his attention to a fallen Darren Young, O’Neil was no match for The Shield. Though he tried to continue his attack on Rollins, he was leveled with a vicious spear by Reigns, allowing his partner to pick up the victory and retain the WWE Tag Team Titles. Continue Reading

Aug 19, 2013
Angela -

Dean Ambrose versus Rob Van Dam for the United States Title
Ambrose with a reverse chin lock but Van Dam with elbow and clotheslines. Van Dam with a thrust kick and then he tries for the monkey flip but Ambrose moves out of the way. Van Dam with a cross body for a near fall. Van Dam with a slam and he goes for the Split Legged Moonsault but Ambrose gets his knees up. Ambrose with a clothesline for a near fall. Ambrose takes too long and Van Dam with a kick to the head followed by a step over spin kick. Van Dam goes up top and The Shield’s music plays and Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins make their way to the ring.Mark Henry’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. He is followed by Big Show, accompanied by his music.

We are back and Ambrose with punches to Van Dam and he gets a near fall. Ambrose with a crossface chicken wing into a sleeper. Ambrose gets Van Dam to his knees. Van Dam with elbows but Ambrose sends Van Dam through the ropes to the floor. Big Show and Henry make sure that Rollins and Reigns don’t do anything. Van Dam with a suplex to Ambrose on the floor. Van Dam puts Ambrose on the ringside barrier for the corkscrew guillotine leg drop. Van Dam goes up top and hits a senton onto Ambrose for a near fall. Van Dam with a slam and he signals for Rolling Thunder and Reigns grabs the leg. Ambrose tries to attack Van Dam from behind but Van Dam with a body scissors roll up for a near fall. Continue Reading

Jul 15, 2013
Angela -

Tag Team Championship Match Jimmy and Jey Uso versus Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Rollins and Jey start things off and Jey with a rollup for a near fall. Jey with a La Magistral for a near fall. Jey with a backslide for another near fall and Rollins retreats into the corner to stop the Usos’ momentum. Reigns tags in and they lock up. Reigns backs Jey into the corner and he punches Jey on the break. Reigns with forearms across the chest but Jey with punches. Jey with head butts and he tries for a suplex but Roman blocks it. Jey with a kick and he tags in Jimmy.

They hit a double suplex on Reigns and then they hit a double elbow drop and Jimmy gets a near fall. Jimmy with a punch into the corner and then he snap mares Reigns and gets a near fall. Jey tags back in and they hit a double flapjack and get a near fall. Jey with a punch but Rollins pulls Roman out of the ring when Jey tries for a super kick and we go to commercial. Continue Reading

Jun 17, 2013
Angela -

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton
The bell rings and Reigns catches Bryan with a kick and chases him into the corner. Bryan turns things around and catches Reigns with a series of kicks before flipping over him and running into a giant running right hand from Reigns which is good for a two count. Reigns beats on Bryan in the corner and tags out to Rollins who comes in with a series of stomps in the corner before choking Bryan with his boot. Reigns tags back in and he whips Rollins into the corner for a big running forearm that Reigns follows up with a clothesline for two. Reigns traps Bryan in a rear chin lock.

Bryan fights to his feet and out of the hold, but Reigns catches him with a knee to the chin for another near fall. Reigns traps Bryan in another rear chin lock and the crowd attempts to get behind the challenger. Bryan fights up to his feet and hits a huge running clothesline. Orton and Rollins tag in and Orton hits a couple of clotheslines before hitting a huge snap powerslam. Orton sends Rollins out to the apron, and drops him, hitting Roman Reigns with the suspension DDT instead. Orton runs into a big boot from Rollins, but turns a crossbody into a powerslam that’s good for two. Orton goes for the suspension DDT on Rollins, connecting and dropping him to the mat. Continue Reading

May 19, 2013
Angela -

U.S. champion KOFI KINGSTON vs. DEAN AMBROSE — United States Title match
The Shield’s music then played to bring out Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns in the same section of the arena. Ambrose knocked fists with Reigns and Rollins, then Ambrose hit the ring by himself as Reigns and Rollins disappeared into the crowd.
WINNER: Ambrose at 6:48 to capture the U.S. Title.
POST-MATCH: Rollins and Reigns hit the ring to celebrate with Ambrose.

WWE tag champions KANE & DANIEL BRYAN vs. THE SHIELD (SETH ROLLINS & ROMAN REIGNS) — WWE Tag Title match — Texas Tornado Rules

The tag champs dominated early on before Reigns and Rollins made a comeback on D-Bryan. They wanted a top-rope double powerbomb on Bryan, but Bryan countered with a huracanrana. Kane then clotheslined both Shield opponents over the top rope. Bryan followed right up with a suicide dive taking out both men, then the tag champs stood tall on the outside.

Back in the ring, Bryan Yes! Kicked Rollins before switching to Reigns. A double sidewalk slam put Reigns down, then Bryan power-slammed Rollins. The action broke down with bodies going everywhere until all four men were on the mat. Included was Reigns landing a spear, then Reigns sold a left arm/shoulder injury. “You trying to break my arm?! I’m going to break your face!” Reigns shouted in Bryan’s face. Reigns continued to favor his arm, then he walked into a chokeslam, but Rollins came off the top with a kick to the head. Continue Reading

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