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Jun 18, 2015
Angela -

WWE World Champion Seth Rollins making his way to the ring. We see what happened on Raw when the man who suspensions forgot returned to be named as the opponent for Seth Rollins at Battleground. Seth says he is the biggest star in the WWE. He is the WWE World Champion and the undisputed future of this industry. He says that none of you will ever understand what it is like to be in that position so he will explain it so you can understand. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, I am under the most intense scrutiny imaginable. Everything he does is magnified for the entire world to see. Does he ever get a thank you or a pat on the back? All he gets from you is disrespect.

This week has taken it to a new level. The only thing he has been asked is about having to face Brock Lesnar at Battleground. Seth says when he heard Brock’s music on Monday, the first thing he felt was shock. Seth says Brock was the last person he expected Hunter and Stephanie to announce as his opponent. The last time we saw Brock, he was brutalizing WWE employees like a cameraman and Michael Cole. Then Brock circled the ring like a shark, that shock turned into understanding. There is no other way. This is how it has to be. He beat everyone else. Orton, Reigns, Ambrose. To submit his legacy, he has to beat Brock Lesnar at Battleground. The same Brock Lesnar who conquered the Undertaker’s streak. The man who took John Cena and Roman Reigns to Suplex City.

That man got in the ring and stood toe to toe with him and he did nothing. Do you know why he did nothing? Brock Lesnar remembers Wrestlemania. Brock knows better than anybody how dangerous he can be. If he would have taken one swing at him, he would have knocked Brock’s teeth down his throat and the mystique he walks around with would be gone forever. Seth says he is the diamond that Triple H thinks he is. At Battleground, he will shine brighter than he ever has. To answer the question about how does he feel to face Brock Lesnar at Battleground? Seth says that he cannot wait.

Jun 12, 2015
Angela -

Jun 11, 2015
Kaitlin -

Seth Rollins’ music plays and he comes to the ring. He says he is tired of this crap. Seth says he knows that Dean thinks he is different from every other challenger, but he is no different than the scum in this arena. You are not in Seth’s league. On Sunday, he will take HIS WWE Title back. Why not give him the title back before he has to take it.

Dean tells Seth to take a chill pill and he says it is all a gag. Dean says if it is that important to you, go ahead and take it. Dean says he didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers.

Dean puts the belt down in the ring and before Seth can pick it up, Dean says it is a replica belt he got at the merchandise stand. Dean says he doesn’t know where he left the real title belt. It is either in New Orleans or somewhere on the road to New Orleans. Dean says he has partied so much it feels like Tuesday to him.

Dean says he is going to find the title belt and he will make sure to bring it on Sunday and he will leave with it.

Kane comes out and he says that Seth is done with Dean. On Raw, you got to choose your opponent to prove you could win on your own. You chose Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble and you failed. If you lose on Sunday, you will lose the WWE title. You will have no help from the Authority on Sunday. You will be on your own, just like you will be on your tonight against Dolph Ziggler.

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Jun 4, 2015
Kaitlin -

Seth Rollins’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring. In addition to not having his title belt, he is without Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble, and Kane.

Seth takes a chair and he says nearly a year ago to the day, he took a chair, not unlike this one, and I single handedly dismantled the Shield.

Seth sits down on the chair and says since that day, the question he has gotten from you than any other question. Why? Why did you take that chair and send a message to Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose? Why did you destroy what you created? Seth says from Day One, his goal was to be the very best in the history of this industry. Not ‘one of’, but ‘THE’ best. Seth says he was sick and tired of sharing the spotlight with two chumps who were beneath him.

Seth says he was the only one with guts to pull the trigger. Seth says he joined the Authority and he was anointed the Undisputed Future of the WWE. Seth says he validated that endorsement when he won the Money in the Bank contract ALL . . . BY . . . MYSELF.

Seth says the best part is that he was only getting started. Shortly after the Royal Rumble, he had a vision. Seth says he had a vision to make history, to make the impossible, to beat Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at the same time.

It is one thing to come up with a plan like that, but to execute it flawlessly took guts and courage. It took the heart of a champion. At Wrestlemania, he ripped Roman Reigns’ dream right from his hands and he slayed the beast at the same time. Now that beast is off licking his wounds somewhere while Roman Reigns is in his shadow trying to recreate what happened before.

Seth tells Roman the sequel is never better than the original. Seth says he is the greatest WWE Champion of all time and he has no championship around his waist.

This brings him to Dean Ambrose. Dean wants so desperately for you to believe that stealing a championship will make him a champion. Ambrose knows that is true. All of you know who the rightful champion is. That is fine Dean, play your games. Seth says he does not need a championship belt or anything to validate who he is.

Seth says he appreciates what the Authority has done for him. He does not need J&J Security. He does not need Kane. He does not need Big Show. He does not need Stephanie McMahon. He does not need Triple H to destroy Dean Ambrose. His title will be hanging above the ring and he will climb the ladder to get what he has earned.

Dean interrupts on the TitanTron and he says he couldn’t help but hear Seth’s story about doing things by himself. He wants to know if Seth is a liar or has a bad memory. Dean reminds Seth that he always needed help. He couldn’t get through an airport without asking for help because he had more baggage than a rich girl with daddy issues. He always knew Seth was a liar. He is not as much a scumbag as Seth. He cannot stand the lie that Seth calls himself the WWE Champion after he beat Seth in the ring.

Dean says the Authority will do everything in their power to save their precious investment. They will send monsters, demons, giants, the cavalry, J&J. Everything to make sure that the title never slips through their fingers ever ever again. That helps you sleep at night and that has made you soft and weak.

You want to talk about doing things by yourself? Dean says he has been surviving with eyes in the back of his head. Every time he walks in the ring, he is on the endangered species list. He is getting stronger every day. Then he reached the top of the mountain at the Elimination Chamber. To get to the top, you cannot be afraid to fall. They are going to do this one more time, in a ladder match. If you want to get it, you have to climb the ladder and take it.

Dean says that he is the real, rightful WWE Champion. He is walking into Money in the Bank with it and he is walking out of Money in the Bank with it, or he will die trying.

May 28, 2015
Kaitlin -

Backstage: Kane is in his office and Seth Rollins enters with Joey and Jamie.

Seth says it is ridiculous that the Age Of Ambrose could start. Seth says that human piece of garbage is lucky to be on the streets. Seth wonders how he crazied his way out of jail. Everyone knows Dean deserves to be locked up for the rest of his life.

Jamie pipes in and says Amen. Dean is a nutcase and reminds him of his aunt in West Virginia. She would hear things in her head and said she could talk to Elvis. She may have been crazy, but she could cook and her apple dumpling pie is to die for.

Seth and Joey push Jamie away and Seth says they need to focus to team up against Dean and Roman Reigns. After what Ambrose pulled on Monday, what will he do tonight?

Kane says it is playtime tonight. They will soften up Dean for Sunday and they will get to take care of Roman tonight.

Seth wonders how that will work after what happened on Monday.

Kane says he can come up with a plan and Seth won’t have to worry about anything on Sunday.

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