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May 21, 2015
Angela -

Dean Ambrose versus Bray Wyatt
Dean with a drop kick to the legs and he goes up top but Joey Mercury distracts the referee and Jamie Noble tries to stop Dean on the turnbuckles. Dean with a rollup for a near fall. Dean rebounds off the ropes and both men with clotheslines and both are down. Seth Rollins’ music plays and then Roman Reigns’ music plays. They both make their way to the ring and Reigns punches Noble and then Reigns with a Superman Punch off the steps to Mercury. Noble gets in the ring and Dean punches him. Bray sends Dean to the ropes but Bray is in the ropes and Reigns with a Superman punch followed by the double underhook DDT from Ambrose for the three count.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

May 19, 2015
Angela -

Click the “Show” button below to read what will happen on this weeks Thursday Night Smackdown!
[spoiler]Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt is next. J&J Security do the run-in and Seth Rollins is out next. Roman Reigns comes out for the save and Ambrose ends up getting the win with Dirty Deeds. This was said to be an excellent back and forth match. SmackDown ends with Ambrose staring down Rollins from the ramp.[/spoiler]

May 14, 2015
Kaitlin -

Backstage: We see Kane in the office and Seth Rollins enters with Joey and Jamie. Seth says he has a question for Kane. First, he reminds Kane what Triple H said about Kane’s job security. Seth says there is a rumor that Kane is not sure if he is going to help Seth on Sunday. Seth reminds Kane that he makes a lot as Director of Operations.

Kane says he is not worried because he is set for life since he saved his money. He does not need the paycheck.

Seth tells Kane that he NEEDS to do the right thing.

Kane says he is struggling with what the right thing is. He might not know what the right thing is until he is at ringside on Sunday. He tells everyone he has to get ready for his match.

Seth wishes Kane luck and Kane tells Seth good luck in your match with Ryback.

Seth Rollins comes to the ring and he says in case you missed what happened on Monday night, let’s all take a look. We see footage of the attack of Seth Rollins by his three opponents at Payback.

Seth says he hopes you all enjoyed that because that is the last time you will ever see anything like that happen to him. It is not going to happen Sunday at Payback. In a Fatal Four Way Match, it will be every man for himself. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton are just as cutthroat as he is. That is what is going to happen. He will cut your throat and then pick up the pieces. With his security, superior ability and acumen, and the Director of Operations in his corner, he will emerge victorious.

As for tonight’s roadblock Ryback . . .

Ryback’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring, but he is given a POUNCE by Bray Wyatt, who is waiting for him.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the referee checks on Ryback to see if he can wrestle. Ryback says he is okay and the match starts.

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May 13, 2015
Angela -

Click the “Show” button below to read what will happen on this weeks Thursday Night Smackdown!
[spoiler]Backstage segment with Kane and Seth Rollins. Kane announces Ryback vs. Rollins for tonight.

Rollins vs. Ryback is next. Rollins cuts a promo and out comes Ryback but Bray Wyatt ambushes him on the entrance way and beats him down. They stall some and Rollins thinks he has the match won by forfeit but it’s going to happen despite Ryback’s condition. Rollins gets the win.[/spoiler]

May 7, 2015
Kaitlin -

Backstage: Renee Young is with Seth Rollins, Joey Mercury, and Jamie Noble. She asks Seth about the contract signing. Seth says he is the man who makes the impossible possible. Seth reminds us of him shocking the world by beating Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to win the title. Renee brings up Kane saying the Wrestlemania moment was only due to Kane.

Seth says that makes Kane sound desperate. He is irrelevant. Kane is trying to preserve his job by making this match at Payback. Kane is jealous of him. Seth says he has something that Kane will never have. Seth says his brain has gotten him where he is and he has a plan. Seth says he is the man. He says the Future is Now.

The official contract signing carpet is in the ring to support the official contract signing table and chairs.

Kane is in the ring and he says it is his job that your voices are heard. You said you wanted to see Seth Rollins defend his title not against one or two people, but three. The match will be sanctioned when all four men sign on the dotted line. Kane says let’s make this official.

Kane brings out Randy Orton and he is dressed to wrestle. Roman Reigns comes toh te ring next and he makes his way through the crowd. Dean Ambrose is the third man to make his way to the ring for this contract signing.

The final man to come out for the contract signing is Seth Rollins and he is joined by Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury, but he decides to stay on the stage instead of getting into the ring with three men who just don’t like him.

Kane says in ten days, these four superstars.

Dean says that Justin Bieber might be a VIP in Canada, but does that mean he doesn’t have to get in the ring? He tells Biebs to bring Frodo and Bilbo to the ring with him.

Seth tells Dean he has a sharp tongue. His humor was never his style, but it was better than hearing Roman trying to form sentences. He is not coming to the ring, so if you three have any issues to work out, go ahead.

Roman says he has a sentence for Seth. Once he signs the contract, he is going to go kick Seth’s ass.

Randy tells Seth they are here for the same reason. They want the title around his waist.

Roman signs the contract and then Randy signs it.

Dean tells Seth to come down here to sign the contract or he will drag his ass to the ring to sign the contract.

Seth says that Kane has the authority to sign his name on the contract so that is what is going to happen.

Kane tells Seth that is correct . . . in theory. Kane is trying to remember what Seth said earlier tonight. Did you say that I am obsolete or irrelevant? If you were physically unable to attend the contract signing and he could sign as your proxy. Since you are standing in front of him and in perfect health, you should come to the ring to sign the contract yourself.

Seth makes his way to the ring with Joey and Jamie. Seth tells Joey to get the contract for him to sign. Joey gives the contract to Seth and Seth says he needs to review the contract. He says that everyone is accounted for. We have Dean Ambrose, or low rent Roddy Piper. Seth says that is what Roman called Dean when you were trying to entertain the idiots. Roman Reigns. That is good because he is better at signing autographs than wrestle. Dean used to say that Roman couldn’t wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag.

Then you have Randy Orton. It is no secret how Dean and Roman thought about you. They called you spoiled and entitled. Roman said that you never had to work a day in your life. Dean said the only reason you were in the WWE was because of your old man. What is wrong with a little honesty.

Seth enters the ring with Joey and Jamie and he signs the contract and then he gives the contract to Mr. Obsolete.

Kane tells Seth it is because of Mr. Obsolete that you are champion. Seth disagrees and he says it is because of him that he is champion and Kane had nothing to do with it.

Dean rearranges the furniture in the ring while Seth and Mr. Obsolete argue. Dean puts the table in the corner and then Kane and Seth stop arguing.

Dean says we all know how this is going to end so he calls dibs on the table. Dean kicks Joey and throws him onto the table, but the table does not break. Everyone goes after Ambrose and then things break down. Orton sends Rollins over the top rope to the floor while Reigns and Kane battle at the announce table. Ambrose throws a chair at Noble on the floor but he misses. Fortunately, there is a second chair and this one does not miss.

Ambrose with a suicide dive onto Kane and then he sends Rollins into the ringside barrier. Kane grabs Ambrose by the throat but Reigns with a Superman punch. Rollins and Ambrose go into the ring and Ambrose tries for the double underhook DDT but Rollins escapes. Reigns sets for a spear on Rollins but Rollins moves. Reigns stops short of Ambrose and Rollins drop kicks Reigns into Ambrose in the corner.

Orton tries for an RKO on Rollins but Rollins escapes. Reigns and Ambros push each other and Orton with an RKO to Ambrose. Reigns with a Superman punch to Orton. Rollins with a springboard knee to the head followed by a super kick to Reigns. Rollins grabs his title belt and he stands over everyone in the carpeted ring.

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