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Aug 21, 2015
Angela -

On SI Now, WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins took major shots at several of America’s most popular sports teams.
Host Maggie Gray asked Rollins, in New York for the 2015 WWE SummerSlam on Sunday about the Dallas Cowboys, Boston Red Sox, Duke basketball and other notable teams. He had plenty of spite to go around. Rollins on the Cowboys: “America’s team? Right. More like America’s Scumbags. The worst team in the NFL, led by the worst owner in the NFL, never going to win another Super Bowl as long as Jerry Jones thinks he’s running that organization.” On the Red Sox: “They’re still living in the past. They got out of shadow of the curse, of the Babe, they’re still hanging on by a thread. Although I will give David Ortiz some credit, he’s having a phenomenal year this year, but maybe past their prime. I think it’s time to start looking to some of the youth.”

On Duke: “I watched the documentary I Hate Christian Laettner, and I really hate Christian Laettner. It made me understand why everybody hates Christian Laettner and Duke basketball. I mean, they’re just a bunch of preppy white boys from Tobacco Road or whatever. I’m a Hawkeye fan, I don’t think those guys know how to play gritty basketball. Coach K, I give him all the credit in the world, but he’s got some sissies for players on that squad.”

On Urban Meyer and Ohio State: “Poor excuse for a coach, poor excuse for a program.” Gray also compared Rollins’ style to Bill Belichick and the Patriots, which he seemed to embrace. “Belichick’s actually great. I wouldn’t mind being the New England Patriots. they seem to win a lot. Four game suspension here and there doesn’t hurt nobody.”

Rollins takes on United States champion John Cena at SummerSlam on Sunday.

For all this and more, you can watch Rollins’ full SI Now interview here, beginning around the 17 minute mark.


Aug 13, 2015
Kaitlin -

On August 13th, Seth Rollins takes the WWE Universe to the gym to showcase his Crossfit abilities in the latest WWE Body Series.

Aug 11, 2015
Angela -

Jul 31, 2015
Carol -

Seth made a surprise appearance on Comedy Centrals The Daily Show where he reignited his feud from earlier this year with Jon Stewart, or did he? Check out the video below (and captures too!) in case you missed it!

Jul 22, 2015
Carol -

Last night, Seth appeared on ABC’s show “Extreme Weight Loss” to surprise & work out with one of his biggest fans during his journey. You can check out the photos and captures in addition to the video below and in our gallery now.

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