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Apr 28, 2015
Carol -

WM31_Photo_429-781886300 Fans gave Davenport native Seth Rollins a hero’s welcome when he returned to the iWireless Center for Tuesday’s WWE Smackdown.

On April 28, 2015, hundreds lined up to see Rollins’ homecoming, this time as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

“Oh, its great to see him back. I live just down the road from where he was born in Buffalo, Iowa,” said fan Brice Chapman.

“Iowa’s got a guy now, and it’s awesome that he’s number one right now,” said Steve Guida, who made the trip from Dubuque.

Rollins, whose real name is Colby Lopez, won the crown last month, and successfully defended his title on Sunday. Tuesday, he told News 8 he was very excited to be back in the Quad Cities.

“This is where I was born and raised,” Rollins said. “I mean, these are my people. This is my place. I’ve seen so many shows here, and now I get to walk in as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It really doesn’t get any better than that.”

Rollins describes the past month as ‘a whirlwind.’

“Now I’ve got a bulls-eye on my back, and everybody’s gunning for me, but I kind of like that. Pressure is where I thrive,” said Rollins.


Apr 25, 2015
Kaitlin -


@JoeyStyles: In an interesting series of twists, champion Seth Rollins chose to have Randy Orton’s outta nowhere RKO banned and the challenger chose a Steel Cage Match so The Authority could not interfere. Orton can use something else to beat Rollins, but Rollins can’t use somebody else to help him because his new adversary Kane will make sure of it, right? Wrong! I don’t buy that Kane is fed up with being The Authority’s hired muscle. I think Triple H having to keep the peace between Rollins and Kane is a ruse. As WWE’s longest tenured Superstar, Kane knows that you grin and bear whatever position The Authority gives you. When it seems that Orton is about to take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from The Authority-installed Rollins, Kane will interject himself into the Steel Cage Match (which has no disqualifications) and personally see that Rollins remains champion. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Anthony Benigno: If this were just a regular Steel Cage Match minus the RKO, I’d go with Orton. The Viper’s got the deeper arsenal, more experience in these sorts of matches, plus, he’s got the dreaded punt in his back pocket. However, this match will hinge on Kane’s status as keeper of the keys for the steel cage. The Director of Operations has been on the outs with Rollins for some time now, and no amount of smoothing-over on the part of Triple H seems to have swayed him from his general disdain for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He’s still an Authority employee, though, so expect this match to go much as Rollins’ Money in the Bank victory did: The Architect will earn the win on the shoulders of The Devil’s Favorite Demon. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Scott Taylor: Despite the uncertainty surrounding Kane’s role as “gatekeeper,” I have no doubt that Seth Rollins has plans B, C and D ready to go. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion didn’t get to where he is without outsmarting the competition along the way. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Matthew Artus: As one of two Extreme Rules grapplers whose experience at this event dates back to its ECW One Night Stand days, Randy Orton feels like an obvious choice. However, the banned RKO and Seth Rollins’ record of escaping cagey confines due to unannounced guests (Bray Wyatt or Brock Lesnar, anyone?) put the odds in favor of The Authority’s golden boy. WINNER: Seth Rollins

@HowardFinkel: Getting the RKO banned was smart strategy from Rollins. But you can’t downgrade Orton’s chances of winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship just due to that. Orton’s got Rollins exactly where he wants him — in the cage — and you know how that can go. I am also curious as to what frame of mind Kane will be in this Sunday as gatekeeper of the cage. Regardless, I look for Rollins to eke out a victory and retain his championship. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins: 5, Randy Orton: 0

Apr 24, 2015
Carol -


Seth Rollins vs. Cactus Jack — Boiler Room Brawl
Whether jumping from the TitanTron or falling off Hell in a Cell, Seth Rollins always got back up no matter the damage. It’s reminiscent of Attitude Era icon Cactus Jack, who kept fighting no matter how many times a rival knocked him down. Rollins wanted to see if he could be the one to keep him down once and for all.

“I’m going to shoot for the No. 1 hardcore legend of all time: The Cactus Jack personality of Mick Foley,” Rollins said, “in a Boiler Room Brawl.”

Rollins goes extreme against Randy Orton | Watch Cactus battle Orton, too

While stepping into a stipulation Mick Foley helped to innovate, where the competitors brawl backstage until one can make it to the ring, Rollins had his eyes on stealing a victory by stealing the closest friend of Foley’s most diabolical persona.

“Barbie, of course, the baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire — that’s Cactus’ weapon and I’d like to take it from him and use it against him.”


Apr 22, 2015
Carol -

The WWE’s run with Brock Lesnar as world heavyweight champion was successful, but the move to put the title on Seth Rollins has transformed him into the old-school heel the company needs on top.

Rollins is on Raw and SmackDown almost every week, and that is a pleasant change of pace from seeing the champion once every three months. With the champion’s heel tactics each time he is on television, he is slowly building his legacy as a weasel who will do whatever it takes to retain the title.

There is a vocal minority of the WWE Universe that does not like Rollins as champion due to his willingness to take the easy way out, but there were many top stars in the industry who made a living doing the exact same thing.

From Ric Flair to Jake “The Snake” Roberts and even Triple H, some of the best heels in the history of the business have made an impact by portraying the bad guy who uses cheap tactics to earn victories and draw heat from the fans.

Being the weasel heel allows Rollins to retain the championship and hold on to it for an extended amount of time. Wrestling fans know Randy Orton will not win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules, but they also know Rollins will use heel tactics to help himself retain, even if that means infuriating the No. 1 contender enough to force him to hit the RKO.

Using The Authority as a way to ensure he remains the top star in the company—few steel cages in the past have stopped interference—makes him the reliable Superstar who can carry the title throughout the period heading into SummerSlam. While the time between WrestleMania and SummerSlam is usually considered a down period, Rollins being the face of the brand right now is the ideal booking.

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Apr 15, 2015
Carol -

How long had you been planning to cash in your Money in the Bank during Brock Lesnar v Roman Reigns?

Rollins said: It was something I had been carefully considering. I had to look at the magnitude of the match, and how infrequently Lesnar is around. I’ve always had my eye on that guy, I’ve always been watching and paying attention.

The moment was right to take my shot and it worked out as well as it could have.

But you lost to Orton earlier in the night – so didn’t that change your plans for interfering in the ‘Mania main-event?

Rollins said: My plans didn’t change because I lost to Randy. They are two different matches, two different situations. I obviously wanted to beat Randy which didn’t work out but the second part of my night made up for that.

Did you enjoy the ‘Mania moments featuring DX against the nWo, and UFC champion Ronda Rousey?

Rollins said It was such a blast to see DX and the nWo at WrestleMania together, it looked like they were having such fun. What an awesome moment, I’m glad it all came together and it’s something you never expected to see when the Monday Night Wars were happening all those years ago.

It was cool to see Ronda in the WWE ring, she’s a sweetheart of a girl and I’m a huge fan. I’m hoping we see her back next year…

Have you achieved a lifelong dream by becoming champion? Who inspired you?

Rollins said: It’s something surreal and special – very few people close out WrestleMania as WWE champion. This is my first title which puts me on top of an even smaller list.

It’s humbling and something that I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life.

I was a fan of Hulk Hogan growing up – he was the real-life embodiment of a super hero. He’s who I wanted to be as a little kid. Then I began to admire Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect. They showed that guys who were a different size with different athleticism could reach the top.

Then Stone Cold and The Rock, obviously, who doesn’t like them? Then Sting and Rey Mysterio were my favourites.

Your ex-WWE rival CM Punk is starting a new career in the UFC – can he be a success? And would you do it?

Rollins said: I’m a fan of the UFC and I’ll be watching CM Punk with interest. I think it’s the type of thing that a pro wrestler can cross over and do. Brock showed everyone that it’s possible, but whether Punk can be successful remains to be seen. He’s got big shoes to fill.

Fighting in the UFC is not something I’d consider at this stage of my career because I’m very happy – but I’d never say never.

Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao is the second biggest upcoming scrap behind Rollins v Orton but do the WWE lads plan on running to the ring during the boxing?

Rollins said: Boxing could benefit from having Money in the Bank but I’ve not heard anything in the WWE locker room about someone running out during Mayweather v Pacquiao and taking the ref out…

I’ve got involved in the WrestleMania main-event already so they don’t have to worry about me running to the ring during their boxing match.

I don’t think Big Show has the secret of how to defeat Floyd – he didn’t fare so well when they fought at WrestleMania XXIV. Floyd had a lot of tricks up his sleeve and was too quick for the Big Show.


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