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Jan 28, 2015
Angela -


#16 Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp
The Curb Stomp is as breathtaking as it is brutal. When Seth Rollins executes the devastating maneuver on a fallen foe it’s as if he is jumping in slow motion with his foot finding the back of his opponent’s head. Then, like snuffing out a cockroach, The Architect thrusts his foot down, smashing the unfortunate recipient’s face straight into the ground below.

The high-flying Rollins could easily pull off a stunning top-rope maneuver, but instead he chooses to stomp his adversary’s head into the ground. It may not be pretty, but it sure is cool.

Jan 26, 2015
Angela -


Seth Rollins and Andre the Giant form The Unbeatables
Andre the Giant used his unmatched size to crush the competition during his legendary career. Nearly 25 years since Andre’s retirement, Seth Rollins is carving out his own legacy, but he’s doing it with his mind. The Eighth Wonder of the World found great success with a mastermind like Bobby “The Brain” Heenan by his side, so teaming up with an “Architect” like Rollins would stack the odds even higher.

Rollins on Andre the Giant: The dude is unbeatable, right? Why would you have anybody but Andre the Giant as your tag team partner? That’s just ludicrous. He’s a giant. He’s the Eighth Wonder of the World for crying out loud. You cannot beat him. I may not even have to step into the ring if he was my partner. I’ve seen him beat 2-3-4-5-6-7-10 guys at once. It wouldn’t even be a fair fight with him and me on the same team.


Jan 22, 2015
Angela -

The first people Seth Rollins brought to tears — before The Shield, before the WWE Universe, before anyone — were his mom and dad.

That’s a rough note to begin on, but it’s a necessary because originally, we had planned to write about Seth Rollins in June 2014, and our story — his story, really — was going to be your usual underdog yarn about a guy who worked hard from humble beginnings, reached his goal, almost lost his goal, and eventually found himself sitting on the mountaintop through grit and hard work. Not entirely unlike Daniel Bryan’s tale. But that all turned on its head the night Rollins took out his fellow members of The Shield with a steel chair and set himself on a catapult career-trajectory that led to the Money in the Bank briefcase and helped him waltz right into a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match against John Cena and Brock Lesnar at the 2015 Royal Rumble over about the course of six months.

Given all that, it seems appropriate to begin the story we’re telling now, the story Seth Rollins forced us to tell instead, with the fact that he had a penchant for defying expectations and breaking hearts —including his family’s — before he’d even formally laced up a pair of boots. “When I told my parents and saw the look of disappointment on their faces, it was like a real moment,” said Rollins, recalling the uncomfortable night he sat his parents down as a teenager in Iowa and told them he would be pursuing a career in sports-entertainment. “I remember walking away from the dinner table and just being like, ‘Man, I don’t care what anybody says, I’m going to do this. I don’t care if anybody believes I can do this or not.’”

About the only one who believed he could succeed was Rollins himself, a lapsed Hulkamaniac who rediscovered his passion during the Attitude Era and had already proven himself a natural boundary-pusher in mock wrestling shows with his buddies where he created a character named “God.” The point is, even when he was pretending, Rollins was already jumping about two acts ahead in the script. Underdogs take obstacles as they come, and earn their stripes one battle at a time. But he was seeking opposition like a man who’d already proven he could take on all comers. He welcomed adversity, invited it, and fed on it. His plate filled up soon enough: Once Rollins began earnestly training alongside a friend at a Ring of Honor tryout, he quickly started hitting what has become the standard marks for any indie wrestler’s coming-up.

Money troubles? Check. (“We did the tryout, we got accepted to the class, and then it was time to fork over a down payment for the school. For whatever reason, we had no idea that living was going to cost us money.”) Solitude? Check. (Rollins’ buddy threw in the towel to move closer to his girlfriend and the guy’s aunt, who had been putting the two of them up, kicked Rollins out.) A last-minute bit of near-divine intervention to save his passion? Check. “I remember one night I was bumming a couch from a guy whose ad I picked up off a college message board with a bunch of roommates listed,” said Rollins. “I was just hanging out with those guys, had a good long talk, and decided I could still go home and train to be a wrestler, I don’t have to do it out here.”

A fresh start? Big ol’ check. Rollins moved home and began training under independent veteran Danny Daniels (himself a disciple of Al Snow), who taught the Superstar the psychology of sports-entertainment. From there, the obstacles eased up a bit and a successful spell followed. Rollins wrestled wherever he could find a ring — shipping yards, bars and the like — across the frigid Chicago winter of 2004. Then came stints in a tag team with fellow independent competitor Jimmy Jacobs, who hooked Rollins up with Ring of Honor head official Gabe Sapolsky and helped bring the future Mr. Money in the Bank into the dark horse promotion.

Rollins made his debut under the handle of Tyler Black and served alongside Jacobs and The Necro Butcher (the guy who brutalized Mickey Rourke with staples and glass in “The Wrestler”) as one-third of a trio called Age of the Fall. The group was introduced through an innovative viral campaign and a gruesome attack on mainstay Jay Briscoe, who was hung from his ankles while savagely assaulted (“We didn’t anticipate the amount of blood … it was a pretty horrific scene”). Rollins’ time in Age of the Fall led to a winning streak that soon established him as the man who could carry the company into the future. “Gabe really wanted to push me as a singles competitor, and to an extent he wanted me to be the man in Ring of Honor,” said Rollins. “I started to notice I was getting more singles matches, and I was starting to work with higher-caliber talent.”

In those years, Rollins tangled with the pre-WWE likes of Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and Sami Zayn, and it became quickly apparent that a World Title Match against reigning ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness was in his future. Unfortunately, Sapolsky was fired before the match could be made, and Rollins found himself adrift under new management.

“The title went from Nigel to Jerry Lynn, then from Jerry Lynn to Austin Aries, and I was caught in the shuffle. Over that whole next year, I was just chasing Austin Aries for the title,” said Rollins. “As good as that first year in Ring of Honor was, the second year was really, really bad for me. In retrospect, it was great for me, but at the time it was a tough situation to be in. I didn’t have anyone around to mentor me where I needed to be.”
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Jan 6, 2015
Kaitlin -


WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Triple Threat) Match: Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

Continuing one of the most physically intense rivalries in WWE history, John Cena will attempt to capture his 16th World Title when he challenges WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar for sports-entertainment’s top crown at Royal Rumble 2015. However, Cena won’t be the only challenger, as the returning Authority has added Seth Rollins to the mix of what is now a Triple Threat Match for WWE’s top prize.

The championship bout was supposed to mark the final chapter in the epic rivalry between the two dominant Superstars. It would have been their third one-on-one battle since SummerSlam, where the nearly 300-pound Anomaly decimated Cena in a one-sided beatdown. The Cenation leader rebounded in a rematch the following month at Night of Champions and appeared to be on the brink of victory when Rollins interfered, leading to Lesnar’s disqualification and title retention. Rollins then attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, only for Cena to foil his plans.

Cena went on to defeat Randy Orton inside Hell in a Cell in October, earning the No. 1 contendership, before leading a team of Superstars to remove The Authority from power at Survivor Series. The 15-time World Champion defended his positioning as top contender at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs … and Stairs in a Tables Match victory over Rollins.

All the while, Mr. Money in the Bank had been scheming to get Cena, the only person with the authority to do so, to put Triple H & Stephanie McMahon back in power. His devious machinations finally paid off on the last Raw of 2014, when he had his boot across the neck of WWE Hall of Famer Edge, threatening to cripple the retired Rated-R Superstar. The disgusting act left Cena with no choice but to reinstate The Authority.

As a reward for his loyalty and diligence in ushering their return, The Authority inserted Rollins into the championship match. Triple H described it as a “bonus” for The Standard Bearer.

In the midst of all this, Lesnar was waiting in the wings. The champion had been conspicuous by his absence since Night of Champions, returning on the Dec. 15, 2014, edition of Raw with Paul Heyman to aid Rollins in defeating Cena in a Steel Cage Match. The fearsome Lesnar should be well-rested and ready to show the world why he holds the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Cena had seemingly navigated the tumultuous waters of holding onto his claim of being top contender, only for The Authority to throw a wrench in his plans for redemption. Will The Conqueror and Rollins plot to ensure Cena does not leave with his 16th World Title? Or will Lesnar’s thirst for dominance and Rollins’ desire to prove he’s the future of WWE lead to an all-out war?

Find out who will leave the City of Brotherly Love with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when Royal Rumble 2015 airs live on WWE Network on Sunday, Jan. 25.

Jan 1, 2015
Angela -


Seth Rollins took a giant gamble.

The Shield created its fair share of chaos in 2013, and midway through 2014, The Hounds of Justice started to powerbomb their way into legendary territory. The trio battled The Wyatt Family in a heated rivalry, absolutely decimated Attitude Era stars The New Age Outlaws & Kane at WrestleMania 30, and spoiled Evolution’s reunion tour with a pair of pay-per-view beatdowns.

Rollins shined with The Shield through all of it. The onetime Architect designed victories for his squad with sudden Curb Stomps and death-defying crossbodies, leaping from balconies and TitanTrons onto his rivals below on the concrete floor. With Evolution defeated, though, Rollins took the biggest risk of all: He left the winning team to join the losers. The addition of Rollins injected new life into The Authority following weeks of crushing losses for Triple H, Randy Orton and Kane after WrestleMania 30.

With The Authority’s support, Rollins established himself as the “future of WWE,” capturing the Money in the Bank contract, prevailing in a Hell in a Cell Match and even costing John Cena the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins may have gambled, but he hit the jackpot. — Jeff Laboon


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