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Mar 19, 2019
Cassidy -

In the coming weeks & will be merging together to create an all new, larger source for all things Seth Rollins!

A little backstory on this news:
I know some of you may be familiar with both &; both sites debuted within a few months of each other back in 2013, so we’ve both been around for around 6 years now. I’ve considered the webmisses of to be among some of the best people I’ve met in this crazy fansite world. When our site first debuted, the landscape was much different & a few people were less than accepting of our new site at the time. During those tough few months, the webmisses of stepped up to support us in more ways than one. In a world where fansites for the same wrestler rarely got along, those ladies reached out publicly and were willing to help & support, and for a while we even shared photos/videos. I’ve always considered the friendship among the Seth Rollins sites (and Seth Rollins Fans) to be special – we know each other, we respect each other & we’ve never had arguments, or drama. We simply all put our passion, creativity & time into supporting Seth.

For those from this site who may not be familiar with me, I’ve been an admin in the wrestling site world for about 8 years now. I started with becoming a co-web on a special tribute website with a friend & it all spiraled from there. I’m a business and communications graduate whose 9 to 5 is being a librarian. I’m Canadian and I love all things creative such as: photography, writing, various mediums of art, and animals. I run a handful of other websites in the wrestling and actor worlds (some of them with my co-web & friend Kris, @IAmTumblweeeed), so this site is joining a large website family. Those sites will be introduced to you at some point soon as well. If you are interested in following me, asking me more questions, or want to interact, I can be found on Twitter @theowenharfan (Cassidy Sky).

Recently, our friends decided they wished to take a step back & simply be fans for a while, and their website needed a new home. In order to preserve everyone’s hard work and effort, we have purchased with all its content & social media. All of the content from both websites will be carefully merged together, so rest assured none of your favorites will be lost. For the time being updates will be posted on both Twitter accounts & websites, to give all of our followers time to get used to everything. Both website domains & social media accounts will continue to be used now & in the future in some capacity as well. This is going to take some time & work to put together, but we hope to debut the complete new site layout in late spring to early summer!

I’d like to give a special thank you to Angela and Carol for giving me the opportunity to purchase their website & trusting me to take care of their hard work, as well as my own (I know how much the site meant to you). Thank you for your continuing friendship & for making a special impression on me. Thank you to my co-web & friend Kris (@SBusterStudios if you want to see her graphic work) for creating the graphic for this post, and for supporting me behind the scenes/helping to move the website content.

Stay tuned to & AND make sure to follow both @SethRollinsWeb @SethRollinsCOM so you don’t miss future updates!

Thank you!
~ Admin Cassidy (@OwenHartFan)

May 28, 2015
Angela -

Carol, Kaitlin and myself here at along with your loyal fans from all over the world would like to wish you a fantastically HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope your day is full of Kill Cliff drinks, Quest Nutrition bars and of course, plenty of time for some Crossfit!

Dec 21, 2013
Angela -

he music for The Shield plays and they make their way through the crowd while Orton slides out of the ring. Cena and Bryan wait for The Shield to get into the ring. CM Punk’s music plays and he comes to the ring to cut down the odds a bit.

From out of Nowhere, Vickie Guerrero comes out with a few EXCUSE MES!!! She says that the Authority has asked her to come out and announce the main event. The Shield will face CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns versus John Cena and CM Punk

Ambrose and Punk start things off and they each have something to say before locking up. Punk with a side head lock and hammer lock and forearms to the ribs. The referee warns Punk while the forearms continue. Cena tags in and Cena with a drop kick for a near fall. Cena punches Ambrose and then hits a bulldog.

Punk tags in and they hit a double suplex. Punk with a slam and he goes to the turnbuckles for a forearm to the head and he gets a near fall as we go to commercial.

We are back and Reigns with an Irish whip to the sternum. Reigns kicks Cena and the referee warns him. Rollins tags in and he punches Cena in the ribs and kicks him. Rollins with punches to the midsection. Rollins sends Cena into the turnbuckles and Ambrose tags in. Ambrose punches Cena and connects with a head butt. Ambrose chokes Cena in the ropes and he runs his forearm across the eyes and then he hits a snap elbow drop for a near fall. Continue Reading

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