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May 4, 2013
Angela -

We hear something in the darkness and it sounds like someone is being attacked. Dean Ambrose says that it must break your heart when the champ becomes the chump. Seth says that there are times when the Phenom is not Phenom-enal. Roman says that they will take care of Taker’s brother.Dean tells Kane that he is so misguided. Justice is not taking vengeance for your family. That is just vengeful pride. Justice is what they do every day. Justice is putting a foaming monster down.

Seth says that you can run all you want but sooner or later, it is going to catch up. They put his brother down and it could have been much worse. Kane will believe by the end of the night. We see Daniel Bryan laying on the floor and they get in a final shot before the Shield leaves.

Kane vs. Dean Ambrose (with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins)
Before the match starts, Kane enters the ring and The Shield scatters. Kane with a boot to Ambrose and then he knocks Reigns off the apron. Kane punches Rollins and sends him into the ringside barrier. Kane sends Reigns over the announce table and then he clotheslines Rollins into the crowd. Kane remembers that he is facing Dean Ambrose, who is in the ring. Ambrose looks around while Kane enters the ring and the bell rings to star the match.

Kane with punches to Ambrose in the corner followed by an uppercut. Ambrose with punches and kicks to Ambrose and then he sends Dean to the floor. Kane hot shots Ambrose on the ringside barrier. Kane puts Ambrose over the apron and he punches Ambrose and follows with a boot to the head. Kane with a punch and he returns to the ring. Continue Reading

May 1, 2013
Carol -

Click the “Show” button below to read what will happen on this weeks Friday Night Smackdown!
[spoiler]Backstage segment where The Shield beat down an unknown person and cut a promo after. Once they left, it was revealed that the unknown person was Daniel Bryan.

Backstage, Kane is leaving the trainer’s room where Daniel Bryan is being examined. He says that he will make The Shield pay.

Dean Ambrose defeated Kane. Before the match Kane beat up all of the Shield members and threw Roman Reigns into the announce table. After the match, the Shield gave Kane a three-on-one beating and a triple powerbomb. They stand over him and hold up the WWE Tag Team Championships to end the show.[/spoiler]

Apr 30, 2013
Carol -

We are back and The Shield make their way to the ring.

Dean says that when they arrived in the WWE, they were going to bring justice to an unjust world and that is what they have done. Seth says brick by brick, they have torn down the wall of injustice that has been in this country for years. Since they began their crusade at Survivor Series until now, not one person who has gotten in their way has stopped them.

They have changed the course of WWE history when they stopped Ryback from becoming the WWE Champion.

Reigns says that was just the beginning. Not even the Great One can stop them. Seth says not even a giant. Roman says not a warrior. Dean says not even the champ.

Dean says those men were mortal. Last week, they looked immortality in the face and force fed it justice. Call him whatever you want, but call him a victim. He was a symbol of justice for decades, but the Shield bows down to no one. Reigns tells the Undertaker to Rest in Peace.

We see footage from Smackdown when The Shield attacked Undertaker and gave him the Cerberus Bomb.

Dean says that justice doesn’t care if you are undefeated at Wrestlemania or the champion. Justice strikes without warning and mercy when your number comes up. Seth tells John Cena and Ryback that justice has not forgotten about them. Despite the repeated lessons.

The 3MB make their way to the ring.

Heath tells everyone to wait a minute. Do they think they have business with John Cena and Ryback? They have unfinished business with the 3MB tonight. Drew wants to know who they think they are. They were seconds away from showing Triple H how they rock and roll, but the Shield decided to crash their party. Jinder says that they are going to crash their party and rock their face.

3MB surround the ring and all six men battle in the ring. Continue Reading

Apr 26, 2013
Angela -

We go to a video from the Shield. They introduce themselves and Dean says that they stood face to face with the Tag Team Champions and the Phenom. Seth says that what happened always happened, Justice prevailed and the Shield was victorious. Reigns says that they broke the unbreakable. It is an injustice that they are still the tag team champions. It is also an injustice that the Undertaker escaped Raw with his soul still intact. Dean says that it won’t be for long. They did what they said they would on Monday night but they don’t feel total satisfaction.

The Dead Man is still walking and breathing. He faces the Undertaker tonight and he has an itch that needs scratching. He will do what no one could do at Wrestlemania. He will beat the Undertaker tonight and Justice will be immortal.

Rollins says that Taker will not rest in peace and Reigns says that you will believe in the Shield.

Undertaker versus Dean Ambrose (with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns)
Rollins gets on the apron to try to distract Taker and then Reigns does the same. Ambrose with punches to Taker but Taker gets in a few shots. Taker sends Ambrose into the turnbuckles and he punches Ambrose. Taker sends Ambrose over the top rope to the floor. Taker looks at Rollins and Reigns before sending Ambrose into the ringside barrier. Continue Reading

Apr 25, 2013
Carol -

I’ve added 10 candids of Seth from the Smackdown houseshow in Birmingham, England from April 20th! A big thank you goes to Amy of!

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