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Apr 25, 2017
Angela -

Anderson and Gallows attack Colin as they go to the ring and then Anderson and Gallows attack Enzo. Samoa Joe emerges and then Anderson and Gallows hit Magic Killer on Enzo. Seth Rollins comes out and he goes after Anderson and Gallows before punching Joe. Gallows and Anderson triple team Rollins, but Colin fights back into the ring. Officials check on Enzo as we go to commercial. We are back and Kurt Angle announces that he has a replacement for Enzo Amore and it is…Finn Balor.

Finn Balor, Colin Cassady, and Seth Rollins versus Samoa Joe, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows
Balor does his usual entrance so Anderson, Gallows, and Joe attack Rollins and Cassady. Finn gets to the ring and we get Colin and Luke in the ring so the match officially starts. Colin with an Irish whip and he hits a splash and follows with a fallaway slam. Rollins tags in and he goes to the turnbuckles and punches Gallows and then Balor tags in and he connects with forearms and hits a drop kick. Gallows with a punch and Anderson tags in and he kicks Finn. Anderson with a sunset flip and Balor rolls through and hits a drop kick.

Joe tags in and gives Balor an Irish whip followed by a running back elbow and enzuigiri. Joe with jabs to Balor followed by an elbow to the head. Anderson tags in and he punches Balor. Anderson with an arm bar. Anderson with a back breaker and he gets a near fall. Gallows tags in and he connects with a series of punches. Gallows with a hammer lock. Gallows with a knee and Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Gallows with a side slam as Balor charges at him. Gallows with a thrust kick to Colin on the apron. Balor moves when Gallows goes for an elbow drop. Rollins and Anderson tag in and Rollins with clotheslines and a blockbuster followed by sling blade. Anderson pushes Rollins towards Gallows and Rollins with a boot to Anderson followed by an enzuigiri to Gallows. Colin with a running boot to knock Gallows off the apron. Rollins wants Joe and Anderson tries to attack Rollins from behind. Rollins throws Anderson to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Balor with a drop kick after Joe tries to attack Rollins on the apron. Rollins with a drop kick off the turnbuckles and then he sets for the pedigree but decides to hit an accordion knee to the head and he gets the three count.

Winners: Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Colin Cassady

Apr 18, 2017
Angela -

Seth Rollins came out for commentary for Chris Jericho vs. Samoa Joe.

After the match: Joe took the mic and called out Rollins. He said, “Behind the mighty kingslayer.” He asked Seth if he remembered what it sounded like when Joe debuted. Joe said it was the sound of Rollins’ ligaments and joints breaking as he begged for mercy. Joe said that was just business because Seth was the chosen target to his benefactor, Triple H. Joe said that he cared about his clientele and he’s going to take out Seth for what he did to HHH and his wife, Stephanie McMahon. Joe said that it’s going to be very personal.

Rollins stepped atop the announcing table and said of course it’s personal. Joe tried to end his career. He said in two weeks, Payback is going to be a bitch.

Apr 11, 2017
Carol -
Apr 10, 2017
Angela -

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Seth says it feels good to be out here again. He did not know if he would be able to stand in the ring on his own two feet to talk to you again. He did everything to get ready for Wrestlemania and he could not think about ‘after’ Wrestlemania. Seth says he was in more pain after Wrestlemania than any time before. Physically he was messed up, but emotionally and mentally, he was at peace because he left it all in the ring and he did it. Seth says we did it. They slayed the King of Kings. Seth says he wants to take this opportunity to step back.

Seth says thank you for giving him a second chance and having his back. He says Wrestlemania was not the finish line. They are just getting started on Raw. He says he has some scores against Samoa Joe. He wants to get his hands on the Universal Title. Based on what happened at Wrestlemania, he might not get those opportunities. We see footage from the end of Seth’s match with Triple H at Wrestlemania when Stephanie interfered in the match and got sent through a table. The crowd chants ‘Thank You Seth’. Seth says he does not think he will be named Employee of the Month. He says that Stephanie does not handle failure well. She will come back and she will have to see Seth’s face and it will remind her of her failure and her husband’s defeat. If he is not already public enemy number one, he will probably move up the list. Seth says maybe he should go to Smackdown because that is the easy way out. Deal with Shane instead of Stephanie. Seth says he took the easy way out once before and he won’t do it again. If you want to ship him to Tuesday night, you better get an army because he is not leaving without a fight.

Kurt Angle’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. Kurt tells Seth he is going to be straight up with him. It’s true, Stephanie made it clear she wants you gone. If they had this discussion two weeks ago before Wrestlemania, you would be gone. At Wrestlemania, he saw something special. Kurt says Seth was the one legged man who won an ass kicking contest. Kurt says he is not here to play politics. His show has Seth Rollins. Kurt says that as long as he is the general manager, Seth has a home on Raw. Kurt leaves the ring and Samoa Joe attacks Rollins. Kurt tries to separate the two men and it is not too successful. Joe with a head butt but Seth with an enzuigiri and super kick.

Apr 4, 2017
Carol -

Backstage: Seth Rollins asks Kurt Angle about Chris Jericho and Kurt says that the match is on, but Chris is not able to continue but, that he will find him a partner by the end of the night.

Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe versus Seth Rollins and a Mystery Partner due to Chris Jericho’s injury (Finn Balor)

Owens and Rollins tag in and Owens with a wrist lock but Rollins with a reversal. Owens with a kick and side head lock. Owens with a shoulder tackle and Rollins with a thrust kick. Owens avoids a suplex and gets a near fall with a rollup. Owens tags Joe into the match. Joe and Rollins with punches and Joe backs Rollins into the corner and connects with jabs. Rollins with forearms and chops. Joe with a kick to the shoulder. Owens tags in and he punches Rollins.

Owens with an Irish whip but Rollins with a flatline into the turnbuckles. Balor tags in and he punches Owens. Owens with a sunset flip and Balor rolls through with a drop kick. Balor goes to the apron and he hits an enzuigiri. Owens goes to the floor and Balor goes to the floor and hits a running drop kick that sends Owens into the ringside barrier. Balor sends Owens back into the ring and he works on the arm.

Rollins tags in and he goes to the floor. Rollins with a suicide dive onto Owens. Joe checks on Owens and Rollins with a flip dive over Owens and Joe and he glancingly hits them. Rollins is limping and favoring his injured knee. Owens with a kick to the knee and a DDT. Owens gets a near fall. Owens with another near fall. Joe with jabs to Seth and Seth fires back. Joe with an Irish whip and a running elbow into the corner followed by an enzuigiri for a near fall. Owens tags in and chokes Rollins.

Owens mocks Balor and it was too sweet. Owens with punches to Rollins. Owens with a back senton for a near fall. Owens with a rear chin lock. Joe tags in and he kicks Rollins Joe with a take down and he applies a spinning toe hold on Rollins to work on the injured knee. Rollins kicks Joe to get Joe to release the hold. Joe keeps Rollins from making the tag. Rollins leaps to make the tag but Joe catches him and hits the knee buster. Owens tags in and kicks Rollins. Joe tags in and hits a back senton. Joe misses a second one.

Rollins tries to make the tag but Joe grabs Rollins. Rollins lands on his feet when Joe pulls him away from the ropes. Joe with the Kokina Clutch and Rollins goes to the ropes and then hits an enzuigiri. Balor and Owens make the tag and Balor with running forearms and he knocks Joe off the apron. Balor with a back heel kick and a drop kick. Balor with Irish whips and running chops. Owens with a back elbow on a third attempt. Balor with an enzuigiri and then he kicks Joe from the apron. Balor goes up top and he leaps over Owens. Owens with a Samoan Drop for a near fall.

Balor with a boot and Slingblade. Balor is cut off by Joe with a Kokina Clutch but Rollins with a springboard knee. Balor with a running drop kick and then he hits the Coup De Grace for the three count.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Finn Balor

After the match: there appears to be tension between Finn Balor and the man who injured him, but Seth raises his hand and we go to credits.

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