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Apr 2, 2019
Cassidy -

Seth Rollins Confronts Brock Lesnar on the Raw before WrestleMania

Seth was not about to let Brock Lesnar and his advocate have the last word tonight. Paul Heyman boldy declared that Brock Lesnar would “violate” Seth Rollins at WrestleMania and destruction would follow, even if Rollins hit Lesnar with his best shot. Rollins on the other hand has a strong belief that Lesnar has violated the WWE title by failing to be a fighting champion, and failing to show up each week on Raw. Rollins interrupts Heyman’s long winded rant, and stands face-to-face with the Champion.

Seth states the obvious, “Nobody wants you here.” He emphasizes that both the fans and the locker room have grown tired of Lesnar’s bully behavior, and his attitude that he can waltz making demands on a whim. The fans roar their approval while Lesnar simply grins and laughs. Lesnar continues to laugh at Seth throughout his decry that he will take Lesnar’s title, and there is nothing he can do about it. He tells Lesnar to laugh it up, because his life will soon change. As Lesnar turns to leave, Seth attacks him with a kick to the groin, and a barrage of fists. This earns Rollins a German suplex, but he wisely wriggles off Lesnar’s shoulders to avoid an F-5. Rollins finishes Lesnar off with a super-kick, and a massive curb-stomp, as the camera angle shifts to face the WrestleMania sign.

Seth grabs the WWE Universal Championship belt and holds it high, before walking to the back.

Backstage: Seth is stopped in the hallway for a quick comment. He is warned that if he uses similar tactics like on Sunday, he will face a DQ. Seth shrugs, and says that Lesnar had it coming anyways, and he notes that he isn’t a champion – yet.

Mar 19, 2019
Cassidy -

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For those from this site who may not be familiar with me, I’ve been an admin in the wrestling site world for about 8 years now. I started with becoming a co-web on a special tribute website with a friend & it all spiraled from there. I’m a business and communications graduate whose 9 to 5 is being a librarian. I’m Canadian and I love all things creative such as: photography, writing, various mediums of art, and animals. I run a handful of other websites in the wrestling and actor worlds (some of them with my co-web & friend Kris, @IAmTumblweeeed), so this site is joining a large website family. Those sites will be introduced to you at some point soon as well. If you are interested in following me, asking me more questions, or want to interact, I can be found on Twitter @theowenharfan (Cassidy Sky).

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Sep 18, 2018
Angela -

Backstage: Seth Rollins arrives at the building and he is asked about having to defend the Intercontinental Title against Dolph Ziggler. Seth says Baron may be the acting General Manager, but someone really needs to remind Baron Corbin that this is still Monday Night Rollins.

Backstage: Dolph Ziggler talking to Baron Corbin. Dolph says Baron told him that Seth wouldn’t be here. Baron says that Rollins lost last night. Baron tells Dolph he will win tonight. Dolph turns around and sees Seth Rollins. Dolph tells Seth if he wants to back out he can. Seth says that he will not back out and he is ready for a fight.

Seth Rollins versus Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship
Ziggler with a kick and side head lock. Rollins with a clothesline. Rollins with an Irish whop and Ziggler shows the damage done to his back. Rollins shows the pain as well as he is Irish whipped into the turnbuckles. Rollins comes off the turnbuckles and feels the pain in his back. Ziggler goes to the floor and Rollins chases gingerly after him. Ziggler drops Rollins on the top rope on the apron. Ziggler knocks Rollins off the apron and into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial. We are back and Ziggler pie faces Rollins and tells him to do something. Rollins with punches followed by an uppercut and running back elbows. Ziggler with an Irish whip but Rollins gets his feet up and hits a blockbuster but he feels the damage to his back. Rollins with a clothesline into the corner but he runs into a boot from Ziggler. Rollins goes for slingblade but Ziggler with a sleeper and he gets on Rollins’ back.

Rollins escapes and he goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Ziggler lands on his feet. Rollins holds on to the ropes on a Zig Zag attempt. Rollins with a rip cord knee after blocking a super kick. Rollins goes up top but Ziggler crotches Rollins. Ziggler with a punch and he goes up top for a superplex but Rollins escapes and Ziggler is crotched. Rollins goes for a reverse superplex but Ziggler with punches to knock Rollins to the mat. Rollins leaps to the turnbuckles for a superplex into a Falcon Arrow but Ziggler counters the Falcon Arrow into a rollup for a near fall. Rollins with Black Out for the three count.

Winner: Seth Rollins Continue Reading

Sep 17, 2018
Angela -

KickOff Show: Backstage, Charly Caruso interviewed Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Ambrose said nothing would change if they win the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship because Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler never had the power on Raw. Seth said tonight, the Shield could end up with every men’s championship title on Raw. They are the workhorses and they are ready to prove it.

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

Lots of good intensity in this one. McIntyre came off like a killer while facing off with Rollins. Ziggler almost scored a pin with a big DDT. Ziggler and McIntyre worked over Rollins a lot early on but Rollins kept surviving the onslaught. Ziggler began berating him, which sparked some Rollins offense. Ziggler jumped on his back with a sleeper. Rollins dropped down to one knee but fought back to his feet. He tried to make it to his corner but Ziggler raked his face to stop it. Rollins tossed him off his back and fought to make it back to his corner to tag Dean Ambrose. McIntyre went to attack but was tossed to the floor by Seth. Rollins went for the tag but Drew attacked Ambrose and knocked him off the apron. McIntyre worked over Seth, who finally made the tag but the referee missed it. They mauled Rollins in the corner as the referee argued with Ambrose. The crowd really got into this, going nuts as Seth was being beaten in the corner. Really cool old school tag team psychology here. Ziggler went for a superplex but Seth blocked it and knocked him off. Ziggler went to recover and attempt another but was knocked off again. Drew was tagged in but was nailed with a top rope blockbuster. Rollins finally made the hot tag and Ambrose went nuts with stomps and clotheslines.

Dean went for a jacknife pin on McIntyre for a two count. He scored several additional two counts but Drew kept escaping. Ambrose went to the top rope but was attacked by Ziggler. Dean went for Dirty Deeds on the apron but was blasted off by McIntyre. He reversed a whip into the ringpost, sending Drew into it, then nailed Ziggler into the barricade. Dean came off the top with an elbow but McIntyre caught him and sent him into the buckles with a belly to belly suplex.

Rollins hit a dive to the outside on the Tag Team Champions but they caught him. Before they could do anything to retaliate, Ambrose hit a tope onto everyone and everyone crashed down to the floor. Back in the ring, Ziggler nailed a Falcon’s Arrow on Ziggler for a two count. Rollins missed the curb stomp. Ziggler went for the Famouser but was smashed into the corner. Seth covered him but Drew broke it up at two. Ambrose attacked Drew. Tons of near falls until Ziggler nailed a Zig Zag but a CLOOOOSE two count.

McIntyre was tagged back in. They were setting up for the Claymore Kick/Zig Zag combination but Ambrose pulled Ziggler out of the ring. McIntyre was caught with a superkick. Rollins nailed an awesome top rope frog splash but McIntyre kicked out the last week. Seth and Dean went for a double superplex on McIntyre but Ziggler got involved. Seth missed a dive to the floor. McIntyre wiped out Dean, clotheslining him off the top into the ring.

Drew held Ambrose in an Electric Chair position while Ziggler went to come off the top but Dean nailed him. McIntyre and Ambrose crashed to the floor. Seth jumped on the turnbuckle and went for a superplex. Seth went for a pinfall but McIntyre returned with an awesome Claymore Kick and Ziggler scored the pin.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

Continue Reading

Sep 4, 2018
Angela -

Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring and he is joined by Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.
The Shield’s music interrupts and they make their way through the Classic concourse entrance. Baron Corbin sends the roster to the ring to go after The Shield and since they attack one at a time, The Shield takes care of all of them. The Shield get on the apron and then Baron sends the rest of the roster to stop The Shield and they have the same result. All six men get in the ring and they pair off. Even more people come to the ring as the brawl continues in the ring. They are finally separated but Rollins and Reigns get free to show that even wrestlers are as ineffective as security and referees. Braun, Dolph, and Drew are outside the ring and held but Roman, Dean, and Seth have nothing in their way. Dean, Seth, and Roman, after seeing a wall of wrestlers, break through and head for the endzone.

Backstage: The Shield are being arrested and put into a police vehicle while Baron tries to talk to them and say he will fix this.

Finn Balor versus Braun Strowman (with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre)
After the match: Balor is fed to Strowman for another power slam. Strowman throws Balor to the floor and they leave the ring but Drew adjusts the ring steps. They look around and laugh as they set up Balor for a Cerberus Bomb onto the ring steps.

There is a siren and that keeps Braun, Drew, and Dolph from doing anything while they wait around for the entrance of The Shield. Braun, Dolph, and Drew continue to watch while the police van backs into the arena.

Roman Reigns emerges and he opens the back of the van to let Dean and Seth out.

The Shield stand on the ramp and then they make their way to the ring but they are hit by Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens, and Drew Gulak. Reigns is sent into the apron while Seth and Dean are attacked on the stage. Braun hits Roman with the ring steps. Dean is sent into the matrix board while Seth is sent off the stage into the van and the window breaks. The steps are used on Roman some more. Dolph slams the door of the van into Seth’s head. Drew with a Claymore to Dean. Ziggler with a super kick to Seth. Strowman with a power slam on the floor.

Seth is dragged to the ringside area and laid next to Roman and Dean. Braun, Drew, and Dolph celebrate in the ring.

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