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Sep 2, 2013
Carol -

Winner: Daniel Bryan (by disqualification)

Hunter tells Show not to do it and he tells him to think about his family and what is best for him. He tells Paul that he doesn’t want to do this. They get Bryan up for the Cerberus Bomb and they hit it on Bryan. Show starts to cry. Hunter tells Show to look at him. Hunter tells Show to ball up his fist and do what he tells him . . . for his family.

Hunter tells Show to knock Daniel Bryan out.

Show tells Hunter no and he leaves the ring.

Stephanie McMahon’s music plays and she makes her way on the stage and down the ramp. Stephanie says that this is Show’s last chance. He needs to think about them.

Show makes his way back to the ring with Stephanie.

Hunter reminds Show of his earlier instructions.

Show wants to hit Hunter but Stephanie stands between Show and her Husband . . . Triple H.

Show punches Bryan and Bryan falls down to the mat.

Show leaves the ring with Hunter and Stephanie and he tells Show he did the right thing.

Randy Orton’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring and he walks past Big Show and slides into the ring. Orton stands over Bryan and then he turns over Daniel. Orton stands on Bryan’s chest and he holds the title belt over his head.

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