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Dec 6, 2013
Angela -

Which member of the Shield will face CM Punk tonight. We go to the Shield in their Smackdown lit storage room. Roman Reigns says that CM Punk will try to put The Shield to sleep but that will not happen. Reigns says that he would give Punk one spear and break every rib in his body.

Seth tells Roman to take it easy. There is no question they want to hurt CM Punk, but not bad enough to prevent him from getting to TLC so they can finish him off. The person who faces Punk tonight will have to show what happens when you do not Believe in the Shield. Reigns says that he knows that whoever faces him has to be relentless and cutthroat. They will need to be a thoroughbred and a certified headbuster. Someone who can win any match, just like this. They are dealing with the best in the world. It will take the baddest man in the Shield to take him out.

Dean Ambrose says that means it will be him.

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