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Jan 17, 2014
Angela -

The Shield join Renee Young in the interview area. Renee brings up that they are part of the Royal Rumble and wants to know if they have a plan. Dean says the Shield is a finely crafted unit that does not break down. How will the other 27 superstars compete with the most dominant force in the WWE. They are on the same page.

Renee wants to know if Dean would throw Seth over the top rope to earn a shot against the WWE World Champion at Wrestlemania. Dean asks Renee if he looks like a trustworthy person. These are his best friends. He could never do something like that.

Seth says that Dean couldn’t throw him over the top rope if his life depended on it. He would throw Dean over the top rope in a heartbeat if it meant a title shot at Wrestlemania. Dean says that he was not serious with his answer and he would definitely throw Seth out. He would go sailing over the top rope and he tells Seth to work on his landing. Roman says that if it meant headlining Wrestlemania, he would throw them both over the top rope without any doubt. The Shield will win the Royal Rumble.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring. Punk says that he is not out here because he is a masochist. He is not a coward, unlike the Authority. He does not have to hide behind and army and he does not have to send multiple people to fight his battles.

Punk says that he is not an idiot, but he might look like one since he will be face to face with five tough S.O.B.s but whether he calls out one of them or all of them at once, the Authority is going to try to shut him up. When he talks, people listen and that is real power.

He wants to clear the air. When he talks ‘Authority’, he means Triple H. A man who lucked into his position of power and he uses that power to firmly press down his oppressive boot heel on anyone to feed his ego and satisfy his personal agenda.

Triple H hides behind his wife. Triple H hides behind the Shield (while the Shield make their way to the ring).

The New Age Outlaws make their way to the ring and they join The Shield outside the ring. They get on the apron and Punk stands in the middle of the ring with his mic. They start to get into the ring and Kane’s pyro goes off and Kane tells everyone to stop and he tells everyone to stand down.

Kane enters the ring and he says the Authority doesn’t want it this way. Kane says that there has clearly been a misunderstanding here. Punk’s anger is misplaced and Kane says that Punk’s paranoia is getting the best of him. The Authority is not and has never been against Punk. They want Punk to main event Wrestlemania. That is why they put Punk into the Royal Rumble.

From now on, Kane is ordered to treat Punk justly and with the respect that he deserves. Kane says that is exactly what is going to happen. Punk has Kane’s word as Director of Operations.

Kane leaves the ring and Punk asks Kane if he has his word. Punk says that used to mean something, but it means nothing coming from a seven foot tall sell out suck up.
Kane turns around and he tells them to get Punk.Kane grabs Punk and gives him a choke slam while everyone else watches from the apron and floor.

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