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Apr 26, 2014
Angela -

Cesaro (with Paul Heyman) versus Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)
Winner: Cesaro

After the match, The Shield make their way to the ring and they surround the ring with Swagger down after being defeated by Cesaro. The Shield enter the ring while Swagger struggles to get back to his feet. Swagger turns into the Superman Punch by Reigns and then Rollins and Ambrose hoist Swagger up for the Cerberus Bomb.

Dean Ambrose has a mic and he says that there is a line Triple H keeps repeating. Is it ‘Adapt or Perish’? Rollins takes the mic and he says that it looks like Swagger failed to adapt. Reigns says that they are just getting started and to believe that.

3MB are in the back and they talk about their plans but Seth Rollins stops by to say hello. Heath asks if this is a three on one situation. Dean Ambrose stops by and then Heath says that they can deal with this later tonight when they take them out. Roman Reigns stops by and he has Heath paralyzed by fear while Rollins and Ambrose take care of Drew and Jinder. Ambrose with a knee to Slater and then Reigns takes care of Slater with a Superman punch. The Shield move on while we see the carnage.

Brad Maddox is in the office and he is on the phone. The Shield enter and they interrupt Brad’s phone call. Brad says that this is not the way to get out your frustrations. Reigns grabs Brad by the tie and then Roman sends Brad into the wall. Dean leaps off the couch onto Brad and he punches and kicks him.

Santino Marella and Emma versus Fandango and Layla El
While Santino and Emma wait for Layla and Fandango to come to the ring, The Shield attack Fandango on the stage. Rollins and Ambrose pull Fandango to the edge of the stage and then they pick up Fandango for a Cerberus Bomb off the stage and through a table.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns versus Titus O’Neil, Ryback, Alberto Del Rio, Damien Sandow, and Wade Barrett
Ryback and Rollins start things off. Ryback with a kick and side head lock take down. Ryback with a shoulder tackle but Rollins with a drop kick. Rollins with a side head lock and Reigns tags in and he connects with a head butt to the ribs and then to the head. Reigns kicks Ryback and Ambrose tags in. Ambrose with punches.

Ambrose with knees and Ryback pushes Ambrose away. Rollins tags in and he punches Ryback. Rollins goes up top and he goes for a cross body but Ryback catches him and slams Rollins. Titus tags in and he kicks Rollins. Titus with a slam but he misses an elbow drop. Rollins with a chop and Ambrose tags in. Ambrose with a forearm to the head and he connects with knees while he has Titus in a cravate.

Ambrose with a forearm across the face and Reigns tags in and he punches Titus. Reigns with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Reigns with a side head lock and Ambrose tags in. Ambrose with a kick to the midsection followed by punches. Titus backs Ambrose into his corner and Barrett tags in and he punches and kicks Ambrose. Barrett tries for a suplex but Ambrose blocks it.

Rollins tags in and they hit a double suplex on Barrett and then Ryback and Sandow try to interfere but the Shield fight them off and we go to commercial.

We are back and Barrett with a snap mare to Ambrose. Barrett with a side head lock but Ambrose with a punch to Barrett and then he goes after more people on the apron but he turns around into a boot from Barrett and Wade gets a near fall.

Del Rio tags in and he kicks Ambrose and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Del Rio with a reverse chin lock. Ambrose gets to his feet and he knees Del Rio. Del Rio with an Irish whip and step up enzuigiri for a near fall. Ambrose is sent to the floor and Ryback gets a shot in on Ambrose.

Del Rio sends Ambrose back into the ring and he tags in Ryback. Ryback with a kick and slam. Ryback with a splash for a near fall. Ryback with a reverse chin lock. Ryback with forearms across the chest but Ambrose gets to his feet and he sends Ryback into the turnbuckles. Ryback with a spinebuster and he gets a near fall. Rollins goes after the other corner and Ryback sends Rollins through the ropes to the floor.

Ryback sets for the lariat but Ambrose moves. Del Rio goes for a splash in the ropes but Ambrose moves and Del Rio goes through the ropes to the floor. Reigns and Sandow tag in and Reigns with a clothesline and then he knocks Barrett off the apron. Reigns with a leaping clothesline to Sandow and then one to Titus. Reigns with a Samoan drop to Ryback. Reigns with a uranage to Sandow for a near fall.

All eight men are in the ring and Reigns clotheslines Titus and Ryback over the top rope to the floor. Ambrose sends Titus into the ring steps while Rollins works over Ryback. Reigns with the long jump drop kick to Sandow. Reigns sets for the Superman Punch but Del Rio and Barrett get into the ring and the referee sends them to the apron.

Barrett and Del Rio start to go up the ramp. Rollins with a flip dive onto Ryback and then Rollins and Ambrose with stereo suicide dives onto Sandow and Titus. Del Rio goes up the ramp while Barrett takes a detour, which is a smart thing, because Del Rio walks into a Superman punch from Reigns on the stage.

The Shield go back to the ring and they send Sandow into the ring. Sandow turns around into a drop kick from Ambrose and a spear from Reigns for the three count.

Winners: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins

After the match, Ambrose rolls Titus back into the ring and Reigns with a spear to Titus. They pick up Rybck and send him into the ring for a spear. Rollins and Ambrose pick up Ryback for the Cerberus Bomb.

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