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May 31, 2014
Angela -

The Shield make their way to the ring through the crowd. Seth is first to speak and he says that it is said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In the case of The Shield, they are stronger, they are angrier, they are hungrier, and after what happened on Monday, they are more focused than they were before.

We see a video package from Raw of what happened to the Shield.

Dean says he is sure that footage makes Evolution pretty happy, but you should know by now the type of people you are dealing with. You beat us up, hit us with a sledgehammer, and leave us lying. We don’t care. This Sunday at Payback, it is No Holds Barred. It means that anything goes and you will find out how far they will go and how low will they go. Evolution will have to ask how crazy will you get. He tells them to bring their best because the Hounds will be off their leash and it will get real ugly.

Seth says that it is also an elimination match so when he pins Randy Orton, he has to take a walk. Randy can be stretchered out if he cannot walk to the back. What starts on a level playing field can turn into three on two. Then it can turn into three on one. After Randy Orton, maybe they will eliminate Batista. Maybe fate will have it that Triple H will be left out here by himself in the center of the ring, circled by the hounds of justice.

If that were the case, they will take their time. Rest assured, they will finish the job. They will eliminate Triple H and the end of Evolution will be extinction. Roman says that he was power bombed through a table by Evolution on Raw. That was a big mistake because they will take care of Evolution with kendo sticks, chairs, barricades, and they will destroy every announce table that is available. They will win again. He says to believe that and to believe in the Shield.

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