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Jun 20, 2014
Carol -

Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston
They lock up, as Kingston gets a Waist Lock. Rollins grabs a Wrist Lock, but Kingston reverses into a Splash. Pin, but a kick out. Rollins backs Kingston into the corner, as he connects with a Reverse STO. Rollins locks in a Headlock, but Kingston gets out with punches to the gut. Kingston connects with chops and a Dropkick. Rollins throws Kingston into the corner, but is caught with a Pendulum Kick. Kingston dives with a Crossbody. Pin, but a kick out. Rollins is taken down with a Headscissors, as Kofi goes for a TiP, but is caught in the ropes. Rollins attacks Kingston with punches, and follows with a Bucklebomb. Rollins ends it with a Curbstomp.

Winner: Seth Rollins (Pinfall)

Rollins says he is the first in the ladder match and as he goes on, Ambrose cuts a promo on the Titantron. Dean says he wants to wonder if tonight is the night where Ambrose gets even. Ambrose says it will happen. Rollins says it’s a shame he has to face Kane, because otherwise he will kick his teeth down his throat. Dean says he doesn’t buy that whole facade, but after he is done with Kane, he will send them both back to where they belong; hell.

Dean Ambrose vs. Kane
Ambrose runs after Kane, but is hit with a Big Boot. Kane takes him to the corner, following with a Sidewalk Slam. Kane continues the attack in the corner, with knees to the gut and a kick to the head. Kane is hit with a kick from Ambrose, as he follows with a Missile Dropkick. Dean connects with a Recoil Lariat. Dean is grabbed, but gets away, connecting with a Tornado DDT. Pin, but a kick out. Dean pulls the ropes down, sending Kane over. Dean tackles Rollins at the announce table, and dives for Kane, who hits him with an Uppercut. Kane connects with a Chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Kane (Pinfall)

Rollins connects with a Curbstomp to Ambrose.

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