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Jun 3, 2014
Carol -

The Shield come to the ring and Dean asks how do they look because they feel great. They are bruised and beaten up. They faced their biggest challenge to date against Evolution. When the napalm settled, they did what they said they would do. A clean sweep without a single casualty. That is what he calls domination.

Seth says adapt or perish. That was the situation. The Shield adapted while Evolution perished. Earlier tonight, the world was witness to their implosion. The reason Evolution perished is because while they are three of the greatest superstars in the industry, they were not one . . . like the Shield. In the end, they were three strangers who were standing on the same side of the ring.

Roman says that they were not brothers. He tells Randy to bring his ass out here so he can break his jaw with the symbol of excellence.

Triple H says that what he does better than anybody is adapt. Last night was Plan A. Tonight is Plan B. There is always a Plan B.

Seth hits Reigns in the back with the steel chair he brought into the ring. Rollins hits Ambrose with the chair. Rollins continues to hit Ambrose with the chair. Rollins with Black Out onto the steel chair.

Rollins leaves the ring and he joins Orton and Hunter. Rollins gives the chair to Orton and Orton walks into the ring and he has the chair. Orton hits Reigns in the back with the chair and he drives it into his back and then his chest. Orton removes Reigns’ flak jacket. Orton gives Reigns an RKO on the chair.

Hunter, Orton, and Rollins stand over Reigns and Ambrose as we go to credits.

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