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Jul 20, 2014
Carol -

Backstage: Tom Phillips interviewed Rollins. He said that he’s smiling because tonight is a historic night because he was going to put the dagger into Ambrose and finish him off once and for all. He said he was going to kill the cockroach, Dean Ambrose. He said that Ambrose knows him better than anyone and he knows what Rollins is capable of and he’s going to get all of it tonight. He said that when he’s done with Ambrose, he’s going to keep his eyes peeled on the Fatal Four way…

Ambrose attacked him and began beating the hell out of Rollins. He slammed him into some equipment cases and knocked over a lighting stand. All of the officials grabbed Ambrose. Triple H showed up and told them to throw Ambrose out of the building and not to let him back in. He said Ambrose wasn’t going to ruin things for them.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose
Seth Rollins came to the ring. They recapped what happened earlier. Rollins said that since his opponent has been so “irresponsibly been ejected” from the building, he wanted to be announced as the winner and he wanted his hand raised.

They announced him as the winner. Rollins posed on the ropes all happy with himself. As he went up the aisle, Ambrose attacked him and tossed him into the railing, then tossed him into the crowd. They brawled through the crowd. Rollins tossed Ambrose over the railing and back into the ringside area. He climbed on top of the barrier to dive off but Ambrose pulled him down by his hair and slammed him down onto the Spanish Announce Table.

Security and officials held Ambrose back but he broke free and ran across the announcing tables to attack Rollins. He broke free a third time as Triple H came down. All of the officials grabbed Ambrose and they dragged him away by the arms and legs. Rollins dove on the pile and the fight continued. They finally dragged Ambrose to the back but not before they began brawling again.

Seth Rollins was shown leaving the building in his ring gear, flanked by security. He told them he didn’t need them and asked them to leave. He stopped and began looking around, paranoid he was about to get jumped. Ambrose came out of a car trunk and attacked him. They brawled onto a parked car. Rollins got into the car and drove away. Ambrose stalked across the parking lot, wanting another piece of his former partner.

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