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Jul 18, 2014
Angela -

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring and he has something to say. Dean says that all he heard for the last two years is that Seth is the smart one. Seth is the architect of the Shield. Look at the big brain on Seth. Seth is smart. He is smart enough to know that he could not beat him down by himself on Monday night so he got his Authority goons to help him out. They put him in the hospital, but if you thought for one second that a little three on one attack was going to keep him here tonight or keep him from destroying him on Sunday, he is not that much of a genius.

Is that all you got? Dean says wonders if that is all the Authority has got. He wants them to come out now so they don’t have to wait until Sunday. Seth Rollins appears on the TitanTron. He says that Dean doesn’t get it. He is so talented but he just can’t figure it out. Without Seth, Dean is nothing. He is a rambling lunatic, destined for an insane asylum. He has more guts than brains. For the first time ever Shield versus Shield. Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins. Seth says that he would love nothing more than to go to the ring and curb stomp Dean in the ring again. Seth says that he is not medically cleared to wrestle because he tweaked his knee. Dean says that Seth sounds like he is scared. He should be scared. He tells Seth to make daddy proud and take his beating. Seth says that Dean acts like he is tough. Seth says that he has talked to Triple H and Dean has a chance to show how tough he is. Dean will face him (Kane) tonight.

Backstage: Kane and Seth Rollins are in the office and Seth wants to be on the same page as Kane. He knows what happened on Monday. He wouldn’t take what Orton did personally. It is for the WWE Championship. Tonight is about Dean Ambrose. Kane says that he does not need Seth’s voice of reason. Kane says that he hopes that Randy is watching because he has plans for Dean Ambrose. Seth asks Kane to leave a little life in him so he can finish the job at Battleground. Kane tells Seth not get any ideas about cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on Sunday.

Dean Ambrose versus Kane
Kane sets for a tombstone to Ambrose on the steps but Ambrose escapes and he sends Kane into the ring post. Seth Rollins comes from out of nowhere and he hits Ambrose with the briefcase.
Winner: Dean Ambrose (by disqualification)

After the match, Rollins and Kane attack Ambrose and send him into the ring. Rollins tells Kane to put the steps in the ring. Ambrose attacks Rollins and punches him. Kane grabs Ambrose and he choke slams Ambrose. Rollins tells Kane to put Ambrose’s face on the ring steps for Black Out and he connects.

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