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Jul 21, 2014
Angela -

Triple H says that there is no reason for Seth Rollins to wrestle John Cena at SummerSlam because he has the briefcase. You put the cards out when you want to play them. Seth says that whenever he has a hand to play, Dean Ambrose is there to screw it up. Seth says that they need to stop Dean Ambrose permanently.

Cesaro enters and he says that if anyone should face him at SummerSlam it is him. He is a walking Money in the Bank Contract. He will get the job done. Cesaro says that he is what is best for business. He is no longer a Heyman guy. He wants to be Hunter’s guy.

Seth says that he already has a ‘guy’. Hunter has an idea. There is some unfinished business with Dean Ambrose. If Cesaro will finish that business, it would be something that would impress Hunter. Cesaro says to consider it done.

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