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Dec 1, 2014
Kaitlin -

Seth Rollins comes to the ring with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble.

Seth wants everyone to give John a hand. He says that he needs to give John a hand because he is ultra-talented. He is so good at so many things. He has a lot of bad jokes. He waves his hands in front of his face as if he is a little kid trying to know what his fingers do. He has also become proficient at having half the crowd tell John how much he sucks.

Seth says that John is really really great at taking credit. Particularly taking credit that you are not due. You didn’t win anything at Survivor Series. Seth asks Joey and Jamie if they remember that Seth eliminated John. He pinned John’s shoulders to the mat while the referee made the three count.

Seth says that he would have been the sole survivor and the Authority would still be in power if it wasn’t for one man . . . STING.

John says that Seth seems to forget that Team Cena had one man left, someone who was outnumbered three to one. He was the man who eliminated Seth Rollins and that man is Dolph Ziggler. John says that he is here to give credit to the man who got the Authority out of power and beat Seth.

Seth says that he wants to ask John and the people if you are better off without the Authority in power.

Seth disputes the people who are chanting yes. John says that his team went through so much to have the Board of Directors appoint the Anonymous GM and Daniel Bryan. What is next? JBL?

Seth says that it could be Batista. He has proven he is terrible at wrestling and acting, so why not give him a shot at GM. What about Eric Bischoff. Every week is a guessing game because what you did last week goes up in smoke because the new GM might have a different agends.

Seth says that every week it is ‘their show’ and you say that you do what is best for them. What is best for them, what is best for John, and what is best for the WWE is what is best for business. John is the only one who has the power and before the show turns into utter chaos, you need to bring back the Authority.

John says that Seth is being very bossy. Seth, you are in no place to make orders because your trump card is gone and the Authority is not coming back. Before you had Hunter and Stephanie to have your back. You are now a normal dude with a gold briefcase, you wear too much latex, and you have two mall cops with you. John says that he has the power to bring the Authority back.

John tells Seth to ask him nicely.

Seth asks John to bring back the Authority . . . please.

John says that he doesn’t think that Seth is being nice enough. He tells Seth to get down on a knee. John asks for a Pretty Please. Cena tells Seth to ignore the computer.

Michael Cole pipes up and he says that John Cena and Seth Rollins will compete in a Tables Match at TLC. If John loses, he will no longer be the Number One Contender for the WWE Championship . . .

Seth attacks Cena but Cena sends Rollins to the floor. Cena goes after Mercury and Noble but Kane comes out and he choke slams Cena.

Seth goes to the floor and he gets a table from under the ring.

Ryback comes out and he gives Kane a spinebuster and then he takes care of Noble and Mercury. Ryback presses Rollins over his head and he hits a power slam on Rollins. Kane gets a chair and he attacks Ryback with it since they have a Chairs Match at TLC.

Erick Rowan’s music plays and he comes to the ring and he give Kane a big boot. Rowan takes care of Mercury and Noble and then he sends Rollins into the turnbuckles.

Big Show comes from behind and he hits a splash on Rowan. Show works over Rowan and he hits Rowan with the ring steps.

Dolph Ziggler comes out and Show tries to send Ziggler into the post but Ziggler escapes and he sends Show into the ring post. Ziggler grabs a ladder but from out of nowhere, Luke Harper attacks Ziggler and hits him with the ladder.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Cena is held by Noble and Mercury while Rollins sets up the table. Cena gets Rollins on his shoulders but Harper saves Rollins and Show punches Cena. Mercury and Noble pick up Cena and Rollins is the one to send Cena through the table with a Cerberus Bomb 2.0.

John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, and Ryback versus Seth Rollins, Kane, and Luke Harper (with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble)

Cena starts off and he wants Rollins, but Seth is happy on the apron. Harper starts off for his team. Cena punches Harper and he sends him into the corner. Cena with an Irish whip and clothesline for a near fall. Cena with a back elbow and he brings Rollins into the ring and applies the STF but Harper hits Cena to get him to release the hold. Harper with punches but Cena with a belly-to-belly slam.

Ziggler tags in and Cena with a hip toss followed by a double drop kick for a near fall. Ziggler with punches but Harper avoids the neck breaker and he punches Ziggler. Kane tags in and he connects with an uppercut. Ziggler with a kick and he tags in Ryback. Ryback with kicks and punches. Kane with punches and forearms but Ryback with a Thesz Press and he slams Kane’s head into the mat.

Ryback with a splash and he gets a near fall. Kane backs Ryback into the corner and Harper tags in and he punches Ryback. Harper with a head butt but Ryback sends Harper into the corner and he kicks Harper. Harper with an Irish whip but Ryback with a clothesline out of the corner for a near fall. Ryback with a front face lock.

Rollins tags in and he kicks Ryback and punches him. The referee warns Rollins and he tags in Harper who kicks and punches Ryback. Ryback with shoulders and chops. Harper with punches and uppercuts to Ryback. Harper tries for a suplex but Ryback blocks it. Ryback with a delayed vertical suplex and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ryback with another suplex and he gets a near fall. Ziggler tags in and he punches Harper. Harper with a European uppercut that sends Ziggler to his knees. Kane tags in and he punches Ziggler and head butts him. Kane with punches but Ziggler with a sleeper. Kane starts to go down to the mat but he is able to get out of the hold by sending Ziggler into the turnbuckles.

Ziggler with a drop kick to the knee and Kane falls into the turnbuckles. Ziggler with a splash. Ziggler goes for another splash but Kane grabs Ziggler by the throat. Ziggler escapes and goes to the turnbuckles but Kane with an uppercut and a near fall. Rollins tags in and works over Ziggler until Harper tags in and gives Ziggler a Gator Roll. Harper with a reverse chin lock.

Ziggler with a punch but Harper with a double thrust and then he gets Ziggler up momentarily for a suplex but sends him to the mat for an uppercut and Harper gets a near fall. Kane tags in and he kicks Ziggler. Kane with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Kane with a reverse chin lock.

Ziggler with punches to get free of Kane but Kane with a knee to the midsection. Rollins tags in and he gives Ziggler a hard Irish whip. Rollins with a second hard Irish whip. Rollins stomps on Ziggler’s hand. Rollins with an elbow to the top of the head. Rollins with a snap mare into a reverse chin lock.

Ziggler with a jawbreaker to get out of the hold. Rollins misses a splash into the corner when Dolph ducks. Cena tags in and he hits two flying shoulder tackles followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb. Cena with the Five Knuckle Shuffle and he gets Rollins up but he sees Harper come in so he gives Harper an Attitude Adjustment. Ryback helps Cena hit a double suplex on Kane. Ryback is sent to his corner by the referee and he does not see Mercury and Noble hit Cena. Rollins gets a near fall as we go to commercial.

We are back and Kane punches Cena and Cena punches Rollins and Harper on the apron. That allows Kane to hit a side slam and get a near fall. Kane with a reverse chin lock. Cena gets to his feet and he powers out of the hold and he hits a drop kick. Harper tags in and he keeps Cena from making the tag and he sets for a belly-to-back suplex but turns it into a front driver and he gets a near fall. Harper with a palm thrust to the throat.

Harper with a thrust kick for a near fall. Rollins tags in and he goes up top and he punches Cena after telling Cena he can’t see him. Rollins kicks Cena but Cena punches Rollins and both men are down. Rollins with a clothesline to Cena and he pulls Cena into his corner and he kicks Cena followed by a knee drop.

Rollins with a rear chin lock. Rollins with a shot to the back of the neck and then he misses a splash into the corner. Cena makes the tag to Ziggler and he hits two clotheslines and then he knocks Kane off the apron before hitting a splash into the corner and a neck breaker. Ziggler with a Fameasser for a near fall and then all six men get in the ring.

Cena with a cross body onto everyone in the ring. Cena gets Kane on his shoulders but Kane escapes and he hits a big boot. Ryback with a power slam but Rollins with a springboard knee to Ryback. Ziggler with a hesitation DDT to Rollins. Harper with a Bossman Slam to Ziggler for a near fall. Harper sets for a power bomb but Ziggler with a sunset flip for the three count.

Winners: John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback

After the match: Harper goes after Ziggler and Cena makes the save. Ziggler and Rollins battle while Cena brawls with Harper. Ryback and Kane battle in the corner.

Big Show quietly makes his way to the ring and he head butts Ryback and punches Ziggler and Cena. Show sends Ryback into the corner and Kane punches him.

Erick Rowan comes to the ring with ring steps and he hits Harper and Kane on the way. Rowan hits Rollins with the steps. He gets into the ring and Show grabs Rowan and Ryback by the throat. Ziggler with a super kick to Show and Cena with an Attitude Adjustment on Show.

Rowan picks up the steps and Cena, Ryback, and Ziggler Irish whip Show towards Rowan and Rowan hits him with the ring steps.

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