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Jan 13, 2015
Angela -

John Cena versus Seth Rollins in a If Cena wins: Ryback, Rowan, and Ziggler are back Lumberjack Match
They lock up and Cena with a side head lock and take down. Barrett tries to grab Cena by the leg and Cena punches Barrett on the floor. Rollins with a kick and punches. Rollins kicks Cena in the corner and connects with an elbow. Cena punches Rollins and then he Irish whips Rollins and hits a bulldog. Rollins throws Cena to the floor and the lumberjacks pick up Cena and send him back into the ring. Rollins gets a near fall. Rollins punches Cena. Cena with punches and he sends Rollins to the floor and Rollins is shielded by Noble and Mercury as we go to commercial. We are back and we see what happened during the break when Barrett successfully tripped Cena. We are back to live action. Rollins with a short arm clothesline. Rollins with punches but Cena punches back. Cena with two flying shoulder tackles followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb. Cena signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Rollins tries to kick Cena. Cena blocks the kick and tries for an STF. Rollins flips off the ropes but Cena with a Blue Thunder Bomb, Five Knuckle Shuffle, and Attitude Adjustment. Mercury and Noble get on the apron and Cena punches them.

Rollins is pulled to the floor and Cena with a splash onto all of them. Cena gets a near fall on Rollins. Rollins with an inside cradle for a near fall. Rollins with a super kick for a near fall. Rollins goes to the apron and then he goes up top but Cena punches Rollins and crotches him on the turnbuckles. Cena sets for a superplex but Rollins with a rake of the eyes and then Rollins with a sunset flip into a buckle bomb. Rollins gets a near fall. Rollins argues with the referee and then some of the people on the floor argue with him. Cena with a spinebuster for a near fall.

Rollins and Cena exchange punches. Cena gets Rollins up for an Attitude Adjustment but Rollins lands on his feet and he hits a super kick and an Asai DDT for a near fall. Rollins misses a Vigilante Stinger Plash and Cena with an Attitude Adjustment but Mercury and Noble pull Cena out of the ring on the cover and the lumberjacks attack Cena. Cesaro swings Cena into the ringside barrier. Cena is rolled back into the ring and Rollins tries for Black Out but Cena moves and he applies the STF. Kane grabs Rollins’ arm to force Cena to release the STF. Show pulls Cena out of the ring and he knocks out Cena. Cena is picked up and rolled back into the ring and Rollins gets the three count.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Backstage: Seth Rollins is with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury and he is happy about the sight of him pinning John Cena. He turns around and Brock Lesnar is there. Brock says that you are the guy who beat John Cena tonight. You are the guy who weaseled his way into the title match at Royal Rumble.

Seth tells Brock he is the future of the WWE.

Brock says the future starts when he says it starts. Paul tries to separate Seth and Brock. He tells Mr. Rollins what he did was remarkable. At the Royal Rumble, he will be facing Brock Lesnar. They have worked together in the past and maybe it can continue at the Royal Rumble. They can get rid of John Cena and then, may the best man win. They stare at each other and Brock backs away from Rollins as we go to commercial.

The ring is set up for the main event promo segment. The table and chairs are on the carpet. Stephanie reminds you that you can watch the Royal Rumble on the WWE Network.

Stephanie brings out the man who is single handedly responsible for using John Cena to bring back the Authority…Seth Rollins. Seth comes to the ring with his suited little friends Joey and Jamie. Triple H introduces the man who was used by Seth Rollins, the man that could find it in himself to bring the Authority, but not his friends. Mr. Hustle Loyalty and Broken Promises…John Cena.

Stephanie introduces the Beast Incarnate (and probably someone not manipulated by Seth Rollins)…Brock Lesnar. Brock is joined by Paul Heyman as he does the Brock Bounce on the stage.

Everyone gets their contract signing commemorative mics. Paul says that for those of you who cannot identify them without a scorecard, he says that he wishes he was behind the plan to bring back the Authority, but it had one architect and that man is Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins had a plan. That plan was endorsed by Paul Heyman. What was endorsed by Paul Heyman was desperately needed by the Authority.

What was desperately needed for John Cena was bad for John Cena. What is bad for John Cena is good for Brock Lesnar. What is good for Brock Lesnar is best for business. Seth tells Paul he appreciates him. He says it was a hell of a plan if he says so himself. Paul says that he was not done. Paul tells Mr. Rollins that his client Brock Lesnar has conquered everything in his path. That will include anything that comes in his path at the Royal Rumble pay per view. That is the end of his statement.

Seth asks Paul if he is upset that this match is now a Triple Threat.

Paul says he is upset because a Triple Threat could be a double cross where the reigning, defending, undisputed champion does not have to be pinned or tap out to lose the championship.

Seth says that Paul just explained the rules of a Triple Threat Match. Brock has a list of accomplishments that is incomparable. Is Brock Lesnar unable to conquer a Triple Threat match?

Seth tells Paul he is not finished. He does not have the list of accomplishments that Brock does. Brock does not have his list of accomplishment. He built the Shield, he destroyed the Shield. He is Mr. Money in the Bank. He single handedly brought back the Authority. He managed to pin John Cena to keep Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan fired. Whether it is Plan A or Plan B, he will walk out of the Royal Rumble as the World Champion.

Paul tells Brock. . .

Brock tells Mr. Curb Stomp that he conquered the Undertaker. He conquered Triple H and he conquered John Cena and he will conquer Seth. John tells Brock he does not have to get pinned to lose the title, but he will pin him. He says that he owes Seth a beat down. They are going to kicks Seth’s ass and then he is going to kick Brock’s ass.

John signs the contract.

Brock signs the contract.

Seth says that sounds like a great plan, but there is one glaring flaw. Your plans have not gone your way. Your first plan was to keep the Authority out of power and…strike one. Then you had a plan to get Dolph Ziggler and company back, but he pinned John all by himself to make sure that didn’t happen so strike two. At the Royal Rumble, it will be Strike Three. That is if you can make it that far.

Cena runs Rollins into the corner and Lesnar with a German Suplex to Cena and then to Rollins. Cena with an Attitude Adjustment through the table to Lesnar. Rollins with a kick and Black Out to Cena. Rollins looks at Lesnar and Rollins with Black Out to Lesnar. We are back and the Authority celebrates on the stage while Brock Lesnar has trouble getting back to his feet and Cena is down on the floor.

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