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Jan 1, 2015
Angela -


Seth Rollins took a giant gamble.

The Shield created its fair share of chaos in 2013, and midway through 2014, The Hounds of Justice started to powerbomb their way into legendary territory. The trio battled The Wyatt Family in a heated rivalry, absolutely decimated Attitude Era stars The New Age Outlaws & Kane at WrestleMania 30, and spoiled Evolution’s reunion tour with a pair of pay-per-view beatdowns.

Rollins shined with The Shield through all of it. The onetime Architect designed victories for his squad with sudden Curb Stomps and death-defying crossbodies, leaping from balconies and TitanTrons onto his rivals below on the concrete floor. With Evolution defeated, though, Rollins took the biggest risk of all: He left the winning team to join the losers. The addition of Rollins injected new life into The Authority following weeks of crushing losses for Triple H, Randy Orton and Kane after WrestleMania 30.

With The Authority’s support, Rollins established himself as the “future of WWE,” capturing the Money in the Bank contract, prevailing in a Hell in a Cell Match and even costing John Cena the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins may have gambled, but he hit the jackpot. — Jeff Laboon


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