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Feb 3, 2015
Carol -

Roman says that he won the Royal Rumble match and earned the right to main event Wrestlemania and they are going to take that away? Hell no.

Stephanie starts to talk but Hunter gets in Roman’s face. Stephanie tells Roman to calm down. They haven’t announced anything official yet. She points out that Roman talked very eloquently about his Samoan heritage last week. No one knows what it means to be part of a generational legacy besides her. The family he wants to impress is the reason why he shouldn’t main event Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan’s music plays and he comes to the ring.

Stephanie tells Daniel she is so happy he is back.

Daniel apologizes to Roman that they are messing with him, he was used to it. What about the controversy of Hunter and Stephanie stripping him of the WWE Title and never giving him a rematch. If there is a World Title Match on the line at Wrestlemania, he is going to throw his name into the hat.

Hunter says there was nothing out of the ordinary by stripping Daniel of the title because he could not meet his contractual obligations. He would have given Daniel the shot, but Daniel put himself in the Royal Rumble and he never should have been there in the first place.

Daniel never lost the title and Brock never beat him so maybe he deserves a shot at the title.

Seth Rollins’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Seth Rollins finally makes it into the ring.

Seth comments on this being live TV. He says if he is hearing what he thinks he is hearing, it is getting hilarious. Daniel Bryan wants a title match against Brock Lesnar? Brock would eat you alive. If you think you deserve it because you got stripped of the title, you got hurt and it is your fault. Welcome to the deep end.

He tells Roman he wouldn’t have won the Royal Rumble if not for the Rock. He doesn’t know why Roman thinks he deserves to go to Wrestlemania.

If anyone deserves to go on to main event Wrestlemania, it is the man who dominated the Triple Threat Match. He is the man who put a chink in the armor of Brock Lesnar.

Hunter says that they had a big announcement and he says they listened to the WWE Universe.

Stephanie says they listened to all of them.

Hunter says that since each of you have a claim on it, there will be a match tonight. Daniel Bryan versus Seth Rollins and the winner will face Roman Reigns at Fastlane. The winner of the match at Fastlane goes on to Wrestlemania to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship.

Hunter tells Roman he has everything to lose here, but he has an opportunity to end the debate and shut down the controversy. He can stop the booing by accepting this.

Stephanie tells Roman he can prove to the WWE Universe and your family that you belong in the main event at Wrestlemania.

Daniel tells Roman not to listen to them. He says that he will beat Seth tonight and then they tear the house down at Fastlane to prove who deserves to be in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Seth says that Roman would rip Daniel in half. If Roman doesn’t accept, it is because he is afraid of Seth.

Everyone wants Roman to make a decision.

Roman thinks about it and he looks at Daniel and Seth and he says screw it, he will fight both of them. It has been one versus all so let’s do it.

Backstage: Stephanie is showing Hunter her fitness DVD and Seth says that he is impressed with the DVD. Seth tells Hunter and Stephanie that he loved their plan. Seth asks if they are serious about Daniel Bryan. Stephanie tells Seth to have faith in her. Daniel Bryan will not be going to Fastlane or Wrestlemania. It is a sign of their confidence in Seth. Hunter says that Randy was treated like the Face of the WWE, but he never understood it.

Seth says that is why Randy Orton ended up underneath his boot. Randy Orton is not Seth Rollins. He will prove tonight and he will punch his ticket to Fastlane and stomp out the Yes Movement, once and for all.

Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins (w/Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble) to earn a spot in the Fast Lane main event against Roman Reigns.
Rollins tossed Bryan to ringside. J&J Security rammed him into the barricade while Rollins distracted the referee. Rollins followed up with a suicide dive onto Bryan, who went with the all too familiar (already) neck grab for sympathy. Rollins remained in control coming out of the break.

Big Show headed to ringside as Bryan took control. Bryan caught Rollins with the great running dropkick in the corner. He followed up with a top rope huracanrana, but Rollins countered into a pin for an excellent near fall. A short time later, Bryan dropkicked Mercury and Noble off the apron and then backdropped Rollins onto them. Bryan followed up with a suicide dive.

Rollins got another good near fall off a superkick. A “this is awesome” chant started. Show shouted encouragement to Rollins and told him to finish him off. Bryan caught Rollins in the Yes Lock. Rollins flailed and eventually reached the bottom rope with his foot. Rollins went to ringside and Show comforted him.

Suddenly, Reigns showed up and speared Big Show. Rollins begged off as Reigns walked toward him. Mercury cut in front of Rollins and took the spear instead. Noble climbed in the ring and wound up with the briefcase, but the referee spotted him. Reigns hit Rollins with a Superman punch. Bryan hit the running knee on Rollins and pinned him…

Winner: Daniel Bryan

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