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Mar 17, 2015
Angela -

We start off the show with Big Show, Kane, Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble, and Seth Rollins in the center of the ring. Seth says you chant his name now, but he says that they probably loved what they just saw. That is called betrayal. There is no other way to describe it. He gets it. Not a lot of you understand what it is like to be betrayed because you need to be a somebody to be betrayed. For nobodies like all of you, that is called getting screwed over. For important people like him who made it out of Iowa and made something with their lives, that is betrayal. That is exactly what happened to him last week courtesy of the Viper Randy Orton.

It wasn’t just that he betrayed him, it was how he did it. He stalked Seth like an animal. Randy mocked him while he suffered. He vouched for Orton and he called him a friend and family member. Randy betrayed him. He says you are all thinking that was what you did to the Shield. That is nothing like he did to the Shield. What he did to the Shield was a sound business decision. It was a business decision made to secure his future. What Randy did was so much different. What he did was in cold blood and without the tiniest bit of human decency or empathy. It was borderline sociopathic. For three weeks, Randy Orton schemed and he conned his way back into the Authority. He made fools of everyone, including Stephanie and Triple H. Without their generosity to welcome him back, this never would have happened. Big Show tells Seth that he owes him an apology. He says that he is sorry. He says that he feels partially responsible for what happened to him. He sees Seth as the future and the best damn talent in the WWE. What Randy Orton did was cruel. He betrayed our trust. Show says he thought Randy could get past his petty grievances and put that behind him, but Randy is a no good snake in the grass. Show says that whether is a viper, rattlesnake, or a garden snake, he will step on it. Kane apologizes as well. He wasn’t as gullible as Big Show, but he was suckered in. Randy will pay for what he did to us. Jamie says that knows he is considered the secret weapon of the Authority, he smelled a rat when Randy came in. He does not care about what Randy did to him, he cares about what he did to you Seth. You are his boss and friend. What Randy did to you, it hurt him too. Jamie says it hurt Joey the most. Joey takes the mic and cannot say anything.

Seth says that it hurt, but Randy’s ego will be hurt the most when it is over. For years and years, Randy thought that he could get away with what he wanted when he wanted without any consequences. You have never messed with anyone like him. You want to challenge him to a match at Wrestlemania? Seth looks at the sign and he tells Orton that he accepts, but only under one condition. You agree to face him tonight in this ring on Raw. You like to call yourself the face of the WWE, but you are nothing more than a scheming…Randy’s music plays and he makes his way to the stage. Randy tells Seth he is not the face of the WWE, he is just a guy. A guy who last week, made you look like a little bitch. He is the guy who is going to beat your ass tonight because he accepts Seth’s condition to respond to his challenge. Randy knows it will be five on one later tonight with the deck stacked against him. Seth, you need all the help you can get because he has enough venom for all of the Authority. If he suffers a beatdown tonight, it will be worth it to get his hands on Seth at Wrestlemania. You better hope you get it done tonight because if you make it to Wrestlemania, he will finish Seth.

Backstage: Renee Young is with Kane and Big Show in the interview area. Renee asks what role they are going to have in the Rollins/Orton match. Kane says Big Show will be in Seth’s corner, based on his decision. Show wants Kane to talk to him like a human being instead of blabbing it out in front of everyone. Kane says he makes all of the decisions. Seth Rollins comes into the interview area and he tells them to calm down because this is what got them sent home last week. You represent the Authority so you represent Triple H, Stephanie, and him. He calls them stupid. Kane says Stephanie can address them how she wants, but you cannot. They enjoyed what happened to him last week. You have been acting like an entitled little brat since he helped you win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Kane says that he will not be at ringside with Seth Rollins. Kane asks Show if he wants to be at ringside. Show looks at Rollins without saying anything and walks away.

Backstage: Seth Rollins tells Jamie and Joey that it cannot happen the same way as last week. He cannot be left high and dry. Jamie reminds Seth he told them to leave last week. Seth says that he is aware of Jamie’s diverse skill set, but he did not know it meant he would argue with Seth. Jamie tells Seth that if he would have listened to him last week, they wouldn’t be in this situation. Seth says that he will fire Jamie Noble, but Jamie says you can’t fire him, he quits. Seth tells Joey they don’t need him and Joey walks away.

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie are in the back and Seth Rollins enters. He wants to know if they can believe what is happening. Seth says he will be all alone in the ring with Randy tonight. He asks them how will they fix things. Stephanie tells Seth he needs to behave and lie in the bed he made. Seth says if she hadn’t sent Kane and Show home last week, they wouldn’t be in this situation. Hunter wants to know who the hell Seth thinks he is. Seth asks if Hunter is done playing hide and seek from Sting. Stephanie tells Seth to take responsibility for his actions. She tells him to man up…if he can. Hunter tells Seth he should go before his situation goes from bad to worse.

Seth Rollins versus Randy Orton
Before the match starts, Seth has something to say. He tells Randy it took you three weeks of scheming and conniving and cajoling to make every single member of the Authority look like fools. Seth starts to laugh as if he is “PURE EVIL”, but it only took three hours to make a fool out of you. Triple H’s music plays and the Authority is out and they are unified. Orton goes to the floor and he takes a chair because a steel chair can stop seven people.

The Authority surrounds the ring. Rollins signals to everyone and as he gets on the apron, everyone else does. They all get into the ring and the lights go out and a crow sounds. The lights go back on and STING is in the ring with his bat. Orton hits people with the chair while Sting hits people with his bat. Sting with a Vigilante Stinger Splash on Mercury and Noble. Sting with the Scorpion Death Drop to Noble. Orton twists to the mat and he hits Mercury with an RKO.

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