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May 5, 2015
Angela -

Backstage: Kane is walking around backstage as he sees The New Day celebrating their win, he continues walking until Seth Rollins stops him. Rollins compares Kane to a spoiled rotten kid who is trying to make good and The Authority will be returning to punish Kane. Kane then defends his action towards Orton and Reigns tonight, then he makes a match between Rollins and Dean Ambrose tonight and Rollins security team will be banned tonight. Rollins complains to Kane about his decision, but Kane threatens him with more punishment and an angered Rollins storms away.

Backstage: Seth Rollins is shown walking backstage when Renee Young asks him about his match with Dean Ambrose tonight. Rollins says that the match tonight serves no purpose and that Kane is a moron for putting it together.

Kane comes out to the stage before the match begins, Kane then states that if Ambrose defeats Rollins tonight, he will be in the main event of WWE Payback. Rollins grabs the microphone to complain about his decision, Ambrose steals the microphone and he says that it is a great idea. Rollins steals the microphone back and he argues with Kane, Kane orders the match to start.

Seth Rollin vs. Dean Ambrose
This match begins with Ambrose catching Rollins with a quick roll up for a two count, Ambrose chops away at Rollins until he escapes on the arena floor. Ambrose follows Rollins out to the arena floor and a brawl ensues, Ambrose hits Rollins with a slingshot clothes line before tossing him back into the ring. Ambrose traps the arm of Rollins before kicking him in the head, Ambrose hits Rollins with an elbow drop for a near fall. Ambrose briefly locks Rollins in the STF before nailing him with a suplex, Rollins starts making a comeback by attacking Ambrose with strikes in the corner. Rollins drops Ambrose with a snap mare before kicking him in the back, Rollins brings Ambrose to the corner to assault him with punches. Ambrose switches spots with Rollins to punch him multiple times, Ambrose then drops Rollins with a chop for another near fall. Rollins makes his comeback by slamming Ambrose and then cracking him with a knee drop, Rollins slows things down by applying the chin lock to Ambrose. Rollins releases the hold to nail Ambrose with a short arm clothes line, Rollins again applies a chin lock to Ambrose. Ambrose kicks a ducking Rollins in the face before propelling him to the arena floor as we head to commercial. The action resumes with Rollins twisting the head of a seated Ambrose, Ambrose starts fighting back and Rollins smashes him into the middle turnbuckle. Rollins goes for the springboard knee drop and Ambrose avoids him, Ambrose then catches Rollins with a tornado DDT after avoiding a second knee attempt. Ambrose punches away at Rollins before attacking him with chops, Ambrose then hits Rollins with a few forearm strikes and a running bulldog. Ambrose leaps off the top rope and Rollins escapes to the arena floor, Ambrose makes him pay by catching him with a suicide dive.

Ambrose brings Rollins into the ring before nailing him with a chicken wing slam for a near fall, Ambrose looks for Dirty Deeds and Rollins escapes. The wrestlers go through a few reversals, Ambrose finds his way to the top rope to hit Rollins with his elbow drop for a two count. Rollins moves to the ring apron to drop Ambrose throat first on the top rope, Rollins then hits Ambrose with a springboard knee strike to the face for a near fall. Rollins starts taunting a hurt Ambrose until he eats a slap, Rollins makes Ambrose pay by nailing him with a superkick for a near fall. The wrestler exchange a ton of strikes that ends when Ambrose clotheslines himself and Rollins over the top rope to the arena floor. Rollins eventually finds a way to power bomb Ambrose into the security railing, Rollins returns to the ring as the referee initiates a ten count. Ambrose makes his way back in the ring at the count of nine and Rollins stomps away on him, Rollins and Ambrose exchange a few forearm strikes afterwards. Rollins nails Ambrose with an inzaguri and Ambrose responds with a rope assisted clothes line, J&J Security tries interfering and Ambrose deals with them. Rollins looks to attack Ambrose from behind and Ambrose surprises him with a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Dean Ambrose (Advances to the main event of WWE Payback)

Backstage: Kane is talking on his phone in his office when a complaining Seth Rollins crashes the conversation, Kane says that Rollins turned the WWE Payback main event into a four way after he lost to Dean Ambrose. Kane says that he has a plan and Rollins questions him as J&J Security holds him back.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton
Kane comes out on stage with Seth Rollins and J&J Security before the match starts, Jamie Noble grabs the microphone. Noble says that he is the special guest ring announcer, Joey Mercury is the special guest time keeper, Kane is the special ringside enforcer and Seth Rollins is a special guest commentator.
Kane interferes by attacking Reigns to cause a DQ, The Authority jumps Orton after Reigns is laid out. Reigns winds up doing a suicide dive onto the majority of The Authority, Rollins then tosses Reigns into the ring post. The Authority brings Orton and Reigns into the ring to attack them, Dean Ambrose comes out and a huge brawl erupts. Rollins is eventually left alone in the ring with all three of his opponents at WWE Payback, Reigns eventually hits Rollins with a spear. Orton then connects with an RKO on Reigns, Ambrose nails Orton with Dirty Deeds as the show comes to a close.

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