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May 31, 2015
Kaitlin -


@HowardFinkel: I’ve dubbed Dean Ambrose “Mr. Perpetual Motion.” He never stops in the ring. His “loose cannon” approach is unparalleled, and I feel strongly that despite some potential “Authority adversity,” he will conquer Seth Rollins and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

@JoeyStyles: Dean Ambrose pinned his former Shield partner Seth Rollins in a tag team match on Raw. However, that does not make it a foregone conclusion that the same will happen in singles competition. The Authority will always do what they (not us) feel is best for business. If Stephanie McMahon and Triple H feel Rollins as WWE World Heavyweight Champion is best, then Rollins will stay champion. I expect interference from Kane and J&J Security to allow Rollins to steal a win from Ambrose. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Scott Taylor: There’s no way The Authority will let Dean Ambrose become the new “Face of WWE.” Seth Rollins will certainly have a backup plan ready to go to hold onto the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Mike Burdick: Ladies and gentlemen, Dean Ambrose is about to capture his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The Lunatic Fringe will utilize the help of Roman Reigns to overcome any Authority interference, and the “Age of Ambrose” will begin. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Anthony Benigno: Dean Ambrose has “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s mean streak and Mick Foley’s man-of-the-people grittiness. But this situation is a lot more reminiscent of Foley’s title matches, which were earned by force of will, yet typically ended with the entire machine uniting to stomp out The Hardcore Legend. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins: 3, Dean Ambrose: 2

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