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Jun 15, 2015
Angela -

WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose: Ladder Match
Ambrose was all over Rollins early on, working him over. They went back and forth until Rollins drilled Ambrose through the ropes to the floor and slammed him on the floor. Rollins ran him into the ringsteps. Rollins walked around the ring to go for a ladder but Ambrose nailed a tope to the outside. They battled in the aisle. Ambrose grabbed a ladder and brought it towards the ring but Rollins nailed him from behind. He whipped Dean into it but Ambrosed reversed the whip on the floor. Rollins leapt up and landed on the ladder, then climbed it into the ring. He tried to pull it into the ring but Ambrose climbed it. Rollins shoved the ladder down on him. Rollins went for a dive but Ambrose nailed him with the ladder as he went through the ropes. Dean brought the ladder into the ring and positioned it so he could retrieve the WWE World Heavyweight championship belt. He went to the top. Rollins followed. They battled on the ladder and pulled each other down. Ambrose nailed Rollins and placed the ladder in the corner. They battled back and forth over a suplex near the ladder and finally Dean nailed it, dropping Rollins hard across the steel.

Ambrose picked up and slammed Rollins in the center of the ring, then opened the ladder in the corner. He kicked Seth down, then went to the top and nailed a Bionic Elbow off the ladder in honor of Dusty Rhodes. Rollins was sent to the floor. Ambrose tried to climb the ladder but Rollins returned with a steel chair and attacked Dean’s legs. Rollins continued the assault on Ambrose’s legs, driving a ladder into his knee. Rollins kept beating him, asking him how he’s going to climb with one leg. Ambrose grabbed him in the corner and nailed him, but Rollins pulled him down and slammed his knee into the ringpost, then locked a ringpost figure four leglock. Rollins returned to the ring and locked in another figure four leglock. Ambrose did the old spot Dusty used to do with Ric Flair where he fought to reverse the move and finally turned it. Rollins tied Ambrose to the tree of woe and stomped away at him. Rollins pulled another chair out from under the ring. He beat Ambrose then set up the ladder. Dean came to life as Rollins climbed the ladder. Dean, on one leg, was able to shove over the ladder, sending Rollins to fall off and nail the ropes. Ambrose began working over Rollins with right hands but was kicked off and nailed with the ladder. Seth trapped his knee inside the ladder and began beating it with a steel chair.

Rollins went to the top but Ambrose tossed a chair at him. Ambrose pulled himself up and went for a suplex. Seth beat his leg so Dean slipped off the ropes. Dean nailed Seth, who crotched himselg on the top rope. Ambrose leapt off the middle turnbuckle and nailed a clothesline on Rollins, who was sitting on the rope. Ambrose came to life and cleaned house, even nailing the Cactus Clothesline over the top to the floor. Rollins tried to escape up the aisle but Dean brought him back. Dean avoided a ladder being tossed at him and killed Rollins with an awesome rebound lariat. He went for Dirty Deeds but Rollins tried to escape. Dean went after him. That made NO sense since if Rollins had run off, Dean could have just grabbed the belt. They brawled into the crowd. Dean was laid out and Rollins rushed back to get the belt. Rollins rushed to pull a ladder out but was exhausted. Ambrose returned to the fray diving off the announcer’s table to attack Seth. He bridged a ladder between the announcers’ table and the ring apron. Seth tried to powerbomb Dean over the top onto the ladder. Dean stopped him and backdropped him over the top to the ladder. Ambrose tried to lift the ladder in the ring but was spent. He finally muscled it up and set it.

Ambrose tried to climb up but Rollins grabbed him. They tumbled over the ropes to the floor. Ambrose nailed a clothesline onto Rollins and they spilled over the Spanish Announcers’ table. They battled atop the table until Ambrose nailed Dirty Deeds on the table. They made their way back to the ring. They each battled over the ladder. Rollins nailed the Pedigree. Rollins spent a long time climbing up but Ambrose recovered and tried to get Seth. Seth kicked him off and charged him but Dean tossed him out of the ring. Dean tried to get to the ladder but was pulled out and run into the ladder on the floor, then hit with a running powerbomb into the barricade. He grabbed Dean and nailed another one on the other side. Rollins went under the ring and pulled out a bunch of ladder and chairs. Ambrose was nailed with a sit-down powerbomb down rudely on the pile. Rollins flipped a ladder down on Dean, then tossed a ton of steel chairs down atop of the pile, burying Ambrose. Rollins climbed up but Ambrose somehow returned. Rollins had his hand on the title but Dean pushed past. They battled and pulled at the belt and both crashed down but when they landed, Dean lost his grip and Seth landed holding the belt.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match: Seth Rollins celebrated in the aisle as Triple H came out to congratulate him and raise his arm. Jojo interviewed Rollins. He said “I told you so” and said that nobody can hang with him. He said he’s the best WWE has to offer and he’s the greatest WWE World Heavyweight champion of all time.

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