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Jul 14, 2015
Angela -

Brock Lesnar’s music plays and that means it is time for him to bounce around while he makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. The crowd chants ‘Suplex City’ and Paul waits to do his introduction. He reminds us that he is the advocate for the Cadillac Crushing, J&J Conquering, Badass Avenger who on Sunday makes Seth Rollins pay for his sins. The Beast of Battleground BROCK LESNAR. He says he doesn’t know about you but his heart is pounding through his chest. It is not because he is fat, but it is because history will be made in six days. You will have the opportunity to see this beast BROCK LESNAR enter the ring as a challenger. How many times have you seen Brock Lesnar as a challenger? When he was a rookie, he walked into the ring as challenger and he victimized Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and walked out the WWE Champion. When Brock went to UFC, he walked into the octagon as a challenger, but when he faced Randy Couture, he walked out as the champion. At SummerSlam, he walked into the ring as a challenger, but what happened to John Cena? Eat, sleep, suplex, repeat. Brock walked out the champion and he would be the champion today if it was not for that revolting, sneaky slimy Seth Rollins. This Sunday night, he doesn’t beg or plead a lot, but circle the date on your calendar. Sunday, July 19th, Brock will walk into the ring a challenger, but he will not walk out of the ring the same way. You are going to get beat up. You are going to get your ass kicked by Brock Lesnar. You are going to be suplexed by Brock Lesnar. You are going to be F-5ed by Brock Lesnar. You are going to be pinned by Brock Lesnar. When Brock has his foot on your chest, Brock will raise the title belt and he will…

Seth Rollins’ music plays and he comes out with Back from Vacation Kane.
Seth asks Brock if he is real proud of himself and he asks if this makes him happy. Seth says that he cannot wait until Sunday when he wipes that smile off your stupid face. He gave Brock every opportunity last week to come out like a man, but you were a coward. You took out your frustration on an inanimate object. It was not any inanimate object, it was a gift he gave to his friends. Seth says he is still shaken up over it. Seth says what is worse is you parade it around like it is a trophy. You make it a symbol of what you think I am going to look like after Battleground. Seth says the title belt is his trophy. Seth says he is everything right about WWE. Brock is a thug and a criminal. Seth says he is going to take a trip to Suplex City. He is bringing the matches and gasoline and he is going to burn Suplex City to the ground.

Brock tells Seth he can take him to Suplex City tonight…bitch.

Kane says that he can see that tensions are high. There will be a contract signing later tonight for their match at Battleground. As Director of Operations, he will ensure that this contract signing will go smoothly and that there will not be any chaos. Brock Lesnar versus Seth Rollins is what is best for business. Kane tells Paul that if his client does anything…Paul asks Kane if he is going to threaten him. Paul says that it looks like they are going to be threatened by the Undertaker’s baby brother. Paul apologizes and he asks if he was not supposed to say that? Paul says that he was not supposed to mention that Brock conquered your brother’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Paul says this is a wonderful idea. His client, the beast, the conqueror BROCK LESNAR in a contract signing. What could go wrong in that scenario? Paul says that Brock will come to the signing with peace, love, and understanding as long as Seth does not violate the Eleventh Commandment. If Seth does, Suplex City comes to Atlanta, GA.

Backstage: Kane and Seth Rollins are in the office and Seth reminds Kane of his job and how he is to protect Seth. The contract signing will lead to no good. Kane says he has a plan. Seth says he is a little worried, but he would like to be told what the plan is. He hopes it is not to provoke Brock because that did not end well last week. Kane says if you keep this up, it will not end up well for one of them.

Backstage: Kane is talking to a production assistant and Seth Rollins stops by. Seth asks if everything is set up and Kane says everything is under control. Seth says this plan better work out or it is all on Kane.

Seth Rollins comes to the ring with Kane.
Seth says that he is sick and tired of watching the footage of Brock Lesnar destroying the Cadillac he gave to J&J over and over all night long. Seth wants to remind everyone and especially Brock Lesnar of the destruction he can cause. All man has is his word. Seth says that he is proud to come out here and give you his. Seth says that he is not afraid of Brock Lesnar. Sunday at Battleground, he will conquer the conqueror again. He will defeat the one in twenty one and one. He will be the wrecking ball to destroy Suplex City and he will be the fire to turn it into ashes. He will stand in the remnants of Suplex City and he will still be the WWE World Champion.

Brock Lesnar’s music plays and he comes to the ring with Paul Heyman.

They stand on opposite sides of the Official WWE Contract signing table. Brock sits down first and then Seth takes his seat. Paul tells Seth he shouldn’t lock eyes with him. He should never take his eyes off the beast. He should listen to what he says. Since you betrayed your brothers in the Shield, Paul says that he has wanted to see someone get their hands on you. Ever since you sold your soul so you could bill yourself as the undisputed future of WWE, they’ve wanted to see someone get their hands on you. Ever since you violated the Eleventh Commandment, thou shalt not intentionally provoke Brock Lesnar. Ever since you cashed in and stole the WWE Title from Brock Lesnar, Brock has wanted to get his hands on you. The problem as he sees it, the pressure is all on Seth. Six days away. This Sunday night, every single person watching Battleground is paying to see you get your ass kicked. Paul swears by his God of Retribution, Brock Lesnar, everyone is going to get their money’s worth because at Battleground, Seth Rollins, you are going to get your ass kicked. You are going to get beat up. You are going to be hurt. You are going to be kicked. You are going to be punched. You are going to be suplexed. You are going to be F-5ed. You are going to be beat. You are going to be dethroned. You are going to be going to Suplex City. You are going to be dragged down there by one beast, one conqueror, the real future of WWE, BROCK LESNAR. Paul tells Seth to sign the contract and Seth signs the contract. Brock signs the contract and Paul tells Seth to keep his hands on the table.

Seth tells Paul that he knows Paul has a devious mind. Seth has nothing planned. He asks Paul if he is paranoid. Brock turns over the table and he pulls out an axe handle. Brock puts the axe handle on the table and he sits down and wants to see what Seth does with it. Seth grabs the axe handle and Brock picks up the table and he throws it at Seth. Brock with shoulders to Kane in the corner. Brock with a German suplex to Seth and then Brock clotheslines Kane over the top rope. Seth goes for a plancha but Brock catches him and Kane kicks Seth to make the save. Seth grabs the axe handle and he hits Brock with it. Kane punches Brock and Seth holds Brock as Kane grabs the steel steps and Seth sends Brock into the steps and then Kane drops the steps on Brock. Kane with a kick to the head. Kane brings Brock over to Seth who is standing on the bottom half of the steps. Brock counters and he runs Seth into the ringside barrier. Brock comes off the steps and Kane grabs Brock and sets for the choke slam but Brock escapes and hits an F-5 on Kane. Rollins goes through the crowd. Brock picks up the steps and he slams it onto Kane’s foot on the steps. Brock picks up the WWE Title belt and he holds it over his head.

Seth says from day one, you thought you were untouchable. You went through everyone. You went through John Cena, the Undertaker, and Roman Reigns. You did not run through me. At Wrestlemania, he took this title from you because he is better than you. In six days, at Battleground, I will do what no other man on this Earth can do. I will prove again that you are not a machine. That you are not a monster. You are a man with a pulse and you can be beat. Seth says he will rip that sword tattoo off you chest. He will rip you in two and he will be known as the man who slayed the beast. Seth asks Kane if this was your big plan to get rid of Lesnar? How did that work for you? It worked out like your entire career, a big disappointment. You are nothing without me, Kane. You are without him now so you are nothing. Seth says he told you that if it did not work out, it was on you. How is it working? You are a wannabe Hall of Famer. It is on you.

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