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Aug 31, 2015
Carol -

Backstage: Seth is in the Authority’s office and he asks about that relic spitting in his face and the face of the Authority.

Stephanie tells Seth to put it in perspective. A victory over a legend like Sting will only cement his legacy.

Seth says this has been the year of Seth Rollins. Didn’t Sting see him cash in his briefcase to win the title? Didn’t Sting see him burn down Suplex City? Didn’t Sting see him break John Cena’s nose.

Stephanie says that Sting said that Seth is not half the man that Triple H is. Stephanie says she agrees with Sting. Legends are not made overnight or in a year.

Seth says they build statues for legends. Seth wants to know where his statue is.

Stephanie tells Seth to ask Sting where his statue is.

Backstage: Renee Young is with Seth Rollins in the interview area. Renee asks Seth if he found his statue.

Seth asks Renee if she thinks this is funny. He says the statue is not a representation of what he did in the last year. It is a sign of what everyone has done in this company. It is an attack on Bruno Sammartino, Andre the Giant, and the Ultimate Warrior. He says that he is going to go into the ring and demand that Sting return his statue.

Renee brings up what Sting said about him.

Seth says that maybe we should get Sting a WWE Network subscription so he can see what Seth has done.

Triple H says that he was great in his day, but that Seth holds the US and WWE Titles so he is the man now.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Seth says he wants to make something perfectly clear. Up until last week, he had no problem at all with Sting. As a matter of fact, he revered him as a legend in this industry. An icon in this ring. Then Sting hijacked his statue. He ruined his ceremony and it became painfully obvious why WCW went out of business.

Seth says he is nothing like Sting. He is a real man. He does not hide in the shadows. He is in the center of the ring to call Sting out. He wants two things from that face painted freak. He wants Sting to take back that Triple H is better than him because everybody knows that is not true. Everybody knows that he is just as good as Triple H and may some day be better.

Second, he wants something that belongs to him. Seth wants his statue back because it symbolizes so much more than what Sting could comprehend. That statue stands for the greatest WWE Champion. He tells Sting if he has the guts, he will come to his ring and tell him where he put his statue.

We take a look at the TitanTron and instead of Sting, Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring.

Stephanie takes a mic and she tells Seth that she is the one who told him to come out to call out Sting, but she tells him not to talk about her husband.

Seth says that Triple H was the leader of Evolution and people would have compared him to Ric Flair. That time has passed and he is the man. Triple H is a thirteen time champion . . .

Stephanie says that Sting is getting inside his head. She says that she thought he was smarter than this. It is not about some statue. You are the WWE Champion and the United States Champion. You are the first to hold both titles at the same time. You are the man.

Seth agrees with Stephanie that he is the man. He came out for a reason and he tells Sting to come out and tell him WHERE IS MY STATUE.

John Cena comes out instead of Sting and he makes his way to the ring.

Cena says that Seth is the last person he probably wanted to see. Cena says that maybe Stephanie will kick him out of the ring and ban him from the arena. Seth will find out how expendable he is. Stephanie will not kick him out. Stephanie will be the one who makes your life miserable. He says that Seth is talented in the ring but he is a conceited egomaniac who is the biggest idiot that he has met in his life. It is because you actually think you are friends with the Authority.

Why do you think they chose you. You were the only one who would stab his friends in the back and do what is best for business. Cena says that is what the Authority does. They do what is best for business. They see the benefit for themselves and they give you success and take it away. Ask Randy Orton, Batista, Kane, and then in a few months, the latest flavor of the month Seth Rollins.

Cena says they know each other and he will not buy into their crap. If they had your back, they would never let me do what I am about to do. John comments on the hardware that Seth has. Seth is defending the WWE title against Sting. Since every title is on the line at Night of Champions is that since he has a rematch for his title, he is going to be using his rematch to face Seth for the United States title at Night of Champions.

Cena says it is time to ask the person who runs things if this is going to happen. John says it is a one word answer. Does he have a match against Captain Morgan at Night of Champions for the United States Championship?

Stephanie tells John ‘yes’

Sting’s music plays and he comes out to stand next to John Cena on the stage.

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