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Sep 28, 2015
Kaitlin -

Backstage: Seth Rollins comes in and says it is a shame that it was an anonymous e-mail. That person is a coward.

Stephanie says that Ashley’s observations will have an effect on his job.

Seth says that this will be a lot of pressure on Kane.

Kane says he can handle the heat. Kane says he is the man . . . who has experience in workplace situations. Kane wants to introduce Ashley to the Bellas.

Backstage: Seth Rollins is talking to Ashley and Seth says that Kane is out to get him, but Kane shows up and Seth tells a different story.

Kane talks about the laughs they have had. Kane says he was proud to be there with Seth all of the way to the top. He says to be a part of that, this says it all. Kane has a present for Seth.

Seth wants to know what is in the box.

Seth opens the box and it is the head from Seth’s statue and Kane reminds Seth it is his severed head.

Kane says he went to the landfill in Baltimore to find it.

Ashley says that was very considerate of Kane to do that.

Seth walks away and Kane tells Ashley ‘two heads are better than one’.

Backstage: Seth is walking in the back with Ashley, but at a volume too low to be picked up on the mics.

Before Ashley can speak, Seth Rollins’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Seth tells Ashley not to read anything from that biased one sided report. Kane is not the man he presents himself to be. Kane is not the man you think he is. There is something that he needs to show Ashley.

We see a Kane video package with his most dastardly deeds.

Seth says that is the real Kane. Not that impostor in a cheap suit. Kane has the soul of a demon from the depths of hell. Seth tells Ashley that she cannot in good conscience keep Kane around as the Director of Operations. The carnage that will follow will be on your head. Kane tried to drag him to hell.

Seth tells Kane and Ashley that people like him don’t go to hell. He says that he is going to heaven. If you don’t believe him, ask the Pope. Seth says he had an audience with the Pope and the Pope told him ‘Seth Rollins . . . you are going to heaven.’ Seth told the Pope that he feels like he is in heaven with the WWE Championship on his shoulders. He feels like he is on cloud nine, chilling and looking down at all of the scum on Earth.

Kane tells Ashley that Seth is a passionate man and his enthusiasm often gets the best of him.

Kane happens to have a video package for Seth Rollins.

Kane asks Ashley to read the report.

Ashley says that after looking into the anonymous complaint, she has come to the conclusion that Kane is sound of mind and is more than capable of fulfilling his duties as Director of Operations. Kane is thoughtful and helpful. Kane is the perfect WWE Employee.

Ashley says that if anyone needs to be evaluated, it is clearly Seth Rollins. Seth is cruel, petty, and narcissistic. She says that he is the most unprofessional person she has encountered.

Seth says he is the WWE World Champion as he enters the ring and Ashley leaves. Seth says that he is the champion.

Seth drops the title belt and Kane goes to pick it up and Seth gives Kane a Pedigree.

Seth tells Kane you don’t one over on him.

Seth goes to the announcers table and he gets a chair. Seth hits Kane in the upper leg and then the back. Seth with more chair shots to the back. Seth puts Kane’s leg in the chair and Seth stomps on the chair.

The medical staff checks on Kane and Seth acts like he is not finished.

Seth asks Kane if he got a boo boo. He tells Kane that he is no demon. Seth says that Kane looks very human to him. You are crying and squealing. You can’t even get on your feet. They put Kane on the stretcher.

Seth asks Kane if he thought he was going to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Everyone knows that Kane is a fraud. Seth tells Kane that he will never get near him again. You will never get near his World Title. Your days of being jealous of The Man are over.

Kane is placed in the ambulance while Seth laughs in the ring.

Do you want to try to mess with Seth Rollins. This is proof that if you step up to him, that is what you are going to get. Kane got exactly . . .

The back of the ambulance gets full of red smoke and Kane emerges and he limps through the back. Kane stomps his injured leg and Kane walks as if nothing happened.

Kane comes to the ring and Seth stands in the ring with a chair (because that will work)

Kane comes into the ring and Rollins hits Kane with the chair and it has no effect.

Seth wants to talk things over and he asks Kane not to do this. Kane sends Rollins into the corner and he connects with an uppercut and boot. Kane sets for the choke slam and he choke slams Rollins. Kane tries to get Rollins up for the Tombstone piledriver but Seth gets out of the hold and goes up the ramp to ‘safety’.

Kane sees the title belt in the ring and picks it up.

The pyro goes off and the building is bathed in red.

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