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May 23, 2016
Carol -

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Seth appreciates the reaction to his return to Raw.

He wants to know if the people of Baltimore are going to let him talk. He says it has been 200 days since he left. He has been thinking about stepping inside his ring once again. Seth says unless you are living under a rock, he is back. For seven months, he has waited to come back to win back the title he never lost. At Extreme Rules, he fired the first shot.

We see a photo of the Pedigree by Rollins to Roman Reigns after Roman defeated AJ Styles.

Seth says he feels like the people missed him. Seth says it was not always that way. When he put a steel chair in Roman’s back to end the Shield, you booed him every time. You were calling for his head every night. When he won the WWE Championship, he says you called him the weakest WWE Champion of all time. You were begging for people to beat him for the title, bu t no one could. You said he hid behind the Authority. You went against everything he earned during his title reign.

Then his knee buckled under the weight of carrying this company on his back for so freaking long. Then he started getting tweets and comments from people saying they missed him and wanted him to come back soon. He got flowers and so much fan mail, he did not know what to do with it. Seth says he did not open a single letter and he put it in a garbage can and he lit it on fire. Seth said he did not need you on his side to win the title or to defend the title. He says he does not need them to get it back.

Seth says there is only room on the Seth Rollins bandwagon for one dude and that is him. You weren’t there with him when he was rehabbing twice a day to get his title back. He says that is more work he has done in the last seven months than you have in your collective lives. Boo him or cheer him. He is back for one thing . . . the title he never lost. He redesigned Seth Rollins and he will take back HIS WWE World Championship.

Roman Reigns interrupts and makes his way to the ring.

Reigns enters the ring and Rollins leaves and goes to the floor.

Shane McMahon’s music plays and he shuffles his way on the stage and goes to the ring.

Shane takes a mic and he asks for Seth to come into the ring for a conversation, an adult conversation.

Shane says there is a lot of animosity between the two and it started when you turned your back on the Shield. Then at Wrestlemania 31, you interjected yourself into the main event to become WWE Champion, a championship you held until your injury. He says he knows that Seth wants his title back since he did not lose it. This match has Wrestlemania Main Event written all over it but we are not going to wait until Wrestlemania.

At Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns defends his title against Seth Rollins.

Backstage: Renee Young is in the interview area with Seth Rollins. Seth says it is fitting that he win the title there since he won the briefcase a few years ago and had the greatest cash in. He will win and cash in again because he is Seth Rollins.

Seth sees Stephanie and she is not as excited as her brother to see him.

Stephanie says that things have changed along wtih their business relationship. Stephanie shakes Seth’s hand and welcomes him back.

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