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Jun 14, 2016
Angela -

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring to host the Ambrose Asylum. Dean says the Ambrose Asylum is back by popular demand. They say Wrestlemania only happens once a year so he does not know if he is in a coma since Money in the Bank feels like Wrestlemania. They have the most loaded Money in the Bank Ladder matches, not because he is in it. There are two Wrestlemania quality matches and he wants to talk about the one that is two years in the making, Seth Rollins versus Roman Reigns. Dean asks some rhetorical questions about Money in the Bank, but that is in Las Vegas.

Dean brings out the ‘scum of the Earth’ Seth Rollins.

Then Dean brings out Roman Reigns too. Dean says this is great and he says this is fun. He wants to get right down to it and he asks Seth about the knee. Seth asks if Dean has not watched his special on the WWE Network. He will take that as a no. His knee is 100% ready to go. Dean says that is good to hear. He asks Seth about his face because . . . it’s killing him. Dean asks Roman how is the Big Easy treating him and he says pretty good and then the crowd boos him. He says it was good on Bourbon Street last night. Dean asks Seth if he is hitting up the 99 cent margaritas. He calls Seth a sour puss and tells him to stop being a party pooper because no one is trying to come out of a box to attack him.

Seth mentions Wrestlemania a few years ago when they beat the New Age Outlaws and Kane. Then he mentions the helicopter in London. He brings up the sushi train in Tokyo. Seth asks Roman about finding Dean passed out by the dumpster. He says they had some good times. The best times he had in this ring were with you guys. They won titles and travelled the world. What about the six man tag match against the Wyatt Family or the two matches against Evolution. They sent Batista packing so he owes them a favor since he is a huge star. Seth says the best time he every had in a ring with you guys was when he took a chair and put it in your back. Another big Shield moment was when he stole Roman’s moment and cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to be the first one of the Shield to win the World Title. Dean asks Roman about the match on Sunday and what can they expect. Roman says the Big Dog walks in as champ and The Big Dog walks out as champ. Dean asks Seth about his claim that he is still the champion. Seth asks if Roman ever beat him for the title. Dean asks Roman about that. Roman says if Seth is the rightful champ, why does he have this. Dean tells Roman he asks the questions.

Seth says Roman has that because his knee gave out because he was carrying this company for the better part of last year. While he was gone, Roman earned it because he beat you. Then he beat Sheamus and then he beat the Game at Wrestlemania. You earned it, but one thing you haven’t done is beat him. He says that Roman cannot beat him because he is better than Roman. He is two steps ahead of Roman every step of the way. They are a lot alike, but there is one big difference. You could not have won that without him. If he did not hold Roman’s hand, he never would have done it. If he was not injured, Roman never would have won the title. Seth says he will do it on his own and he will win back the title on his own at Money in the Bank. Dean asks Seth if he will have anyone there to help him. Roman says Seth took his Wrestlemania moment on his own. He broke up the Shield on his own. Seth destroyed a family. They were the only ones who had his back. Roman says that Seth wants to be the man. You will have the spotlight because you will be on your own. They will call him THE GUY after Money in the Bank, not because he is champ, but because he beat Seth. Dean asks what happens if he wins Money in the Bank? What if he cashes in that same night and walks out WWE Champion? Seth pushes Dean into Reigns and Roman falls to the floor. Dean takes down Seth and Roman attacks Seth. Seth sets for a Pedigree but Reigns with a Superman Punch and then Dean with a double underhook DDT to Reigns.

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