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Jun 20, 2016
Angela -

WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins
They have a big face off. It is 10:54 as the bell rings, so like Wrestlemania, this is going to go overtime. Being on the West Coast works to their advantage. Rollins tries to outwrestle Roman early but his power is too much. Rollins catches him with a big dropkick and nailed a knee that sent him to the floor. Rollins nailed a dive through the ropes. Rollins nailed a series of forearms in the corner but was caught and slammed. Roman nailed a series of forearms and headbutts in the corner. He slammed Rollins for a two count. Rollins fired back and that only pissed off Roman, who was all over him in the corner to the point the referee pulled him back. Rollins went after him but was placed on the top and punched off to the floor. They battled n the floor. Rollins was sent into the Spanish Announcing table, which was magically empty. Roman slammed Rollins into a table over and over, then set up the primary announcing table to use it later.

Rollins rolled back into the ring and then back out again to avoid the champion. Rollins was finally able to send him into the ring steps shoulder-first when Roman caught up to him. Rollins went to the top but Roman caught him and pulled him off the top for a Razor’s Edge into a sit-down powerbomb. Rollins pulled himself up as Roman called for the Superman Punch. Rollins caught him and smashed him into the buckles face-first. Rollins drilled Roman and dropkicked him out of the ring. Rollins nailed a series of dives to take out Roman. Rollins came off the ropes but Roman ducked. Seth went for the Pedigree but Roman slipped out and nailed The Superman Punch. Roman scored a close two count. Rollins drills him with a knee to the face and a kick. Rollins nailed a springboard knee off the ropes. He hit a big frog splash for a close two count. Rollins went to the top but was cut off by Roman. Roman went for a superplex but was blocked. Seth teased doing a Pedigree off the ropes but instead flipped around and nailed the running buckle bomb for a two count. Rollins nailed a series of forearms in the corner. He placed Roman on the top but was shoved off when he tried to climb the ropes. Rollins tried to rebound by nailing the champ but was again shoved down. Rollins finally caught him and nailed a superplex and a Falcon’s Arrow for a two count.

Seth went for a Pedigree but Roman broke it. Rollins missed a kick and went for a rollup. Roman caught him and powerbombed him down. They faced off and gave each other the stink-eye before nailing each other back and forth with big bombs. Roman nailed Rollins and went for the Superman Punch but was caught with a knee. Rollins nailed another Buckle bomb but was drilled with a Superman Punch. Rollins went to the floor. Roman charged for a spear but Rollins moved and Roman hit the barricade, which didn’t even budge. WWE medical and officials came out and began checking on him as he was out on his feet. Rollins attacked him and sent him into the ring. He set up for the Pedigree but was backed up into the ref, who went down. Roman speared him and scored a two count because the referee was recovering.

Roman went for a spear but was caught with a Pedigree, which was awesome. Rollins scored a close near fall. He nailed another Pedigree and scored the pin.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the Match: Rollins celebrated in the ring when Dean Ambrose’s music hit. Rollins waited for him to come out, but Dean came from under the ring and drilled Seth with the case. He cashed in.

WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose.
Ambrose grabbed the shocked Rollins and nailed him with Dirty Deeds and scored the pin.
Winner: Dean Ambrose!

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